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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Silent Christian Conservative Generation

We all know about Millennials. Now we know about the so-called Gen-Z. We heard for years about the Baby Boomers and the so-called Silent Generation, old folks like me.

Well, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians, I think it’s about time the great USA and the world at large heard about and from:


and that would be strong, born-again Christians, and equally strong, passionate Americans who will change the hateful label of silent-quiet and replace it with:


The fight-the-fight-of-faith generation. The fight for the real America, the constitutional and rule of law America and to fight back against Cancel Culture, all things woke, radical and anti-American. It is time that America everywhere heard, loud and clear from this no-more silent Christian generation who will now aggressively fight the fight of faith with strong Christian and conservative, PEACEFUL WEAPONS. Can we now date this new STAND-UP GENERATION from 2023 to a time to be determined far into the future? No matter your age or stereotype, no matter by what generation you are labeled, you and I, mentally and spiritually, emotionally, and culturally should form the new aggressive meaningful force in America, once again:


Are you ready to join? Are you finally ready to be heard, silent generation members? I do hope and pray so.

A recent poll conducted by the ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM (ADF) found that conservative college students and workers say they fear sharing their political and religious beliefs in this virulent cancel-culture environment. They fear losing their jobs if they champion or express conservative religious or political views at work. Cancel culture retribution, woke intimidation, and criticism would come if such views were posted and made available on social media. So much for free speech, silent generation. But that silent force of intimidation seems to exist virtually everywhere.

There are at least 284 large companies and corporations, such as Apple and Disney, which champion the agenda of LGBTQIA and at the same time, do everything possible 2

to limit or extinguish the views and free speech expressions of conservatives and Christians. These large companies openly make it clear, even if indirectly, that conservatives and Christians will be “shut out of advancement opportunities,” mistreated by co-workers and bosses, and even fired for voicing their beliefs. Courageous conservatives and Christians will however stand up, not be intimidated, exercise their constitutional First Amendment rights of free speech and if there is retribution, bring a healthy dose of litigation against the offending company. That should be the non-violent payback of conservatives and Christians who experience this illegal, hateful, non-constitutional threat, intimidation, and unfair treatment.

The ADF survey indicates that this kind of censorship and intimidation is everywhere and affects everything and virtually everyone either directly or indirectly. The bottom line is that these woke-workplace policies unfairly silence these good employees, and it is necessary and critical that they fight back.

One such form of intimidation, and unfair and unequal treatment is the policy expressed by so many of these 284 corporations which require conservatives and Christians to not offend another person when they express their views. These companies require that corporate policy and etiquette require others, in speech expression, to be respectful of others. How interesting that these one-sided, biased, even hateful corporate officers, with their directors of integration, diversity, and the like, do not have the very same policies and expectations for woke, radical, anti- American employees as they work and express their views. Unfair, biased, hateful, anti-Conservative, and anti-Christian every bit as much as anything direct, overt, and tangible.

The ADF study also indicated that so many large companies and corporations in America now enforce official and unofficial speech and thought codes for their employees. That of course produces a toxic, strained, stressful, and tenuous work environment. These same rules are surely applied in force to conservates and Christians but not so very much with all others.

The excellent FOUNDATION FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND EXPRESSION (FIRE) reported in December that 88% of four-year colleges and universities now restrict the free expression of their students, requiring such expressions to be done only in so-called FREE SPEECH ZONES and even there with restrictions. So much for the Constitution, First Amendment, freedom of speech and press, and assembly, the gathering and speaking of conservative speakers, and of course, unabridged freedom of religion. These anti-American, anti-constitutional forces are everywhere and growing in clout and political muscle.

CANCEL CULTURE is winning the cultural battle, but that is primarily because conservatives and Christians do not protest, are not heard, do not stand up, and do not exercise their constitutional or legal rights because of this rampant intimidation, ridicule, rejection, and revenge. This has to stop, my fellow conservatives and Christians, IT HAS TO STOP AND STOP NOW. And, only the brand-new STAND-UP GENERATION of those once silent, now silent no more, can make that happen. Let us start to fashion a new generation of Americans, Americans who will not take it anymore, Americans who will stand up for the true and real America, their rights, and 3

freedoms in every constitutional rule of law sense. I URGE YOU TO BE AN ACTIVE PART OF THIS NEW GENERATION. I urge you to influence politics and culture in every way possible, and to be a force to be reckoned with in:


Millions of silent-no-more Americans can make an unbelievable and wholesale difference in this country and the:


Stand up, fight back with peaceful, spiritual weapons, speak out, and be afraid no more of aggressively challenging this hateful, change-or-destroy America, woke and cancel culture generation in which we live. FIGHT BACK AND STAND UP. The loss of freedom is only one generation away and my right-thinking, fellow conservatives and Christians adopt the words of Winston Churchill as your motto for this new stand-up generation:


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