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Don Crawford

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The SAGE Cons

Do you know what a SAGE CON is?

That’s a new in political jargon.  The term was invented by Pastor George Barna.  It is actually an acronym from:


Mr. Barna may be referring to citizen voters like you and me, perhaps.  For me, spiritual matters are the most important thing in life.
Are they for you?

And I am as active as I can be in all things American, active for this great country which I deeply love.  Are you?

And I am indeed Governmentally Engaged.  I take my rights and freedoms as a citizen most seriously and I want those in government, in power, to do the very same.
Are you Governmentally Engaged?  Are you in the fight to protect your rights and freedoms?

And I am indeed a conservative.  I believe in traditional American values.  I believe in the Constitution and all of the rights and freedoms it confers, including and especially the beloved First Amendment.
Are you essentially conservative, and would you protect and defend at all costs the Constitution of the United States?

If so, then you my fellow American are a:


And America needs you Governmentally Engaged now more than ever.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, one good man and one great work reminds us of the wise and interesting statement of Winston Churchill who said:

“During their lifetimes, every man and woman would stumble across a great opportunity.  Sadly, most of them will simply pick themselves up, dust themselves down and carry on as if nothing ever happened.”

Perhaps that’s true, but perhaps not.  America is all about opportunity, the AMERICAN DREAM.  The only limits you really have are those you put upon yourself.  Americans can, Mr. Churchill, pick themselves up, dust themselves down and carry on not as if nothing ever happened, but with new vision, purpose and political awareness.  Millions of us do just that, Mr. Prime Minister.  And we will do so now more than ever in the great November elections to come.

Even the Apostle Paul speaks eloquently about the issue of opportunity in the Bible book Ephesians.  Paul says:

“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise, but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.”

Sounds like Paul might be talking about America 2018, don’t you think?  Tony Perkins clearly reminds us of this wonderful OPPORTUNITY which the church of Jesus Christ now has to PREACH the Gospel, the Good News and as well, to put POLICIES in place which will PROTECT our freedoms around the globe for all mankind for generations to come.  It is a golden opportunity, a respite from the progressive onslaught which began with Obama and would have continued unabated should Hillary Clinton have been elected President.  Make hay, says Perkins, to the church while the sun is shining for the day may come when no man or woman can work for the freedoms we now enjoy.

Perkins points to Elections November 2018.  For the federal government, there are 435 representatives of the House to be elected, all 435 progressives, radicals and liberals need to capture but 24 seats to retake the gavel of the House.  And, that of course would be Nancy Pelosi.  Remember her from the years 2008-2016?  Do you want her calling the shots in the House for the next two years?

And, in the Senate, there are 35 critical Senatorial Elections in November.  26 of those 25 Senate seats are now held by Democrats and 9 by Republicans.  The Democrats have a challenging task needing to essentially reelect all 26 and capture two additional Senatorial elections to take control of the Senate.  That again is a formidable task, but the Democrats, the progressives will do virtually anything to make that happen.  The Senate would then be under the leadership of radical, progressive Chuck Schumer from New York and the gavel would pass from Mitch McConnell, Republican from Kentucky.  If Schumer and Pelosi run Congress, their first order of business would be the IMPEACHMENT of President Donald John Trump.  The impeachment process would only take the vote of a majority of Congresspersons in the House.  If accomplished, two-thirds of the Senate would have to vote in favor of impeachment before Trump could be REMOVED from office, something which would most probably never happen.  But the President and the Republican Party would be embarrassed, humiliated and put through the ringer by progressives-radicals no matter the harm to America and we the people.  Do you want that to happen?

There are those who do not like President Trump personally, there are those who wish Trump would conduct his Presidential affairs with more aplomb, respect and grace.  But that will never happen because of the Trumpian personality.  He is what he is, as Pelosi, sharp with tongue, is what she is.  BUT, Trump has really done what he has promised to do.  The President has made excellent judicial decisions and appointments throughout the federal courts, and especially at the appellate level, and with the nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as Justice of the Supreme Court.  Excellent for America.  And now comes the nomination of potential Justice Brett Kavanaugh, another strong conservative choice, a Justice indeed would do justice to America and the Supreme Court should he be confirmed.

Trump has promoted prolife policies and denounced Planned Parenthood.  The Trumpian Administration and Republican Congress have produced a new tax act which cuts taxes.  The polices of Trump have grown the economy.  Trump has had the courage to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, acknowledged his respect with and friendship with the Jews of the world.  The President has restored the strength of the freedom of religion, rebuilt our military, and is a champion of American interests abroad.  If you are a SAGE CON, it matters not whether you like President Donald John Trump personally.  You should applaud him, and applaud him loudly for the policies he has put in place and the decisions he has made.  You can protect the POLICIES AND PLATFORMS of this President by making certain that you vote for Congresspersons and Senators who in turn will support the President and his policies.  You should vote as a SAGE CON should vote.

George Barna reminds us that 91% of Sage Cons representing 20 million U.S. adults voted and 94% of those Sage Cons who voted, voted for DONALD JOHN TRUMP.  6 out of 10 of those Sage Con voters said they made their voting decision based on the GOP’s platform position on life (i.e. abortion) and religious liberty.  Barna concludes that evangelical voters are discerning and influential.  Barna says of Sage Cons:

“They were able to separate personality from policy.”

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council then reminds us that the responsibility of all such voters did not end in 2016, but it was only the “beginning of our opportunity.”  Sage Cons acted, said Perkins, but now they must PRESERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND that election victory and move America forward without allowing radical progressives to once again control and destroy.  Do you agree with that?  Are you ready to do that at the voting booth in November?  And, YOU WILL VOTE IN NOVEMBER AND VOTE THE RIGHT WAY, WILL YOU NOT?

It seems, says Perkins, that progressives understand the immense voting power of Sage Cons and they seek to:

“Dampen the enthusiasm of conservatives.”

Perkins prayerfully asks that all Sage Cons not get discouraged, but become even more proactive in their defense of their freedoms and be active in the voting process not only by voting themselves, but making sure that all others who believe likewise vote as well.

By the way, says Perkins, there are some 40 members of the Republican Party who are retiring this year.  That means that Republicans put forth to the voters new candidates, fresh faces and ask the voters to vote on the basis of policy and platform rather than political notoriety.  Pay attention to these new men and women who seek election for many of them are top-notch candidates, conservative Americans and right for America as future leaders of our great country.  I suggest strongly that you:


If Democrats, radicals and progressives, take back control of the HOUSE OR SENATE, again their first order of business will be the impeachment of President Trump.  Although there is little chance Trump will be removed from office, control of either House or Senate would effectively stop the forward momentum of the Trump Administration and the legislation America so desperately needs in the next 2.5 years.  Sage Cons, says Perkins, must not let that happen.

In the meantime, the Trump Administration, says Perkins:


Trump is fundamentally changing and in many ways demolishing keys parts of the framework for the big government model and the radical deep state put in place by Obama and his allies.  American returns every day under Trump to its traditional and Constitutional foundation and the radical-progressive onslaught which began in 2008 is stalled or done away with.  What a great thing, what a blessing for America, says Tony Perkins.

Surely, all of America knows that this radical agenda seeks the removal of religion, and especially Christianity from the Public Square, out of the market and confined to the four walls of churches and synagogues at best.  Trump is encouraging the return of religious freedom and reinstalling a new respect for Christianity which, of all religions, was the one most attacked directly and indirectly by the Obama Administration.  Believers, people of faith, should applaud President Trump for these very special efforts and as Sage Cons, we should be galvanized to act while we can to fortify these freedoms, including and especially religious freedom so that government can not, as Perkins says:

“Quarantine our Christian faith within the four walls of our churches.”

Perkins then provides us with a list of priorities he thinks are critical:

  1. Funding of Planned Parenthood by we the people-taxpayers
  2. The overturn of ObamaCare and its replacement with patient-centered healthcare
  3. The nomination and confirmation of judges who are STRICT CONSTRUCTIONISTS
  4. The elimination of the Johnson Amendment so that pastors would have the freedom to speak freely without fear of government threat
  5. God must be welcomed back into our public life

Amen to that.  And there is more, much more to be done by Trump and his Administration, good for America if we the people vote right in 2018.  I pray that you will vote and you will get others to vote, and you will vote as a Sage Con for the good of America.  Will you?

Trump then is about the business of doing what he promised:


We are on the way, slowly but surely.  This President, like him personally or not, is the man to do that.  But President Donald John Trump can not do this without the support, THE FULL SUPPORT of we the people.  Now more than ever, in November, it is critical that we VOTE AND VOTE RIGHT.  We must step up as Sage Cons and make certain that the 35 Federal Senators to be elected are the right ones to protect our freedoms and our Constitutional way of life.  We must do the very same for all 435 representatives to be elected for the HOUSE.  The Republicans, the Sage Cons, the traditionalists, the Constitutionalists, the conservatives now control the Presidency, the Senate and the House.  No matter the controversies, inciting or differences of opinion, those forces have come together, an active legislation, changed America, CHANGED BACK AMERICA IN MANY FUNDAMENTAL WAYS.  It is critical my fellow Americans that this conservative progress, this SAGE CON CHANGE BACK continue and even more aggressively so.

I do hope and pray that you feel the same and that you will vote, and vote right, and for the right candidate in November, Senate and House.  We will move America forward and continue to support the policies that will:


The alternative, a progressive-radical-socialistic Democratic Party in control would be disastrous for America.  I say boldly:


Don’t let it happen.  Vote for those who will champion the priorities listed by Perkins and for the real American GOD AND COUNTRY.  It is, says Churchill, it is indeed says the Apostle Paul our:


Don’t lose it.  That window can close and close tight, perhaps forever if lost.

SAGE CONS, all of conservative and traditional America must win Election November 2018.


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