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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Ultimate Authority

We the Christians believe that the Bible, the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God.


It is for us:




All 66 books of this precious Bible, we believe, have been given to us by inspiration, and with this ultimate authority comes the concept of infallibility. It is right, it is truth, every word of it. Do you believe that, do you really believe that?


These books contain wonderful stories, histories, biographies, blessings and the attitudes, commandments, ten and more instructing us how to live and what is right and wrong and so much more. Every one of the 66 books adds to the story, the drama, the relationship between God and man. It shows THE WAY, it is the truth and it is the life and life more abundantly. What would life be without it. Do you believe that? Do you believe that the Bible is the infallible, inspired word of the living God, do you?


Millions upon millions of human beings passed, present and perhaps even more so in the future do NOT! For them, the Bible is at best a collection of stories, myths, symbols and signs, fiction, made up having nothing to do with God if in fact there is one. This is the reaction of the:




To this natural man and woman, the Bible and its writings are FOOLISHNESS. To believe requires an enormous leap of faith, a denial of reason, the replacement of all things scientific with mythology, silly – foolish in every way. It is, the Bible, the anchor for a weak mind, an overly emotional and needy psyche, exaggeration and even a compilation of lies. The natural man could not be farther from the Bible–believing Christian and Jew.


At best, the Bible should and really must be interpreted. Different points of view and understanding should apply. When that happens, one heresy, one human interpretation follows another and in short order, what should have been the way, the truth and the life becomes a multitude of ways, truths and lives to be led.


But worst of all, this natural man and woman regards the Bible as a compilation of:




The Bible refers to every man and woman as SINNER, breaking the laws of God and in need of redemption. Hate speech and writings at their worst, so these Bible – religion haters say. These books, condemn the unnatural man and woman. Those teachings are of course opposed by LGBTQ. These books say it is wrong to kill, and especially to kill innocent babies in the womb, no matter that God may have formed that baby and knew that baby in that womb. This book condemns euthanasia, the killing of the elderly. And all of that and so much more is hate speech and this angry, aggressive, hateful man himself wants this compilation of hateful books banned forevermore, and with that, the banning and shunning of all who believe in this Bible. Further, this Bible calls these Bible haters the son of their father:




More hate speech, another reason why this book and its body of believers should be marginalized, criticized and even ridiculed. If these modern day atheists and God–haters have their way, sooner or later the Bible will be banned everywhere.


They ridicule, these natural men and women do, the concept of salvation and:




especially the claim in scripture that except a man or woman be born again, he or she cannot see or enter the Kingdom of God. More hate speech. And they are incensed by these words of Jesus Christ:





In short, those words and this book condemn all other religions, proclaim them and their teachings as wrong, and nothing, these critics say, could be more hateful. They produce a counterculture which is anti–religion in every sense, critical of the spiritual man and woman and of the Christian church, the gathering place of believers. Sadly, the church and many believers succumb to this pressure, this criticism and they begin new interpretations of holy scripture as they become:




newly enlightened finding new meaning their way, the way of the natural man rather than seeking the enlightenment and interpretation by the Holy Spirit, the one responsible for the original teachings. Current culture, demands, criticisms win out and Bible teachings and the loving and saving message of the Gospel is watered down or even eliminated. When such a man is finished with the Bible, there is hardly anything left.


It is in a way shocking to see the COMPROMISE which exists in the Christian church, its denominations, its Pastors and leaders and laymen and women. It is as though they were ashamed of the Gospel having lost the ability to see the Bible and its messages as:




They are so concerned with ridicule, criticism and banishment from current culture that they are ready to compromise, remain silent and in effect deny the message and the life of the living Lord and the truth of 66 books. They have no interest, these current, compromised Christians in:




They would not think in terms of defending their faith even unto death. For them, there is no greater love than that a man or woman lay down his or her life for a friend, for their beliefs as long as that is SOMEONE ELSE. And the church weakens, becomes more and more ineffective, the message of the Gospel corrupted and compromised and the devil wins. And the natural man and woman win. And Cancel Culture wins for it effectively cancels Christian truth and the truths of the Bible step by step. What a tragedy that we the Christians, Bible–believing Christians do not stand up, REALLY STAND UP and:




The church of Jesus Christ was born with the blood of martyrs, men and women who believed so passionately that they would give their lives rather than give up their faith and belief. There seem to be so few of them today as our world grows dark and dangerous, especially to Bible believers, CHRISTIAN AND JEW. Where are, so many wonder, the true, real and Bible–believing Christians of today. Where is their testimony, their stand, their open and outward passion for Jesus Christ, where? Nothing short of that return, that passion, that strong stand will revive the church, the people, the country and even the world if we who believe do not become:




Returning passionately to biblical fundamentals and principles, living the life of joy, of power, of love, what it really means to be a:




Do you believe that? Are you a true and real and unashamed Bible believer? If you are compromised, afraid and ashamed, then eventually you may hear the words of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, even as you depart from Him today:





All on the alter, my fellow Christians. Everything, for Him, including your life if necessary. Are you willing to do that? Are you? It seems to me the day soon comes when you will have to make that decision. Nothing this world has to offer can begin to match what HE has to offer. The choice should be easy, the ramifications hard, very hard. But we, you and I, are either with him, altogether with him without any compromise whatsoever, or we are against him, so he says. What an honor, a privilege it is to be challenged every day to be more like Him and to live the life of a true Christian, A TRUE BIBLE–BELIEVING CHRISTIAN for that is the way, the truth and life more abundantly in every way. May God strengthen and enlighten you in that regard so that your life is lived to the fullest, Bible believing in every way:



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