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What really is truth?

That was the question posed to the most truthful man who ever lived from Pilate of old as he questioned Jesus of Nazareth. What, Pilate said to Jesus, is truth?

Jesus had once before answered that when he uttered the profound words:


I AM, He said. Those were the words of a man either crazy or divine. But in me, my life, my purpose, my being is:


Whatever it is, truth is sorely lacking in our society today. That is especially so among those who rule us, our politicians where a recent poll showed that more than 94% of we the people believe that our politicians do in fact lie and lie frequently. We seem to be used to it, even accept it as a political way of life and seldom if ever do anything about it. We seem resigned as a people to Washington fluff, spin, hype, compromise and change, you know the kind of change Obama promised us. The Obama Administration has certainly changed the definition of truth in the past seven years with one more to come, unfortunately. The lie prevails.

The truth, as the carpenter from Nazareth once said, “is not in them.”

But, we continue to ask that our society, all of us as citizens communicate with:


Legally, we swear to that, take an oath to tell the truth upon penalty of perjury if we don’t but even then, it seems we seldom do. We even then communicate what we think, or want or believe to be true but what we say is not always the whole truth, all of it. We omit things, especially hurtful things. We add things so that we can embellish truth when it is to our advantage. Witness the politicians who are masters at spin finding anything anywhere which advances their cause which then becomes THEIR PERSONAL TRUTH. Like the Pharisees and Herodians of old, Jesus would have found little or no truth in them and so do we.

Truth may be defined as:




Apparently, says the dictionary, sincerity is critical in truth telling. If you are indeed sincere, then you are much more apt to utter the truth, that is to tell it, to act the truth, that is your actions will indeed indicate your truthfulness and your character at work, your morals and values will be a third and valuable proof that you are in fact truthful. Few if any believe that politicians are sincere in action, at least consistently so, or character, more immoral than moral, or utterance, especially in political utterance which so often is anything but the truth and the whole truth. We the people are deeply concerned with freedom but as it is said, we must know the truth for it is only the truth which will make us FREE.

Truth we are told is always changing. Just ask Donald Trump. The Trump character is often transactional, as he puts it, when it comes to politics and business. Changing under the circumstances and as he can use it for his benefit. He contributes to politicians and consequently endorses them for his benefit. That is the Trump truth du jour, merely transactional to him and no problem. There are no permanent abiding standards, no inviolable truth or truths so Trump might say:


Especially in business.

Then we are told by the CHANGING OBAMA that truth, and consequently awareness thereof is always:


Changing, Obama change, so that an Obama is an arbiter of truth, setting standards according to his own personal wisdom which then of course, as our President, makes those truths OUR TRUTHS. EVOLVING Obama style means I made a mistake but I will never admit that. For example, I, says Obama, was once for traditional family and marriage, but wisdom has taken me over and now I am a proponent of gay marriage.   I have evolved. I have seen the light. Which of course means that my character is flexible, fungible, changeable, my former actions mean nothing and my utterance, my communication is now what benefits me and what I want. So we the people listen to Obama today knowing that we will hear a different Obama tomorrow. Truth du jour. Anything goes. Evolve, Americans, evolve as I do. And the carpenter says:


But then again, Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk are disciples of the radical Saul Alinsky. They are apostles of and believers in the Alinsky deconstructionist, nihilist philosophy as follows:





So that, Alinsky and his disciples instinctively react to anything which hurts their cause by DENYING any and all allegations no matter how truthful. Surely there is something, a shred of anything which can be denied and consequently everything can be denied. Politicians say with a straight face when confronted with charges:


And off they go without any accountability. Deny, say Alinskyites and put the burden of proof on the challenger. Innocent they say, until you prove me guilty.

And that of course allows them to DELAY. The stall, especially the political stall is a favorite weapon of politicians. We have long since forgotten Eric Holder and FAST AND FURIOUS, have we no? Do you even care at this point whether or not there was gun running to Mexico or whether or not Holder broke the law? Or the IRS scandals. Do you ever think about them now that they no longer make headlines? Do you ever think about the fact that Lois Lerner, IRS Secretary walked free of any charges no matter how often she broke the law. Delay is a favorite tactic of the politicians and Alinskyites. Remember the words of Barack Hussein Obama:


Deny. Delay.

And then, OBFUSCATE. Confuse. Spin. Rationalize. Accuse others. Blame others. Distort the facts. Add more facts. Leave out others. Change the story, the big picture of the allegation and confuse the people. Distort the facts and eventually the confusion will send the people away. Obfuscation eventually produces the current American reaction to Washington and the liars therein, hooked on sensationalism and addicted to:


They won again, the Alinskyites, the Obamaites and all other ITES like them in Washington. Evolve with us, Americans, for we know the current truth better than you do.

If all else fails, LITIGATE. Sue. Politicians know that can take years, and years. And often there are settlements, hidden agreements and rancid compromise at work. There are even now any number of lawsuits working their way up the legal ladder, toward the Supreme Court with a continual challenge to:


Some are five years in the making. The legal issues involved have undoubtedly long since been forgotten by most Americans. Or worse, accepted as inevitable no matter how harmful or wrong. Americans give up so easily, surrender to the culture and so often refuse to take a stand. And that more than anything is why this STUFF continues to happen. We accept the culture of deny, delay, obfuscate and litigate, Alinsky-Obama way of life and we hold no one accountable for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. GOODBYE AMERICA!

Real things, right things, says the dictionary about truth. Things that conform with actuality. Things that are honest. Like the Presidential wannabe Hil.ary Clinton. There was no truth, no actuality in action with respect to Benghazi. We just didn’t know in time what to do, how to protect them. The Clinton Camp and of course their President blamed mob incitement on an Internet video anti-Muslim. A monstrous lie from both Obama and Clinton and we let them get away with it. Four of our finest Americans were slaughtered because of the Clinton-Obama lie. But there is no accountability. No honesty, nothing which is right or truthful and Clinton runs merrily on her way for President, blaming the Republicans (obfuscation) denying she did anything wrong, delaying by changing the subject and of course ready to defend herself, litigate even as right-thinking congresspersons wish to bring her to trial before the House of Representatives. Clinton will get away with it, she will run for President and all of these lies will be forgotten. Clinton, Obama and every politician, including of course Republicans know that Americans have:


Very short memories.

And, don’t forget the Clinton emails, or have you already done so? Breaking the law, absolutely but again, Hillary Clinton like most politicians is ABOVE THE LAW. She knew the law but found it inconvenient and so she did what she wanted. State Department emails on her personal server. And Obama did nothing, no accusations against his Secretary of State even though there is no love lost between the Obama Camp and the Clintons. Birds of a feather, Alinsky feathers, stick together, do they not? No truth, no honesty.

Truth is fact, real verifiable fact. Objective. Words uttered are fact, the fact of the utterance. So that, they can not be denied, but they can be explained. The defense is always misunderstanding, words taken out of context. This, says a lying politician, is what I really meant, no matter how you interpreted by words. Like Hillary Clinton who claimed that she kept State Department business on her private server for convenience when in fact Clinton traveled with both a Blackberry and an iPad while Secretary of State and she had her private email setup on both. And, said Clinton, “there is no classified material on my private server” when in fact the truth is that the State Department now reveals that there are at least 400 such documents on Clinton’s personal server which contain classified information. What an inconvenient truth for Mrs. Clinton. Let not the facts get in the way of what I need to say.
Now consider Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Clapper, when asked specifically if the National Security Agency was spying on millions, tens of millions of Americans Clapper answered:


A flat out lie and he was caught in that lie. Anybody ever hear of anything ever happening to Clapper as a result, any accountability?

And then there was National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Bet you long since have forgotten about her. Rice lied about the cause of the Benghazi attack on all of the networks, you know the three stooges NBC, ABC and CBS, and then appeared on television lying about an alleged agreement with Turkey letting the United States use Turkish Air Force bases, a claim Turkey immediately denied. But Rice, like Lerner, like Sebelius, like so many other liars in the Obama Administration got away with it. No accountability. Lie and move on. And we the people let them get away with it.
And socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of the once great State of Vermont now running for President and for the Democratic nomination angrily rants about millionaires and billionaires, especially those bad Republican kinds like the Koch Brothers. They made all of this money and they use it politically he whines and wails. But Bernie Sanders, possessed of amnesia like all other politicians, conveniently forgets that so much of the Democrat Party agenda and its candidates are financed by multi-billionaire George Soros. Bet you will never hear Sanders say anything about Soros or how this corrupt man, who sold out his fellow Jews in the time of the Nazis, made his money. Soros manipulated and exchanged currencies to make his initial fortune. In fact, George Soros was convicted of insider trading in France. The Soros currency manipulations against the bank of England damaged the British pound so much while at the same time earning the corrupt Soros $1 BILLION. A convenient truth left out of the whole truth by the supposedly honest and straightforward Bernie Sanders. The truth, says the Carpenter, is not in Sanders, at least not the whole truth.

And the Obama Administration lets Iran lie, and lie, and lie again and get away with it. The Iran treaty is a sham, built upon a false foundation, lies and misrepresentations, already broken and Obama and his ilk, knowing that yet lie to the American public that this treaty is right, good for us and will prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. That is one of the most dangerous lies emanating from Washington today. That led the Wall Street Journal to state as follows:


Iran got what it wanted, the lifting of sanctions and now the treaty, no matter our promises, means nothing. We lied, and we will continue to lie and we will do whatever we wish no matter the treaty. The Obama Administration is a direct conspirator in that lie, twisting that treaty and Iranian promises into a compromised, distorted version of the so-called truth and demanding that we the people accept it. Only the truth will make us free and this damnable lie, this incredibly false treaty is one of the most dangerous things ever to happen to America. Someday, we will pay the consequences for this lie.

And now comes Volkswagen, once a fully respected automobile company making at the highest quality levels not only Volkswagen but Audi, Porsche and even Bentley. They lied, and lied bigtime. For six years, they claimed that their diesel automobiles met US and in fact other European standards for emissions and pollution. They lied. They falsified software in order to avoid the standards set by the Environmental Pollution Agency (EPA) and others. They lied for six years. Now come top Volkswagen officers and blame it on engineers. We didn’t know. Can any thinking American accept such a feeble, lame and lying excuse? Of course the engineers were directly responsible, but every person in Volkswagen top management was equally responsible. They knew or should have known about THE LIE and should be held fully accountable civilly and criminally, don’t you think? The Justice Department intervenes and it should, the EPA goes forward and it should, the FBI goes forward and it should, and the Federal Trade Commission goes forward and it should, claiming false advertising and misrepresentation among others. All of these agencies combined could impose criminal sanctions on Volkswagen and civil fines well in excess of:


In fact, the guilty Volkswagen has already set aside almost $8 billion as the start of the fund to attempt to settle this LYING MATTER. Perhaps Donald Trump would say what they did was merely transactional, in the ordinary course of business so move on. I surely hope not.
And by the way, no matter how weak or difficult your position, SHUT DOWN THE OPPOSITION. Don’t wrestle with or dialogue about an inconvenient counterpoint of view, shut it down. Like the liberal Elizabeth Warren who has backed a labor department plan to regulate financial advisors. The GAO estimates that the regulation if passed could cost investors especially those who aren’t wealthy, tens of billions, that is BILLIONS of dollars by depriving them of advice, such as against panic selling. Even many of her fellow House Democrats oppose Senator Warren’s plan. There is one Robert Litan of the Brookings Institute, a reasonably objective think-tank, who opposed the Warren backed plan. Instead of rebutting his argument, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts decided to punish him. Warren demanded that the Brookings Institute fire Litan rather than allow honest dialogue. The plan, said Litan was wrong but crush the opposition and let the lie live. Such is the result of the Warren inquisition and clear evidence of her character or lack thereof, and the actions she is willing to take in order to get what she wants. The other side of a lie, don’t you think?

And all the while Obama and company continue to stonewall the IRS incident rather than targeting and exposing the scandal. The IRS just simply won’t release the documentation, the Obama IRS. Judicial Watch, one excellent objective legal watchdog group won’t let the IRS scandals go away. They are after Obama and company and the IRS legally in every way in order to fully expose the IRS LIEand see the truth win out. Go for it, Tom Fitton.

Oh, and once again there is good old Donald Trump who says that his past politics were simply transactional. I supported for the sake of business and not political conviction, Trump says. Trust the little white lie, even if the gift may be perceived as support. But strictly business, says Trump, and George Soros, that corrupt billionaire supporting the Democratic Party. Strictly business. Never the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but simply their version, the Trump and Soros version of the truth, whatever that is. Of course, even that evolves, changes day to day. Truth is simply a means to an end, their personal end and benefit.
We are admonished to tell the truth, and tell it aggressively. To communicate that truth and actions, character and utterances. We are to do so aggressively, energetically and with full accountability. We are advised to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth for only that can make us FREE. Perhaps even the Pope himself should be more straightforward, transparent at least when it comes to the family. Pope Francis came to America, and to Philadelphia where a major convention on the family was held. The Pope came to support those some 18,000 people gathered in Philadelphia for this family convention. Family was defined as traditional family as America had always known it and as Scriptures would have it. The Pope somewhat secretively met with Kim Davis, County Clerk from Kentucky who had refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples and consequently was sent to jail. The Pope gave her two rosaries and after a brief conversation admonished her to:


Worthy and admirable indeed. BUT, the Pope never stated clearly the position of the Roman Catholic Church or Scripture for that matter with respect to marriage. The Pope never took a stand with respect to gay marriage as many think he should have. It is one thing to send a message indirectly, said one critic, but quite another to state clearly, emphatically, straightforwardly and with full transparency the traditional and hallowed Roman Catholic doctrine that marriage is something strictly reserved for one man and one woman. Why, many wonder, was the Pope reluctant to do that. That is to state unequivocally the:


And nothing but the truth. Not that the Pope in any way misrepresented, much less lied, but there was more to say and it should have been said. One is left to wonder whether the traditional doctrine of the Catholic Church is evolving, changing no matter the Scripture when it comes to marriage and the family. If so, what a tragedy that would be. Truth is truth, and when eternal can not be changed, especially Scriptural-Biblical truth as known and abided by in the Catholic Church of centuries. Americans, and especially Roman Catholics, need to hear the truth, the whole truth loud and clear especially from the leader and chief.

What a sad day for America. And for all of us as citizens. We now live often without complaint in a culture of deceit, the culture of theLIE. We seem to accept it, given into it, believing that compromise is the way of the world, that standards are relative, that there really is no truth, at least no abiding, eternal truth which we can know and by which we can live. The lie, the compromise, rules the world, determines the destinies of our families and ourselves and our great country. We have given up, so it seems on all matters of:


There really is no accountability in America today, not really. There is an ever-growing attitude of:


We won’t get caught, or punished and if we do, we can get away with a lesser punishment and move on. Back to moral or rather immoral business as usual. We will pay for this, and in fact we already are. Our credibility as a country has declined dramatically and we the people with it. We are responsible for our leaders and the lack of standards they have. In fact, we are as guilty as they for we are conspirators in their shenanigans, having elected them, vouched for them, supposedly vetted them and so many have deceived us and the world. And we let it happen. Rather than confront, as the Carpenter did, we compromise and we turn the other cheek. We withdraw from the conflict and we perpetuate the results. We are as guilty as the perpetrators themselves. We can not complain about deceitful politicians for WE THE PEOPLE ELECTED THEM. It should be our never-ending task as citizens to find and elect the right people who will live by the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Not to do so makes us conspirators, guilty as they are.

Stand up for the truth, my fellow Americans. For what is right. For what is honest. For what is of character. For what is sincere. For what is lasting. For all of the principles upon which this great country, your country was built. Redo that now or truth goes away for truth and America with it. It is up to you, and me.

So I ask, what are you standards? Do you know the truth and will you live, act, work and elect according to the truth? All else is theoretical, argumentation without action by right-thinking, truthful people. I pray you are one and that you will live by and hold accountable others to live by:




So help you God.

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