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Don Crawford

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The Senate Federal Government Control

They won!

The Democrats won and now control Presidency, House and Senate. Sounds like 2008 all over again, does it not my fellow Americans? Remember those times some 12 years ago when Obama, Schumer and Pelosi controlled all three branches of government and how CHANGE, fundamental and substantial change to the America we love began. Get ready, my fellow Americans, for progressive, radical America PHASE II.

Fundamental change will occur in America beginning January 20, 2021. There is little doubt that the elections were contaminated with fraud, and negligence and even indifference and absentee voting in America showed its weaknesses, including and especially the propensity for fraud. The issue is not whether or not fraud existed but whether or not fraudulent votes tipped the election of any political race one way or another. We will probably never know that, and since the Supreme Court has indicated it does not intend to review election results unless there is conclusive and clear evidence of fraud, the elections are final. In the Georgia Senatorial races, critical to conservatives and Republicans, Warnock beat Loeffler seemingly by a clear margin but Ossoff defeated Perdue by a razor thin margin and that election may be subject to recount or judicial review. For now, at least, Republicans need to accept the fact that the Senate will be divided 50–50 and to the detriment of conservative and constitutional America, Vice President Kamala Harris will cast the deciding vote in the event of tie. Even though Republicans and conservatives gained in the House of Representatives, Democrats control and will be able to pass virtually any legislation they wish unless, UNLESS there are right thinking centrist Democrats, middle of the road, truly American no matter how liberal (but not radical or progressive) who do not toe the party line. What an interesting two years it will be until we the people have once again an opportunity to elect our House of Representatives.

In the first 100 days, Biden has promised to eliminate and change so many of the regulations and executive orders which President Trump issued and put in place. The agencies, the supposed arms of the Congress and the SWAMP which implements and is the real legislative force will once again introduce a choking regulation to America, and especially American business and all things financial and a certain economic paralysis will once again occur. Massive new taxes will happen, count on it. The Green New Deal in some form or perhaps even in the next four years altogether will become law and there will be all out political war against fossil fuels and especially fracking. Biden and the Senate may even resort to the PACKING of the Supreme Court, adding liberal and progressive Justices to the point where liberals once again fully control the decision making of America’s highest legal authority. All would be disasters, fraught with radical change in every conceivable way. We the people better be ready, and even more ready to stand up, resist, fight back against radicalism in any form and be ready with all of our might to protect our beloved Constitution and the rule of law. If we do not, GOODBYE AMERICA.

But perhaps the most important and matter of greatest concern will be the passage of the so called EQUALITY ACT, now virtually assured. This is a frightening piece of legislation for Republicans, conservatives, Christians and all people of faith. This Act is anything but EQUAL. In fact, even as it champions the rights and creates preferences for LGBTQIA, it will absolutely eviscerate so much of the religious rights and freedoms, the very first freedom and perhaps the most important one to our Founding Fathers as embodied in the First Amendment of our Constitution. No matter that the Constitution explicitly and clearly states:


the so called Equality Act does just that. This Act will make it law for our great country, and the new sexual orthodoxy will be required in every aspect of American life including enormous preferences for LGBTQIA, and especially transgenders, establishing the rights of any person to decide their sexual orientation and gender identity. The biological differences between men and women, male and female, will be utterly ignored if not abolished. The new sexual orthodoxy will be taught in all educational institutions, especially and alarmingly to the young from kindergarten through high school. This Act, THE EQUALITY ACT, can be found online or in congressional records and information, my fellow Americans, and you should read it and to the best of your ability, understand what is in it. You must for it will drastically, radically, permanently affect your life and the lives of all Americans. FIND IT AND READ IT!

The following are just some of the harmful and horrendous things which this EQUALITY ACT will codify and force you to accept and live by.

LGBTQIA will not have an equality in America with all others, but actually any number of preferences and amplified rights which we the ordinary American people do not have. That is especially so with regard to hiring and employment. This Act as now written provides that should a member of the LGBTQIA factions apply for employment, and are denied as employers consider others more qualified and better suited for the job at hand and the business doing the hiring, an applicant so denied can form personally and individually the:


that the hiring turned down was in fact discrimination and a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Based on that mere perception or belief, the individual not hired would have the right to sue the employer, and sue for considerable damages with the legal force of the state providing attorneys and agency clout in behalf of the aggrieved (perceived) gay or transgender employee applicant and of course the employer would be forced to defend with the business attorneys and the finances of the business and the owners themselves. Equally difficult and disastrous, the employer would have the:


that the non–hire was not discriminatory, and that the person actually hired for the job was in fact better, superior, objectively more qualified. Personality, relatability, employee fit, all subjective even though all are important in a hiring process would be irrelevant, subjective and arbitrary so the law would indicate. These principles at work would be disastrous to Christian institutions, businesses, education including colleges, grammar schools, adoption agencies and more. Tragically, the burden of proof would be on the employer to prove that the person hired in preference to the LGBTQIA applicant was better, superior, more fit for the job than the applicant denied. Such a burden of proof would be massive, an enormous amount of work, and an incredible expense. Litigation could go on for months, and months, and the cost to the employer would be enormous and in some cases, financially destructive. The employer would always lose even if the employer wins the litigation. And more.

Men identifying as women, redesigning their sexual orientation and gender identity would be allowed to compete with female athletes in any sport or competition. All the rights which women have gained beginning with the 1964 Civil Rights Act would be done away with and biological men would undoubtedly dominate biological female sports. All that person would need to do is identify as a woman and there is nothing any educational or other entity could do to prevent involvement.

Adoption agencies which required the adoption of any child to be accomplished by a married couple, father and mother, MALE AND FEMALE, would be shut down and no funding of any kind would be allowed.

Christian colleges and educational institutions which do not recognize or honor the new sexual orthodoxy would be denied any funding and students of those institutions would not be allowed student loans from any governmental agency, including and especially the federal government.

Even more harmful to all things religion is the provision in THE EQUALITY ACT which makes reference to the:


which can no longer provide any defense in any way for the protection of religious rights, beliefs and views as practiced by any educational, cultural or business entity. NONE WHATSOEVER! That wonderful act protecting religious freedoms was passed by the Congress in 1992 with virtual unanimous support. No matter, the EQUALITY ACT (what a farse) would do away with all protections of any kind for anything religious. The first freedom would be gutted and really rendered of no force and effect.

And more. Men would have access to female bathrooms and showers and any other private place. Again, all the biological male needs to do is declare that he is now a she and as a newly identified sexual orientation and gender identity. Any biological female, especially the young, should be deeply concerned with this fundamental change and do everything possible to protect against it. What a world.

Certain commonly used pronouns and nouns, now taken for granted, like father and mother, and ironically for Christians the word AMEN would be banned. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, hypocrite to the core (don’t forget she is supposedly Roman Catholic) would ban all such and more from House dialogue, legislation and usage generally. Get this Christians. AMEN WOULD NOW BE AWOMEN! Unbelievable, is it not? The new orthodoxy fully and completely establishes the politically correct.

Insurance, that is you and I, would pay for all transgender procedures, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Creative professionals like Baker Jack Phillips would be forbidden under penalty of criminal proceedings from refusing to do business with LGBTQIA.

And more. Much more. Find it, read it, and understand it. And find a way to talk to your federal Congresspersons, and Senators, and although undoubtedly a waste of time, go after the White House (Biden). It is time now, once and for all, THE LAST TIME my fellow Americans when you can stand up for unbridled, unabridged, uncorrupted freedom of religion and in fact all freedoms granted to us by our Constitution. If you don’t stand up now, those freedoms will be lost forever.

Personally, I have concern for so many Christians. They may listen, they may hear the bad news, they may talk about these horrendous progressive, radical things happening in America but for the most part, we the Christian people do:


We don’t act. March. Protest. Support organizations that really go after these radical, hate – America individuals and we lose, we lose time and again. I pray you, all of us are convicted, concerned, even fearful for our families, friends and our beloved countries. That, all of that, is the only thing that will motivate us to:


Against the so called Equality Act and in fact all things progressive, radical and anti-American which we can expect to happen time after time in the next four years. You have a duty as we do to:


if you wish the rights, the freedoms on the one hand then you have the DUTY to stand up and protect those rights. I pray with all my heart that you, that all of us will do just that.

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