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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Quiet Conservative

There are many conservatives, polls say, who have become QUIET.

They fear, these conservatives do, sharing their political and religious beliefs. They fear speaking out and speaking up for fear of cancelled culture retribution. The conservative culture of old has been cancelled and the progressive woke culture rules the day. These new culture majoritarians do not welcome dialogue, much less opposing points of view, and conservatives who entertain such points of view are silenced, threatened, and intimidated to the point, say the polls, where they simply become:


On college campuses, three out of five employees fear losing their jobs if they mention conservative religious or political points of view at work. Fifty-four percent of those workers and conservative college students say that posting religious or political views on social media could lead to negative consequences in the workplace, including immediate termination.

Corporations entertain charitable giving programs, and they seek the opinions and recommendations of employees. But not-so-conservative or Christian employees simply are not accommodated. One such reliable survey was conducted by ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM (ADF) and Jay Hobbs of ADF said:

“It puts (woke and progressive priorities) religious and political conservatives in the cross-hairs of cancellation.”

As a result of this militant cancel culture philosophy of the liberal, progressive left, conservatives have a legitimate reason to fear being shut out of advancement opportunities, mistreated by coworkers and bosses, and even fired for voicing their beliefs. Consequently, many conservatives go quiet, refusing to exercise their first amendment rights of free speech and the conservative point of view becomes increasingly culture-cancelled moreso each day.

This censorship is everywhere and affects everything said one free market spokesperson. Workers and professionals are just simply not allowed to speak out. Have you ever experienced that in your life, where you live and work, and even you yourself, have you? That seems to be the ever-growing effect of WOKE WORKPLACE POLICIES.

Robust opinion-sharing and aggressive dialog, protected and encouraged by the first amendment, is anathema in the woke workplace. Conservatives, but not progressives, 2

are admonished to be careful how they express their religious or political points of view so as:


That in itself is intimidation, implied threat, a silent demand to KEEP QUIET. It matters not if woke, cancel-culture, progressive ideologies, and workplace, political dialogue offend the conservative, but only that the conservative does not offend the liberal.

The survey goes on:

“Right now, companies enforce official and unofficial speech and thought codes for their employees which is toxic.”

It is critically important to note that not only is speech involved in censorship, but now comes THOUGHT processes as well. A radical woker is determined not only to control and even eliminate free speech but now THOUGHT as well. We sound the alarm, my fellow Americans and Christians though sadly, that warning is far too often ignored or unheeded. But those freedoms once lost are lost forever. The ADF poll went on to find that this new, aggressive, cancel-culture entered the workplace and so much of the rest of life from recent college graduates, motivated and guided by the speech codes which were officially and unofficially enforced on college campuses. They seem, said ADF, on a mission to cancel and silence anything and anyone who may in any way disagree with the new woke, progressive, cancel-culture.

And yet another poll, conducted by the FOUNDATION FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND EXPRESSION (FIRE) found that 88% of four-year colleges and universities now restrict the free expression of their students on campus, to the detriment or even elimination of free speech and first amendment rights. It is just simply amazing how so many of our inalienable rights granted by our constitution, and especially the rights of the first amendment including free speech and press and religion, are simply ignored and in reality, done away with. Have you ever experienced this kind of threat, intimidation, and demand to be silent? If you entertain any kind of conservative or religious points of view, have you?

And yet another free speech spokesperson stated the following:

“Religion and politics are vital to the soul, our way of living, and our common well-being. People should feel free to discuss these existential matters, with due respect, with family and friends and at work.”

And that is so even if the feelings of someone, the sensitivities are agitated and made uncomfortable. That process of robust dialogue and disagreement is absolutely necessary and critical to the growth of the mind, the understanding of the total nature of the issues, and of course the preservation of objectivity, fact, and truth.

There is no freedom, no liberty my fellow Americans without free speech, free press, emboldened dialogue, peaceful, non-violent, nonthreatening, but thorough, honest, and open, and always accompanied by the willingness to LISTEN without ignoring, shutting down, or intimidating a confrontational or disagreeing response. America 3

changes daily, right before our eyes, often aggressively, and WE THE PEOPLE slumber, seem unaware, or indifferent and non-caring (A-political), and the America we love and now take for granted slips into uncertainty and change, radical change not for the good. Such a warning seems to come from a voice crying in the wilderness, but the day will come, soon I fear when such a warning will be the new reality. CANCEL-CULTURE WILL HAVE WON THE DAY, and America will be changed forever.

Don’t let it happen, my fellow citizens, please don’t let that happen. Step up, stand up, speak out, and do everything necessary as our founding fathers did to protect and defend the GOD-GIVEN INALIENABLE FREEDOMS OF OUR BELOVED CONSTITUTION AND ITS IRREPLACEABLE FIRST AMENDMENT.


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