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Don Crawford

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The Presidency-The Democrats

The Democrats and their Party-Faithful continue to smart at the loss of the Presidency. They and their ilk were convinced they would win.

As a result, they became complacent, assumptive and took not the Republican competition seriously especially when Trump won the nomination. They calculated, in arrogant and elitist form, that Trump had no chance of winning. They went about the business of constructing the Presidency in their terms for the years 2017-2020 and disrespectfully, really ignored Trump. Other than to attack him, criticize him and even mock him.

Then, the unthinkable.

This crass, often rude, greedy businessman from New York won the presidency of the United States. Small wonder that the Democrats were shocked, stunned, and still, many of them in a state of disbelief. Now, we are told, they are forewarned, and now forearmed, and now, even some three full years before the election, ready and ramped up for the fight in 2019 and 2020. I can only imagine the political warfare which will exist in that year 2020. If we think America is divided today, and it is, the divisions, argumentation, political rancor, viciousness even hatred will increase exponentially. It is a real shame for our great country that we have lost our dignity, respect and ability to dialogue with those with whom we disagree. It only gets worse.

Interestingly, recent polls have requested the identification and the rating of the Top 10 Democratic Presidential Candidates for the year 2020. With an exception or two, the names are familiar, old and party line Democrats, of the same persuasion as 2016, candidates which will fight the liberal fight with the same tactics, methodology, principles and policy as before. Hear then the results and the potential candidates for President.

The first potential candidate in terms of popularity at this time was:


Ms. Obama (sounds strange doesn’t it) was selected as the best potential candidate of 22% of poll voters. Like Trump before, Ms. Obama had and has no political experience of any kind other than what she may have learned and experienced secondhand during the eight years her husband was President. Ms. Obama is firm in her liberal beliefs, even radical at times, perhaps even more so than her husband and would be determined to carry on his policies however eviscerated by Trump and the Republicans in so many ways. It is interesting how there seems to be a movement, a sentiment in America that former political experience may not be necessary to qualify an individual for President. In fact, it may be a liability in some cases and with some candidates because it appears that Americans continue to want change, or change back, or the end of the era of the Washington swamp, politics as usual, gridlock and stalemate. Perhaps even the Democrats realize that a fresh candidate, no matter the familiarity of the name may be beneficial for the party. Obama, number one.

The second most popular candidate was:


19% of those polled thought Biden would be a good candidate for President. Biden of course was Barack Obama’s second in command. Biden supported Obama policies, all of them, articulated them reasonably well (not as well as Obama himself), and otherwise has a strong liberal philosophic and political approach, perhaps not as radical as Obama, but equally liberal. Biden of course has political baggage, having spent any number of years in the Senate, politically active his entire life (a career politician) and a candidate, like Michelle Obama who would restore the Democratic Party to the Barack Obama mold. Should Biden campaign, America would determine quickly how Biden would approach the election and lead the party if he were in fact elected. Members of the Democratic Party 2016 wanted Biden to run against Hillary Clinton. For whatever reasons, he refused. Number two on the list.

The third most popular candidate, garnering 18% of the poll voters was:


We all remember well Sanders at work politically. He is a politician and man deeply socialistic, anti-capitalistic in so many ways, perhaps even as some think benign communist tendencies. Sanders is ultra-liberal when it comes to moral and social values and would be a President who would encourage more taxes, more government control, more regulations and more red tape. Sanders would dramatically increase the size and control of government and do everything possible, like Obama in some ways, to regulate the economy, control education and the medical world and produce change in America even more so than Obama. Sanders is a radical candidate and should he be nominated, all real Americans, including Democrats, should take note of what he will do and what would happen to our country.

The fourth most popular candidate in the Democrat Presidential Poll was:


Having gotten 8% of the vote. Warren is in the Sanders camp, like him in so many ways, politically liberal-radical as he is, perhaps as socialistic minded, with a strong strain of anti-capitalism, very much for more government intervention and control, liberal to the core. Warren is outspoken, critical, often bizarre in behavior and speech and, like Sanders, would produce change back from Trump and the Republicans, reestablish the best of the world of Obama and do everything in her power, again like Sanders, to move America even more dramatically left. If she were nominated, traditional and conservative Americans would indeed have great concern about the values and priorities of our country. Warren like Sanders would change them dramatically.

The fifth most popular candidate in the Democratic Poll for President was:


He, a business executive with no political experience of any kind garnered 4% of the vote. Little is known about the reality of Zuckerberg’s political philosophy or beliefs other than the fact that he is true Democrat, liberal, however radical and would, they say, bring a certain business expertise to the Presidency and to our country much like Trump is attempting to do even now. Again, perhaps the appeal of Zuckerberg is the fact that he is a political newbie, with no experience, no involvement or potential corruption from the Washington swamp and might bring fresh policies and thinking to the Presidency. All of those are major IFS but two years from now, Zuckerberg might grow in stature, become politically active before the nomination and might, like Trump before him, be a serious candidate. Time will tell.

The sixth most popular candidate in the poll for Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party was:


She of the State of California garnering 3% of the vote. Harris is both female and African-American, which are attractive with respect to political candidates today. Harris comes from the ultra-liberal State of California with much the same philosophy. She is cast in the Obama mold bright, eloquent, but without any significant political experience. Again, that may be a benefit rather than a liability. It will be interesting to see the debates should they occur between Harris and Michelle Obama. Each candidate is strong, eloquent and undoubtedly skilled at debating. How they would confront or attack each other would be most interesting.

The seventh most popular candidate in the poll was:


Of the State of New York having garnered 2% of the polls and votes. Cuomo as Governor has really advanced the liberal, even radical cause in New York. He comes from a certain political dynasty, beginning with his father and he is a true career politician. Cuomo, the Governor of a state would be comfortable in Washington and would significantly advance the liberal cause, perhaps with a philosophy similar to Joe Biden and the debates between them and the positions taken by them will be most interesting to watch. Democrats seem always to have the ability to unite no matter how factious the debates or how many differences exist. But, unlike 2012 where there really was no intra-party debate, 2019 and 2020 will have an incredible amount of debate-argumentation which at least for this party will be a refining fire and should be energizing.

The eighth most popular candidate in the poll was:


Garnering 2% of the vote. Little is known about McAuliffe other than he is a true Democrat, also liberal but beyond that, not much. It is doubtful for now that McAuliffe would be a serious political force. That however can change, anything can change as the political dynamics of this great country and the Democratic Party change, energize and ramp up for the election push 2020.

The ninth popular person in the poll was:


A distant possibility indeed, at least for now.

And the tenth and final candidate was:


Also garnering 1% of the vote. She as well is a remote possibility extremely remote and with little national notoriety.

An interesting roster of candidates, don’t you think? By the way, those voting for and recommending any of the Top 10 candidates represented 80% of the poll. The other 20% were uncertain and had no preferences, at least for now. Surely understandable but of course that will change in the next two years.

And, even more interestingly, Hillary Clinton apparently never even made the list. This poll may be the first indication that the Democratic Party wishes to move beyond the Clintons, both of them and into a new era without her. No matter who may ultimately win the Democratic nomination for President, a real majority of the Democrats agree that nominee should not be Hillary Clinton.

So, 2019-2020 will find the Democrats in the same position as the Republicans in 2016. There were at least 16 candidates seeking the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Debates were aggressive, revealing, energizing and clarifying. Many are still stunned that Trump emerged victorious and even more stunned that Trump actually won the Presidency. If Trump can win, think the Democrats, then virtually any Democratic candidate so nominated can win and in their view, should win.

Much remains to be determined with regard to the Republicans and their nominee for President 2020. Some think that is Trump runs again, others will contest and seek the nomination no matter that they go up against a sitting President. That might be healthy as well for the Republican Party. Trump of course has three more years to effectuate his policies and promises and, if he does the job and accomplishes the objectives for which the American people elected him, perhaps he would be the Republican candidate of choice and even the favorite in the ensuing election for President. That would be a fascinating possibility, don’t you think?

How interesting it would be if in 2020 the candidates for President of the United States would be:


That is, of course Michelle Obama. Trump, many think is not a good debater, but rather argues, insults, condescends and otherwise fails to stick to the issues. A candidate more eloquent, more forceful in terms of dialogue and communication than Hillary Clinton might very well triumph over Trump and perhaps bring out the worst in him in debate. And that would be most interesting to watch and if at all constructive, good for the country and good for both parties.

Fascinating times, are they not my fellow Americans? I only hope and pray that you are active in the politics of your great country, that you will really understand the issues and candidates in the next election, that you will work for what you think is right and make an
informed and intelligent vote when the time comes.

Watch and pray even now! America desperately needs an active and informed citizenry, now more than ever.

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