Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Vote

Now you, my fellow American, decide who your leaders will be.

Tuesday, November 6 is perhaps the most important midterm election ever in the history of our great country. There are 36 governorships up for election. More than 70% of the great American states will have new or reelected governors. That can produce a radical change in the way states are run. If your state has a governors’ election, I do hope and pray that you will vote for the right man or woman to lead and legislate, to make decisions and move your great state forward. Please vote for governor if you can. The lives of millions of people may depend upon your vote.

Governors are much like the President of the United States on a smaller scale. They can appoint judges, fill vacancies temporarily in the House or Senate, federal or state. They can veto state legislation. They are powerful and they matter. These governors can be pro-Trump and Trumpian policies (Republican) or the exact opposite. Who they are and what they believe will dramatically affect the great state in which you live. Please vote for the right governor.

And then there is the House of Representatives, all 435 of them. Every representative will be elected or reelected. There will be some major changes like in Wisconsin where Paul Ryan no longer runs. But there will be the same old-same old, like Pelosi from San Francisco-California who hardly bothers to campaign, thinking, knowing her reelection is assured. If 219 Democrats are elected to the House, Pelosi will be the speaker of our HOUSE. Recall the years 2009-2016, all eight Obama years under the leadership of Pelosi. America got legislation passed, lots of it so that we could see “what is in it.” Pray that doesn’t happen, but it will if you don’t vote for representatives DIFFERENT FROM HER. Count on impeachment proceedings of Trump and Kavanaugh if Pelosi and 218 other representatives like her are in fact elected. That would be disastrous for America.

Then there is the United States Senate. Mitch McConnell from Kentucky now leads. If the Democrats win as many as 51 Senators, Chuck Schumer of New York, radical-progressive-liberal will lead the Senate. The combination of Schumer and Pelosi could radically change America, stymie the Trump objectives which are, in my view right for America, no matter what you think of the man himself, and move America aggressively toward socialism and worse. Please vote for the right Senator when you have the opportunity, the right man or woman to represent you in the Senate from your great state. America needs your vote, the right vote for the right candidate with the right heart, the right head, the right policies now more than ever. PLEASE VOTE.

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