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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The New Year

We made it my fellow Americans.

We made it through one year and to the next if we were alive at 12:01 am Friday, January 1, the great year 2021.

And what a year 2020 has been, has it not? Unbelievable, many think the world turned upside down. Corona, Covid–19. A worldwide medical disaster. And the end of the Trump era and the beginning of a new political era which may usher in radical changes to this great country we love:


something I fear more than anything else politically and I hope you do as well. WE THE PEOPLE are freedom loving, democratic–free, in control of our own lives and creating our own opportunities and a new kind of rule, some think a benign dictatorship may well emerge in the next four years. More than ever, we need to be watchmen and watchwomen on the walls of political freedom, of constitutional America, protecting, preserving and defending all that we have held dear for some 245 years. The fight is on.

And so it is time traditionally to look back, think through and evaluate the year past, its value and meaning, think through our personal rights and wrongs and resolve to do different and better 2021. That is always a healthy exercise done right, it clarifies and allows us to prioritize. Done right, it can produce new resolve, courage and willingness to face the enormous challenges of 2021. Do it and profit from it.

As you think through your personal balance sheet for 2020, take time to meditate, really ponder over the important things that happened to you, and things you did 2020. And you, a person of faith, should pray about them. Discuss their meaning and full effect on your life before the Lord. Ask for courage and wisdom, not to make the same mistakes in the new year, but to develop new strengths and characteristics which will make you a better person, a better Christian, a better PERSON OF FAITH. Then you can set new priorities.

Do remember that life is short, so very short. The wiseman King Sullivan told us bluntly that life is no more than a vapor, here today gone tomorrow. Your life is precious, but fragile. The life we lead now more than ever is unpredictable. Change always came slowly in the world, in America but today, change is overnight and we adapt, and adapt quickly or the world moves past lightening speed.

There is a new mentality, a new way of thinking, the cell phone – iPad day and age. Distractions are everywhere. It is hard to think, much less meditate or seriously pray without mental interruptions. We have little time alone, uninterrupted and daily it becomes more difficult to think, meditate and pray. We obey the siren call of a cell phone, we are constantly intrigued by the iPad, we are actualized and interrupted by the demands of the latest app and at the end of the day, there may be little left of us, the heart and soul of a real human being having lived one day. Perhaps a new year resolution would be quiet time (under the tree) all alone with Facebook and friends put aside, for hours, or a whole day. The soul, the heart, the mind needs refreshing and reenergizing this year more than ever. Moving on without being dominated by Big Tech would allow us to grow as human beings more than anything else.

More time with God, more time alone with HIM is an absolutely critical resolution. Back to Christian basics, my fellow Americans, more time alone in prayer, thought and meditation. The latest cell phones simply can’t reach the heavenly domains. Read the Psalms, the prayers, the wailings of King David. He told us that he and consequently we should seek the Lord God Almighty morning, and then again at noon, and then again at night, a minimum of three quality, real, sincere times every day, EVERY DAY! And, said David, to seek God with all of our hearts, not with simple superficial overt–and–done prayers, but meaningful, qualitative, prayers worthy of the attention of the Creator of the Universe and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray, says the scripture, without ceasing. NEVER QUIT! If we spent the time we spend in communication on cell phones, communicating with the God of the Universe, our lives would change overnight. Twenty twenty–one would be a year of personal revitalization, priorities born again and personal strength and energy like never before. What a RESOLUTION that would be.

Beware of WOKE, spiritually woke. GO BACK TO SLEEP, that is back to the old basic, simple, clear biblical Gospel, the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the true Gospel which the Apostle Paul begged us, challenged us, demanded of us to know and follow. Beware of false Gospels, watered down, compromised and different. Beware of false teachers and leaders who would lead us the sheep astray. Ignore them, walk away from them and resolve, A MAJOR RESOLUTION to study to show yourself approved unto God, workmen and workwomen who know how to:


The more you study the word of God, the more the Holy Spirit of God will interpret, lead and direct YOU.

Twenty twenty–one brings more things, many more things anti–Christian. In fact, the world turns against all religions and persecution begins. Violence occurs against people of faith. Intimidation seems everywhere, so that so many are ashamed or afraid to testify. When Christian faith appears in the marketplace, there is ridicule and rejection. And, as the satanic agenda moves forward, truth is replaced by the lie as the post–truth era develops and controls. Where once it was safe and easy to proclaim the Gospel, now to do so comes with dangers. More than ever the God of scripture asks that we who believe not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, knowing it is the power of God unto salvation who everyone believes. And to proclaim that truth loud and long, and everywhere. To do so can be dangerous, but what a joy to RESOLVE to never back down, never miss an opportunity to share faith and proudly proclaim that one is servant of Jesus of Nazareth. All on the alter is no longer hypothetical but reality. All means everything you have even your LIFE. RESOLVE to be willing to give that life, your life and like Abraham with Isaac, even the life of a son or daughter of yours. Faith, real faith 2021 will be tested more than ever.

And understand clearly, my fellow believers, that there are conditions to prayer, conditions which must occur before God will hear, and listen, and most importantly answer. We the people must RESOLVE to humble ourselves, to pray without ceasing, to seek the face and the will of God, and to turn from any and all wicked and evil ways, RESOLVE to live a life of righteousness. And all four must occur, preconditions to godly answers, before the Lord God Almighty will hear. That is the only way our great country, the America we love will be DIVINELY HEALED. RESOLVE as II Chronicles tells us to humble, pray, seek and turn so that the power of God will go with you all year long 2021.

The spiritual fight is on, like never before. There are those radically Atheistic, progressive in every sense, anti–religious and determined to quash and do away with those critical first five freedoms in the First Amendment of our Constitution. There are those at or near ultimate American power who would severely restrict or eliminate religious freedom, the First Freedom, and with it, Freedom of Speech, already curtailed by hate speech legislations, and Freedom of the Press now more than ever represented by Big Tech, by Facebook, Twitter, Google and so many more. Some are gradually eliminated, step by step process, and others occur immediately and aggressively and overnight. Give me those freedoms, all of them including Freedom of Assembly (church worship) and Freedom to Petition, to go into the marketplace, to the government, anywhere and petition, speak and peacefully protest OR:


said one of the great thinkers and patriots of the Founding Fathers era. RESOLVE to have the courage of Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and so many other great American patriots and fathers. And remember the words of Thomas Jefferson who reminded us the cost of liberty when he warned:


The occasion for that may be upon us and as we fight the fight of faith, there may be the necessity for civil disobedience for there will clash the laws and commands of God on the one hand and of man on the other. We the people of faith will follow the laws of God, not of man, no matter the cost. RESOLVE to be willing to pay that price should the time come. The Church must remain open, the right to assemble and worship sacrosanct. The Church of Jesus Christ must be able to print, to send literature, to be active in social media. The Church and especially its Pastors must be able to speak freely, courageously, without threat or intimidation from government. Pastors now restricted by the Johnson Act from speaking politically from the pulpit must have that freedom. All of us who believe in God must carry the yoke of God only, never of man. The fight for those freedoms is on. You are enlisted like it or not. Be ready to fight, to stand, STAND UP for what you believe no matter the cost. No greater love has a man or a woman than to lay down his life for a friend, for the ultimate friend Jesus Christ.

The America in which we live is a house divided, divided like never before. There is little dialogue, and no respect when there are differing opinions. One is right and the other is wrong, dead wrong and ne’er the twain shall meet. America splinters, TRIBALISM reigns. Political or constitutional commonality nowhere exists. There is DANGEROUS DIVERSITY. It is more important to be ethnic than American. There is DISSENTION AND DISAGREEMENT everywhere. There seems to be no real united American effort to make our country better, to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Trump or not, that must be our common goal if we are to survive. We must RESOLVE to learn all over again how America was founded, what it was founded upon, what it meant, what it’s purpose and objectives were, and to make that the lode star of our lives, becoming once again a thoroughly energized citizenry, recognizing no matter the politicians that:


and it is a very special, one–of–a–kind human experiment in society formation and freedom building. We are driven as a people by capitalism, the ability to grow, succeed, to identify and create opportunity. To do with our lives as we wish and as we see fit according to our talents and capabilities. We are a free society, not in any way socialistic much less Marxist, but rather DEMOCRATIC. We are a republic, strong, fighting oppression now even in our own country and we should RESOLVE that we will do everything possible to protect, preserve and defend THE AMERICAN DREAM. WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones who can make real American things happen, a real return to patriotic basics, new and energetic commitments to rebuilding THE GREAT AMERICAN SOCIETY. Do it or lose it, DO IT OR LOSE IT! Freedom once lost is lost forever and freedom, as Reagan said, is only one generation away from extinction. DO NOT LET THAT BE OUR GENERATION MY FELLOW AMERICANS WHICH LOSES THE MOST PRECIOUS THING ON EARTH, FREEDOM.

What a privilege it is for you and for me to live in this day and age. We are challenged more than ever. The problems America faces are real and serious. They must be dealt with and we must step up. More than ever, we must RESOLVE to educate ourselves, and most importantly educate our children:


real history, American history. Teach them about our Constitution. Drill into their heads the First Amendment, require them to give time and effort to America and not simply exploit its assets and possibilities. If not, this may be the generation, the younger generation, Millennials, Gen Z and those coming after which will be responsible for the end of The American Dream and its social experiments. RESOLVE TO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN, MY FELLOW AMERICANS!

But through it all, remember that as Christians the Christ of Glory came that our joy, JOY may be full. That we should live life and life abundantly. Even as you meet the challenges that America has, I pray that you my fellow Americans, brothers and sisters in faith, have a joyful and happy life 2021. RESOLVE to do that. May God bless you abundantly and all those you love. GOD IS ON THE THRONE. No matter what happens, always remember that:


knows all things, and cares, cares deeply for:


We the Crawford Broadcasting Company wish you and yours a very happy, joyful and blessed NEW YEAR!

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