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The New Pen and Phone

The new pen and a new phone comes to Washington, D.C. the third week in January 2017.

The old pen and the old phone you may remember were the two instruments used by Barack Hussein Obama to radically change the balance of powers, that is the Constitutional power granted to the President as compared to that which was granted to the House and Senate by this great document, the exercise of which rendering our House and Senate virtually irrelevant in so many areas no matter the actual legislation.  President Obama issued dozens upon dozens of so-called EXECUTIVE ORDERS and took executive action much of which was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  No matter, the Obama pen and phone continued any way he wished.  The Obama appointed agency czars themselves issued dozens upon dozens of regulations, some of which were judicially ruled unconstitutional.  No matter, the regulations preceded a pace and perhaps even increased. Such was the unconstitutional life in Washington, D.C. under the rule and administration of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Now comes the new pen and phone, the Trump pen and phone with the opportunity for Donald John Trump to roll back, change back so much of these Executive Orders and the further opportunity with the appointment of new and real secretaries of various agencies to roll back or void so many nasty and expensive rules and regulations which are strangling the American economy.  Trump has promised to do so.  WE THE PEOPLE will hold his feet to the fire.  We will make sure these promises happen.

The Wall Street Journal has said that:

“President Obama spent his final six years in office and especially the last two governing largely by executive fiat.  He (Obama) issued Executive Orders and his administrative state issued tens of thousands of pages of new regulations that took on the force of law.”

In so many ways this infuriated millions of American voters and the net result of this RULE BY EXECUTIVE FIAT contributed to Donald Trump’s victory.  Those millions upon millions of Americans want so much of these rules and regulations reversed, done away with and the control of the American way of life by our federal government curtailed and in some cases eliminated.

The new pen and phone means that there can now be different and better:


It is shocking to know that there have been more than 250 Executive Orders signed by President Obama.  250 AND COUNTING!  By contrast, there has been little legislation passed by House and Senate and much of the legislation that was passed was promptly vetoed by Obama.  It has indeed been Rule by Fiat by Barack Hussein Obama.

In addition, there have been 230 EXECUTIVE MEMORANDA.  These so-called memoranda did everything from creating a new investment vehicle which sought to encourage new savers to invest in government debt to directing federal agencies to demand new data to investigate pay disparity by race and sex at government contractors.  In short, whatever Obama wanted, his agencies gave him.  Between the Obama Executive Orders, and the Obama Presidential Memoranda, and the rules and regulations issued by his agencies with thousands of pages now part of the federal register, the Executive Branch of our government, the President became both legislator and enforcer of the whims of the progressive party, the liberal-radical Democrat Party no matter the Congress.

In addition to Executive Orders and Memoranda, there are also orders issued by federal agencies without a formal federal rulemaking.  The Obama regulators, the various secretaries-heads of agencies made it an unprecedented and often illegal practice of issuing GUIDANCE that allowed agencies to bypass rule-making while still forcing the objects, the entities and individuals so targeted to comply.  No matter the fact that many of such ORDERS were illegal, those targeted had to comply or risk enforcement action, fines and penalties and even criminal sanctions if they did not.

A classic example of this illegality is the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION rewriting Title IX ordering universities to handle accusations of sexual assault as the education department required.  ORDERS were issued which put new controls into effect for auto lending, housing rentals and many more.  The effects of all of these Obama illegalities were beginning to stifle the American economy and to radically change the way of life of WE THE PEOPLE.  The new Trump pen and phone can do away with much if not all of these illegalities with a new change-back STROKE of the new pen in Washington.

Trump can also instruct his new cabinet secretaries to immediately void all Obama GUIDANCE and many of his so-called MEMORANDA REQUIREMENTS.  Trump can also order federal agencies to immediately cease work on regulations in process and especially those which are about to be sent to the Federal Register where they will have the force of law.

There is also the power granted by the CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW ACT.  This allows Congress to void the many last minute regulations now making their way through the Obama agencies.  This law allows for such action for matters enacted in the last 60 working days of the Congress which would probably be retroactive to May of this year.  Congress can consider such voiding in January without the threat of a Senate filibuster and get the business done.

That would prevent so much control efforts now at work, such as the Treasury Department’s misguided effort to punish businesses that Treasury thinks might move their headquarters overseas.  Another target would include the voiding of a pending IRS rule to raise estate tax collections and many others.

A more difficult but yet a promising way that the Trump Administration can CHANGE BACK is the repealing of Obama regulations that went through a formal rule-making procedure.  For example, the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, America’s most expensive regulator has ordered what is called the CLEAN POWER PLAN which will cost the economy more than $7 billion per year.  The Trump Administration can simply say to the courts that it has changed its opinion on the legality of the plan and see to its termination.  That is exactly what the Obama Administration did with the Bill Clinton DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT (DOMA).  The Obama Administration, in its infinite wisdom, determined that marriage between a man and a woman alone was unconstitutional as it sought, with the promptings of the LGBTQ movement, to broaden the definition and legal opportunities of marriage.

Then there are those rules and regulations already in force as a result of legal rulemaking.  The most onerous of these can in fact be overturned but would require a new, formal RULEMAKING PROCEDURE.  That is costly and takes time, primarily because all such can be challenged in court.  But the Trump Administration can begin immediately to effectuate these changes so that the court proceedings can be shortened.

All of these critical actions so necessary would result in a huge, low-cost, economic boost.  It has been estimated by economists most notably from Mercatus and even Duke University that, if America had kept the essential 1980 regulatory burden in place with only necessary additions (35 years ago), the United States economy would have been in the year 2012:


That is roughly $13,000 per person, per capita!  Truly unbelievable.
The Trump Administration will also have the opportunity to dismantle the oppressive financial legislation known as Dodd-Frank.  For example, there is the power granted by Dodd-Frank for the creation of a financial council known as the FINANCIAL STABILITY OVERSIGHT COUNCIL.  This council would have the power to designate large financial firms as Systematically Important Financial Institutions (SIFI) and turn them over to the Federal Reserve for stringent regulation, such as happened to General Electric in July 2013.  More onerous control of the American economy and its entities by the federal government.  There is so much else in Dodd-Frank which is unnecessary, so many rules, regulations and empowerment which produce a certain and critical strangulation of the American economy.  All such rules and regulations can be done away with by new Executive Orders, Memoranda or aggressive new federal agency actions, all of which Trump has promised to do in the:

FIRST 100 DAYS In office.


DE-OBAMA-IZE our federal government.  Free up, the American economy and as a necessary result, create new opportunities and new monies for WE THE PEOPLEGET, as President Ronald Reagan has said:


One man, one Obama can not rule, can not control our way of life, de-constitutionalize it and otherwise act well beyond the Rule of Law.  Trump has promised to restore the balance of powers, the traditional and Constitutional governmental CHECKS AND BALANCES.  The new pen and phone in town, President Trump, has promised to respect the authority and integrity of the Congress, and the court systems and to make certain that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has the right balance of power with the appointment of any and all new justices to that court, including one which will occur immediately.  Make it happen, Donald John Trump:


You promised much of this action in the first 100 days.  YOU PROMISED!  Now, WE THE PEOPLE hold you to those promises.  De-regulate, Mr. Trump, DE-REGULATE.  Our vote means that we the people do not want the so-called Obama legacy.  We want change, CHANGE BACK to the former, traditional, constitutional, RULE-OF-LAW America.  Make it happen with your new pen and your new phone.

And never forget, Mr. Trump:


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