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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Republican Party

Are you a Republican? If you are conservative and Christian, you probably are. Or, at least you vote that way, Republican that is.

Why? Because that is really your only choice. The Democrats have turned anti–American, ultra–progressive, radical in so many ways and moving inexorably WE THE PEOPLE and our good country socialistic. Democrats now control House, Senate and Presidency and if they follow through (and they will) on their legislative promises (threats), our beloved country will be more socialistic than capitalistic, more socialistic than democratic and far less constitutional with the loss of so many freedoms everywhere, especially those in the First Amendment. Be careful what you vote for, my fellow Americans, or what others did if you were sensible enough not to do so, for you the Democrats, never Trumpers, anti–conservative and even Christian will live in an America radically different like we all will. But the fight is on, particularly the FIGHT OF FAITH.

We are, all of us who are not democratic, radical or progressive, DEPLORABLES. We are deplored by them. A partisan insult once uttered by Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Election has now become a rallying cry for all good Americans fully insulted by this bitter, dare I say hateful woman. But, my fellow DEPLORABLES, it is now time, our time to rise up, to stand up. It is our time to fully take over the Republican Party. Republican, with few exceptions, has come to mean spinless, weak, non–aggressive, easily intimidated failing time and again to fulfill promises. Hence the term RINO:


This party, for which most of us vote, has done little to advance conservative, constitutional America. It has allowed the cultural agenda to be taken over by radicals, Democrats who wish to change EVERYTHING and destroy so much of American history, tradition, lifestyles, values and priorities. I trust you say with me:


Whatever you think of Donald Trump, gone as President and perhaps gone from the political stage in any effective way, there sits the Republican Party without leader, directionless, reduced to playing a defensive political game, a 2008 redux, ready to be taken over by real conservatives and real Republicans. It is time for the rebirth, reenergizing, recommitment, and reprioritizing of:


There were some 75 million people who voted for Trump, perhaps more. In a fair, open and transparent election like 2016, Trump may have won. So many voted for Trump because he was better than Biden and the Democrats, at least in terms of supporting a conservative agenda. Trump at least fulfilled most of his promises. What the Republican Party needs now in terms of new leadership is a person, male or female (am I allowed to say that?) who has the head like Trump, and the will and strength to carry out conservative priorities and ideas but without, WITHOUT the emotions and irrationalities of the Trump personality.

Frustrated and angry, fully understandable, a peaceful protest of right–thinking conservatives descended upon Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, what was intended as a peaceful protest turned into violent, mob action, an occupation of the Capitol Building and tragically, even death itself. That should have never happened, NEVER. VIOLENCE SOLVES NOTHING, NOTHING! Violence only leads to more violence. All that matters is the exercise of the First Amendment rights of peaceful assembly, PEACEFUL and the right to petition, to talk, persuade, even demand that what WE THE PEOPLE, all the people think, believe and demand for our political way of life. That conservative, even Republican frustration with REPUBLICAN RINOS now produces the call for starting a new party. That is fully understandable. But, there sits the Republican Party waiting for new leadership, new strength, a return to the old American priorities and values and now is the time, my fellow conservative Americans, to stand up and take over, TAKE OVER THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. As one conservative leader said so aptly:

An existing party apparatus (Republican) is sitting there and is there for the taking. LET’S DO IT!”

So, my fellow DEPLORABLES, you must stand up and now. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. The very foundations of American traditions and freedoms are crumbling beneath you. Your lifestyle, your opportunities, your freedoms will dramatically change in the next four years. So many conservatives, so many Christians do not do what they must do! They do not fight back. They do not demand to be heard. They do not require leaders who will do what they say and fulfill their political promises. They continue to depend upon others. We the conservatives and Christians never join local political organizations. We never fight for the right people to sit and decide on school boards. Or zoning boards. We sit home and listen, talk and think we have done enough as Americans simply to vote. WE HAVE NOT! And that is why we, THE MAJORITY, the conservatives and Christians lose even if we win. We turn the other political cheek, look the other way, wail and moan at Starbucks while our great nation heads for socialistic hell on earth. We regard such claims as attacks rather than admonitions and warnings. We think of them as apocalyptic, bizarre, extreme and things like that will never happen in America. So we sit back and talk, and talk some more and do hardly anything and in some cases NOTHING. We are like the Roman Emperor Nero of old fiddling and cavorting while Rome burned. My fellow DEPLORABLES, AMERICA IS BURNING, and the fire has only just begun.

I find it amazing that so many wonderful Americans know what to do at home, how to run the home, make decisions for the home, interrelate with spouse and children, and family and friends, but have no idea (or interest?) what to do politically. WHAT TO DO! When, right next door in your very own community are political party headquarters. There are organizations like Judicial Watch, Media Research Center, Family Research Council and so many others waiting for men and women, DEPLORABLE MEN AND WOMEN like you and me to rise up, join, help and work – do something. We never show up. We give a $1.00 or $2.00 and think we have done our conservative, Christian, American duty when in fact that is nothing more than a lame substitute for what we can do with our lives, and time, and expertise. A grandmother can be shown what to do dealing with other grandmothers. A man who is, God bless him, a blue–collar worker, can do so much with his fellow workers. Children can be educated. They can be taught the Constitution. They can be encouraged to stand up and explore conservative thought, values and true American ideals. There is so much we the DEPLORABLES can do and we don’t! Goodbye America, GOODBYE.

But the DEPLORABLES are nothing close to what the Hateful Hillary describes. We the DEPLORABLES are the decent, hardworking Americans of all classes. We work, we support, we pay taxes while they seek nothing but:


They don’t want to REPRESENT we the people – DEPLORABLES. They want to RULE us. We work – they dictate.

We the DEPLORABLES both respect and even revere our democratic republic and our exceptional founding documents. We believe in our Constitution and especially its BILL OF RIGHTS, and even more especially the freedoms of the First Amendment. Now comes the day when we may have to fight to preserve them. Not with violence, but with peaceful action and demand, DEMAND.

We the DEPLORABLES deplore the DEEP STATE, the rules and regulations of an anonymous group of political workers buried beneath the service, serving agencies which themselves do not serve America, mostly radical, ultra–progressive and anti–American determined to change our way of life. Like Trump, we deplore them and, we deplore their rulers, our rulers, the power structure of Washington, D.C. They are intent to dominate us and change our way of life and we will have none of it, NONE.

We the DEPLORABLES reject bureaucracy. We reject insiders and the hidden, non–transparent individuals who work deep within the state unaccountable even to Congress.

Perhaps most importantly, we reject BIG TECH. We know there is no conservative future with Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and even all the so called LITTLE TECH which has grown up around them in a sort of Orwellian pervasiveness, determined to eradicate conservative and even Christian talk and thought. We reject all social media tentacles replete with ongoing and vicious censorship and thought control and we will fight against them any way we can.

The Democrats will move our beloved country socialistic. We seek to preserve liberty and the capitalist system of open markets. We oppose socialism in and of itself knowing at the same time that it is the first step towards COMMUNISM. We reject the influence of China for it is ruled by a vicious, brittle, hateful communist party. We reject and resent our media with a passion. They are biased, hateful and determined to eradicate all things conservative. Even our religious institutions, so many of them have become corrupt and socialistic in nature as have our educational systems, our once fair and free thought, objective educational institutions and of course the entertainment business. Some estimate as much as 94% liberal – radical – progressive. WE THE DEPLORABLES reject it all and we are determined to preserve, protect and defend all that America really is, REALLY IS! Do you agree? Are you ready to stand up and do something, DO SOMETHING? If you care for the future of your family, your friends, your local communities, your state and our great country, and you, you yourself, if you really care about all of that, you have no choice but to:


There sits, my fellow Americans, the Republican Party, ready for the taking. It’s all yours, if you want it and if you the DEPLORABLES, the former silent majority now loud and vocal, will act, demand and take over locally, statewide and nationally. TAKE OVER THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! That is a better alternative to starting a new party, for with a new party, the old Republican party, RINOs and all will still exist. There are real leaders, real aggressive, conservative leaders ready to really LEAD, ready to act, decide and vote like real conservatives. Find them, support them and let them lead a new and revitalized Republican Party under your careful watch and more importantly, INVOLVEMENT.

The times are dangerous, dramatic and deathly. Always remember, ALWAYS:


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