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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Vote

Do you vote?  Do you?

Are you concerned with who runs America, those individuals who make critical life decisions for you and me, our friends and families?

Do you know the issues?  Do you know what the parties stand for?  Do you know their platforms, their legislation and decision-making they will make if YOU and I elect them?  Do you?  Especially in so-called mid-term elections where there is no Presidential election, but senators, congresspersons, and governors only.  So many people just don’t bother to vote in 2018, midterm because it is just that, midterm and no President is involved.  Are you one of them?  I do hope and pray NOT!

At issue, is the Trump platform, policies and priorities.  Many do not LIKE President Donald John Trump and perhaps you are one of them.  But that is not the issue, NOT THE ISSUEVOTING DECISIONS to be made should be made on Presidential DECISIONS made by Trump.  If the Democrats take control of the Senate, the Trump agenda is essentially stalled for two years.  If the Democrats, WITH YOUR VOTE take control of the House of Representatives, the Trump agenda is all but over.  Do you want the Trump agenda and the issues he has decided and the priorities he has in place to end?  Then you would either vote Democrat or you would not vote at all.  What, I ask, do you think about the Trump agenda?  Are you for or against it?  Not the man, not his personality, but the decisions he has made, the issues he has championed, the leadership he has provided.  Are you for or against THAT not HIM?

Millions of Christians and conservatives do not vote, in any election, for any candidate, no matter the issues.  They abstain.  They dislike politicians and politics, so they withdraw.  So do many of the elderly, and many of the young, the millennials.  They refused to get involved and consequently, America suffers.  There has never been an election in America where even the majority of those eligible to vote have actually voted, NEVER!  More often than not, less than half of the eligible and registered voters actually vote.  By the way, are you registered to vote?  If not, get on with it.

But the fundamental question is:


Or is it just a privilege, voting, which can be implemented or ignored at your discretion?  It seems more than ever that Christians and especially conservative Christians feel now a deep obligation, a PATRIOTIC DUTY to vote, to participate, to be heard, to standup for value and belief and recognize the political dangers which exist in America and which can indeed threaten our very basic and cherished Constitutional freedoms.  I hope you are one of those concerned, convicted conservative citizens and that you will in fact vote November 2018.

For the issues are critical.  There are issues social, political, cultural and especially spiritual which continue to affect and generally negatively freedom of religion.  It is the avowed intention of the secularists, those even anti-Christian to remove all religion and especially Christianity from the marketplace and to confine religion and the worship process within the four walls of a church.  The concept of hate speech grows as does verbal violence.  Loud and angry mobs form and act everywhere.  Conservatives are attacked for what they believe and for any political actions they take.  My fellow Americans, the right to free speech, the right to religious practice anywhere and everywhere, the freedom of the press and especially for us as people of faith, the freedom to worship, testify and evangelize must be FULLY AND COMPLETELY preserved.  Do you agree?  Will you stand up for those principles, and will you vote the right way for the right people who will protect those critical Constitutional freedoms?  Will you?

Then there is abortion.  Abortion is a cruel and vicious killing.  Do you agree that Roe v. Wade which sanctioned abortion constitutionally should be repealed or affirmed?  Now comes Brett Kavanaugh as nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, viciously attacked by Democrats and progressives.  The Supreme Court of the United States is the most important decision making body we have, in so many ways even more than the President.  Do you agree that Kavanaugh is the right nominee for the United States Supreme Court, do you?  If so, and you wish the Supreme Court to be influenced by this learned and principled nominee, then you must vote for the Senator of your state who in turn will vote to confirm Kavanaugh as Justice.  YOU MUST!  If there is a senatorial election in your state, find out exactly what the candidates believe and how they will vote with regard to the confirmation of Kavanaugh before YOU vote.

Now comes the aggressive march of the gay movement, not only as a movement to champion its own rights, but becoming ever more aggressive in attacking opponents and any who disagree.  It is one thing for an elected official to advocate pro-gay, but it is quite another thing to sanction any verbal violence and more against those who disagree with the lifestyle, including and especially gay marriage.  Do you know where your senator stands on this issue as you vote?

And then there is euthanasiaMERCY? killing.  Do you believe in ASSISTED SUICIDE, and the rampant spread of this so-called right to die?  Find out where the senator you intend to elect stands before you vote.

And then there is healthcare, ObamaCare.  Are you aware of the critical issues involved, including and especially the nefarious SINGLE PAYER HEALTH SYSTEM?  A Democratic candidate is for that, and presumably a Republican candidate against.  Find out, my fellow Americans, where your representative or senator stands before you vote.

And then there is EDUCATION.  Common Core grows.  Many areas of this country and even Canada authorize or even require educational institutions, especially in the younger education years, to educate children with respect to the world of homosexuality.  And abortion, so-called women’s rights issues.  And many other issues and principles with which millions disagree.  Find out, American voters, where your elected officials stand before you elect them!

And so many more.  Our beloved America now finds itself once again in Civil War, POLITICAL CIVIL WAR, and culturally and socially and most importantly for so many of us, SPIRITUALLY.  You can not NOT be involved in the political process.  You must participate, you must vote.  For, it is not just about you my fellow Americans, it is about your families, your children, your wife, your parents, your friends, YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS!  We the people are in the battle of our lives for the heart and soul of America.  Wherever you stand, whatever you believe, you must, YOU MUST stand up for what you believe and YOU MUST VOTE, so say so many of us your fellow citizens.

More than ever, America needs your vote.

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