Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Stand

It has been my privilege my fellow Americans and my fellow Christians to have done THE STAND now for some 28 years.

The purpose of the Stand has been to honor:


The Stand represents, of course, my personal beliefs, values and convictions and as well, my company the Crawford Broadcasting Company and its employees. Although we may differ politically and culturally to some extent, we are AS ONE in the service of the God of the universe and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We are traditional Americans, believing very much so in the foundation and founding of our country based as it has been for some 245 years on Judeo–Christian values. All that matters has been based on those values and the vast majority if not all of our Founding Fathers who gave us our Declaration of Independence and the worlds greatest document the Constitution of the United States believed the same way. Today, 245 years later, not so much.

As Americans, we took for granted that we the people and our elective leaders would follow the Constitution, its precious and vital amendments, and the rule of law, and the values which have characterized the fabric and structure of America from the beginning. We so often took for granted the freedoms especially granted by the First Amendment of the Constitution. That would include unabridged FREEDOM OF SPEECH, unabridged FREEDOM OF RELIGION, unabridged freedom of publication, print and media and FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Ironically, 245 years later, all such freedoms are under attack, at times simply ignored, or ABRIDGED no matter the constitutional prohibition of any kind of ABRIDGEMENT. And the worst is yet to come.

We live in an era which drifts toward socialism, a failed political, social and cultural way of life but for some obscure reasons, attractive to the younger generation including and especially the so called Millennials. The culture of today can be described as anti–religion, perhaps such feelings well stated by Bill Maher who hollered in shrill fashion DEATH TO RELIGION, or at least a–religion, that is where religion of any kind and perhaps especially Christianity is viewed as irrelevant and without social or personal meaning. Witness the NONES who today just simply ignore religion and have nothing to do with it. Such indifference really is anti–religion for, in the words of Jesus of Nazareth:


In other words, you are for something or if not, you are in fact against it. There is no middle ground. Neutral you cannot be.

The bottom line is that Christianity and perhaps all religions as well are on the defensive. There is now Christian persecution the world over, and even in America, every attempt is made to neutralize Christianity, churches and Pastors and above all:


There is every attempt to squelch free speech, especially free religious speech, much of which today is characterized as HATE SPEECH. There is at work a vicious and hateful secularism which is determined, as secularist and communications influencer Ted Turner said, to rid the world of religion so as to make it a better place. But the world continues its incredible moral decline and in terms of personal conduct, ANYTHING GOES replaces anything moral. Freedoms are replaced by license and selfish and self-centered individualism runs amuck. That produces devastating effects on the rule of law and our Constitution, gradually and essentially permanently compromised. It is a day and age where more than ever, in politics, education, and personal lifestyles, the influence of Christians and all people of faith must be revived, a true political revival so that America can continue to remain:


More than ever, Christians and people of faith must STAND up. That is the purpose of THE STAND and the constant and continuous message of our company. People of faith must experience a revival, a reenergizing, a renewal of commitment to traditional and constitutional America. People of faith must:


They must enter, control and redirect the course of politics no matter the vicious, verbal onslaught of the rabid secularists. People of faith must, as one apologist said:


That is enter the voting process any and every time the vote, the voice of the people can be heard. That is, a Christian vote for the candidate who best will champion values and morality, and honor the Judeo–Christian foundation of this country. THAT RELIGIOUS VOICE MUST BE HEARD POLITICALLY THROUGHOUT AMERICA AND EVEN THE WORLD.

When asked about loyalty and allegiance, Jesus of Nazareth said:


But today, it seems like virtually every issue and matter of importance is that of God and not Caesar. Education turns secularist and anti–Christian. Pornography becomes more and more accepted. The young are taught the new morality and encouraged to believe and even experience that which not so long ago was deeply immoral and forbidden. Abortion, the killing of young human beings is encouraged and fought for by radical progressives. And so is the gay agenda no matter the admonitions of scripture, Old and New Testaments. Euthanasia is fostered. Human trafficking runs rampant. Pornography, especially child pornography which was once absolutely forbidden becomes more and more accepted or even if illegal ignored. CHRISTIAN INFLUENCE which once ruled the day is missing in so many ways. Christians and people of faith are labeled as bigots, hateful and intimidated by the radical progressives. They, these rabid progressives rule the day in so many ways. They are angry, confrontational, without dialogue and determined to radically change America and do away with Christianity. They are the new CAESAR. There is no way that a Christian or a person of faith today can render under this NEW CAESAR the things that it demands. To do so would violate scripture and the moral standards, admonitions and requirements of God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ. The battle of faith is on and it appears quite clearly that people of faith are losing that battle.

God has put you where you are, my fellow Americans. You are a citizen of the greatest country in history. You have been given a Constitution, a lifestyle under the rule of law and the most incredible freedoms granted to any human beings and you are called upon, A RELIGIOUS CALLING to protect and defend all that God has given you. You are required to be politically active, and active socially and in education, especially education to train up the younger generations and to make certain that CAESAR in no way enters the realm of God Almighty or seeks to usurp what belongs to HIM and him only. And TODAY’S CAESAR intends to do just that. You are called upon to prevent that, to STAND UP like we at the Crawford Broadcasting Company do. We are His voice, often crying in the wilderness, but we will stand for GOD AND COUNTRY no matter the cost. And that has been the purpose, my purpose for THE STAND for the past 28 years.

The Stand, and the powerful voices of men and women like Bob Dutko, Neil Boron, John Rush, Roger Marsh continuously champion constitutional America. Men and women like Roxanne, Russell Wall, Justin Brown, Ace McKay, Chris Stevenson and so many others champion the God of the Universe and our Lord Jesus Christ. We will never compromise nor will we back down no matter the secular onslaught. We will continue to do everything in our power to activate and energize Christians so that they can:


and control and influence politics with the goal of protecting and defending our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the freedoms in our constitutional amendments, and the rule of law which is so critical to the character and constitution of our society. We will urge and admonish you to:


They are critical. You should know the radical differences between Republican and Democrat, between Biden and Trump, between the traditionalists and the progressives with respect to education.

We would urge you to know the position of the parties, Democrat and Republican. They are radically different and the vote 2020 for President, House and Senate will either bring to office and power those who would preserve, protect and defend traditional America or radical progressives who would intend to radically change the greatest country in human history.

Thinking and caring Americans should make rational decisions as they vote and not vote for:


It matters not whom you like, irrelevant to the world of politics but who will champion, implement and enforce the rule of law and the Constitution. That is the urgent admonition of this Stand, and me personally, and the vast majority of the wonderful, dedicated, hardworking people of the Crawford Broadcasting Company. The fight is on my fellow Americans, for:


You are in that fight like it or not. More than ever, we must STAND UP and protect and defend. Old or young, it is your Christian and civic duty. Welcome the opportunities that duty offers and requires.

This is the day and age which demands the return of:


That is, the church armed, spiritually armed, passionate and energetic, true to the real Gospel in every way and without compromise. This secular age demands Pastors and Christian leaders who are passionate about their calling, and in defense of the Gospel, and true to the Gospel and unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation. Pastors must be renewed and reenergized with regard to their calling and what the Christ they serve demands. This age demands that now more than ever. So much of the church is compromised, having lost its way and without it seems the presence, the power and the energy of the HOLY SPIRIT. The church seems ashamed, apologetic, unwilling to confront, to stand up UNASHAMED. It is lukewarm, and a front to the miraculous Christ who died and rose again. That is, the real Christ of EASTER and the redemptive message he brought. The cross and the grave could not hold Him. HE LIVES. And WE HIS PEOPLE must be free to proclaim and testify to that fact, unashamed and unembarrassed as we celebrate all HE means at this Easter season.

Therefore, we should follow his commands to:


Stand up, redeem the vote, take back a culture and in the process, produce REVIVAL for America in both civic and Christian terms. We really have no choice. WE HIS PEOPLE must be:


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