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Don Crawford

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The Summer of Rage

Roe v. Wade, that infamous case which created out of thin air a constitutional right for abortion, was in fact unconstitutional. As the Wall Street Journal described Roe, it was a decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1973 which was nothing more than a LEGAL INVENTION.


It was politically driven, the legal product of a very liberal Supreme Court under the influence of Chief Justice Warren, the decision in Roe written by Justice Harry Blackmun. Even liberal scholars at the time, scholars who supported abortion, many of them agreed that there was no constitutional basis for the decision in Roe v. Wade (5–4).


The current Supreme Court, as we know, has overturned this constitutional disaster and along with it the decision in the Casey case, in the now famous decision of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case appealed to the Supreme Court by the state of Mississippi. The decision, which had been essentially leaked before formal announcement by the Supreme Court (the preliminary draft of that decision) occurred weeks ago, leaked by a radical progressive whoever he or she may be in order to produce liberal citizen RAGE upon the Supreme Court for the TAKING AWAY of so–called constitutional women’s rights to abortion. It did just that. Liberal rage was everywhere, starting with the illustrious president Joe Biden who told the country that this conservative Supreme Court, the Roberts’ court, was out of control, dangerous, and on a mission to destroy much of the legal liberal gains in the past several decades. Senator Chuck Schumer from New York actually threatened Justice Kavanaugh with harm by telling him that, if he voted for the overturn of Roe, he would, Kavanaugh would:




A radical then went on a mission to assassinate Kavanaugh, but of course, Schumer, a democrat, a liberal and even a radical from New York got away with it. The RAGE promised started at the very top of the political process. Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who knows little or nothing about the Constitution, reminded her following that it was time for action. Then came JANE’S REVENGE, a liberal action group which began firebombing pregnancy centers and, the violence was on. Summer has a long way to go, and the violence promised will only increase, even as protection for all nine Supreme Court Justices has and will be increased.


Roe v. Wade was justified, rationalized by the Supreme Court 1973 essentially on the basis of the 14th Amendment and the so–called DUE–PROCESS CLAUSE. But there was no rational connection between the result reached (the so–called abortion right) and anything written, expressed or implied in the 14th Amendment. A women’s right to privacy was also used but there is no right to privacy for anyone, male or female, anywhere in the Constitution. It was a legal stretch, a legal invention, a social and cultural decision made by liberal Justices without any firm foundation or basis in the Constitution. It was ripe for a right–thinking constitutionally–minded court, perhaps ORIGINALIST in thinking and belief, to overturn this Constitutional disaster. Dobbs v. Jackson did just that by a vote of 6–3, along political lines, six so–called conservative Justices for overturn and three liberal–radical against it. Let, said Jane’s Revenge and by implication Biden and Schumer, the:




Abortion is murder. It is the killing of a human–being in vitro, in the womb. It is done intentionally, and maliciously with no concern for the human–being to be utterly destroyed. It is therefore first–degree murder, abortion is, of a live, feeling human–being and there is every justification for the conviction of that killer under first–degree murder charges. But it goes on none–the–less. Many think that Dobbs may put an end to the brutal, satanic practice of abortion. Unfortunately, it will not. Under the excellent system of federalism which our Constitution fully supports, the issue of abortion is now no longer a federal matter but one for the states. Each of the fifty states must deal with the issue of abortion its own way, by the democratic process, the vote at work by the people of the state and laws for or against abortion will be passed by each. It is estimated that some 26 states will eliminate the right to abortion altogether or seriously curtail the practice. BUT, some 24 states will permit abortion in some fashion and that sometime in the nine–month pregnancy period, whether at the very beginning of conception or even up to the point where the baby–human–being is born or about to be born. First–degree murder, and killing will go on in America in at least 24 states.


The Founding Fathers sought to limit the power of the federal government. The Constitution clearly protects states rights. In fact, it states in the 10th Amendment and even the 9th Amendment of the Constitution that the powers:




Granted to the federal government are absolutely reserved to the states and the people. The federal government cannot infringe on that sacred legal territory, nor can it go about the business of legal invention, treat the Constitution as an organic document to produce the results wished, and must legally stay out of the business of the states. The Supreme Court has no power or authority, constitutionally or otherwise, to usurp all such rights and powers which the Constitution expressly grants to the states, all 50 of them. If the people of the United States want things to work differently, wish to change the Constitution, or further amend it, they should follow the legal process, call into effect a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION and with three quarters of the states agreeing, change the Constitution. But the mobs who wish the disastrous SUMMER OF RAGE will not wait, will not follow DUE–PROCESS and they will act with violence, whoever they are, to get what they want, the rule of law be damned.


You should read, my fellow Americans, the Constitution, but you should especially read and know:




They are short, clear, easy to understand and you should remember that the federal government, the Biden–Schumer–Pelosi politicos have no right, power or authority to change the Constitution, NONE WHATSOEVER! But they will try, and as Schumer and Biden have threatened, they will try by any means necessary to get what they want.


If a woman wants an abortion, it will unfortunately be available in America and readily so. We the People, all of us may no longer have to pay for these abortions through medical insurance, but states can offer access and money to any woman who wishes an abortion, even helping with transportation costs to travel from a state that prohibits it to one that endorses it and the brutal killing of God’s creations goes on.


This message can be heard in the once great states of New York and California, and the states of Colorado and Wyoming, and the great state of Alabama and the very great state of Michigan. We can only hope and pray that the citizens of those states, especially the Christian voters, will do their very best to persuade their state legislators to do away with or at least severely limit the practice of abortion and urge them to:




That we feel is the moral duty of any Christian, any Christian citizen of this great Country. Please become politically active in your state, if nothing more than writing (email) to your state legislators, house and senate, and your governor and urge them to pass legislation which STOPS THE KILLING. Email addresses are readily available. Do not allow liberal, progressive, radical lawmakers to allow the satanic practice of abortion to continue in your state. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Your simple email can make a difference. It is a golden opportunity for your to be heard so:




Hear clearly the loud voice of crying, pleading, painful BABIES IN THE WOMB who prayerfully ask you to protect them, champion them, to be one of millions who rises up and says to your state and our nation:



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