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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Vote

Are you ready to vote in the most important election in the history of human kind? Are you?

There has never been elections like this in all of history, never. Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is not a mere vote for parties, platforms or politicians. Rather, it is a vote:


Fundamental, one which could change the lives, the EXISTENCE of every American. The way of life, the freedoms, the constitutionality of 330 million people, Americans of one kind or another is at stake. So, again, are you ready to vote? And you will vote, will you not?

The Democrat party has turned left, LURCHED to the left. This party, once generally constitutional now has become progressive, radical, and worst of all, socialistic. It has become the:


It will lie, deceive, hide and do anything hypocritically necessary in order to win and regain the full power of the federal government. It now controls the House of Representatives and intends to keep that majority, whatever it takes. It needs but a net gain of 3 seats in the United States Senate and it will gain control of that august body. And of course, the Democrats think they have in Joe Biden a winner, one who will be elected by the American people over the supposedly unpopular Donald Trump. If Democrats win the presidency, and the majority in the U.S. Senate, and the House of Representatives:


THE FIRST AMENDMENT. The Democrats will wage all out war on religion. Obama sought to change and reinterpret the constitutional freedom of EXERCISE of religion to the WORSHIP of religion, thankfully to no avail. Democrats will reinforce the Johnson Amendment which forbids public speaking and endorsement from the churches and other religious entities. Democrats will attack the tax exempt status of churches. The Hyde Amendment which forbids the payment for abortions by the federal government will be done away with and you and I will pay for any and every abortion which any woman wants to have. All of that for starters. Religion will be excised from the public square step by step, slowly but surely. You have witnessed the brutal attack on Catholics, no matter how qualified the Catholic may be. Justice Kavanaugh and soon to be Justice Barrett were savaged by the Senate Judiciary Committee. That is only a harbinger of more aggressive things to come for those who believe as people of faith and politics. Are you prepared to vote for Democrats knowing that will happen, are you? I pray not.

SPEECH will also be curtailed. We already have hate speech which abridges free speech and more abridgement, restrictions will come.

Democrats will do everything possible to limit the freedoms of the press, no matter the First Amendment. There may well be limitations on the right of assembly guaranteed by the First Amendment. Their agenda will be fully protected and endorsed by the media, the current press, and Hollywood, and the sports world, and academia, and most of the unions of our great country, so that the attackers will be formidable and ultimately fully aggressive. A vote for a Democrat candidate is a vote for all of that. Is that what you want for yourself, your family and this great country, is it? I ask you unabashedly to vote Republican.

ABORTION. It will be promoted, protected, codified and made the forever law of the land. Do you believe in abortion and will you let Democrats accomplish that macabre objective, will you? Don’t vote for them.

Democrats will champion the LGBTQIA agenda, now seemingly constitutional as a result of a Supreme Court decision. A vote for Democrats is a vote for the EQUALITY ACT and the gay agenda in every aggressive way possible. Is that what you want for America, is it? You will get just that if you vote Democrat.

EUTHANASIA. No matter the sentiments against by Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish or Muslim true believers and people of faith, Democrats will push and accomplish the agenda and objectives of euthanasia everywhere. Do you want that?

THE ECONOMY. Democrats will seek to control the economy as much as possible and move it toward SOCIALISM. There is always the promise to tax, curtail and otherwise control if not redistribute the wealth of the WEALTHY, a canard if there ever was one. TAXES will go through the roof and the middle class will pay indeed no matter the lies of the Democrats. The DEBT of America, now out of control, will spiral downward even further and it may be a decade or more before America can right the ship if Democrats are elected. Is that what you want for America, you and your family, is it? You will get just that if you vote Democrat.

THE DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS. If you vote for Joe Biden as President, you will get as Kamala Harris has bluntly stated the HARRIS – BIDEN ADMINISTRATION. Harris will control, and the influence of Bernie Sanders, a radical socialist will prevail in every key decision making. And so will the thinking of Pelosi and Schumer, leaders of the House and Senate. That kind of oligarchy will be a disaster for America. Is that what you want in 2020, the political effects of which may last for decades, is that what you want? Is that what you will vote for? It is if you vote Democrat, it surely is.

CONSTITUTIONALITY. If the Democrats control, they may well pack the Supreme Court, adding two, three or four more Justices so that they can control decision making. There is nothing in the Constitution to prevent that. That was tried by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and was an absolute disaster. Is that what you want?

Democrats will do everything possible to defund, minimize, or even in some cases eliminate the police and the protection they offer. That will cause major blows to law and order and the rule of law. Is that what you want? If you vote Democrat, that’s what you will get.

RACE. Black Lives Matter will run rampant. Black Lives Matter and Antifa, George Soros, the world’s most evil man financed and driven, will foster violence even as they have already done. What happened in Portland and Seattle may well happen again and again. You will get that if you vote Democrat, you surely will.

GREEN NEW DEAL. Democrats, and especially Kamala Harris will wage all out war on fossil fuels. That will include fracking in America, offshore oil drilling, Alaskan pipelines and so much more, an end to all of that and as soon as possible. Such an all–out effort will cost American trillions of dollars and the loss of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Is that what you want? You will get that if you vote Democrat.

THE MEDICAL. You will see the end of our existing medical system, now the best in the world. You will witness the implementation of the SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM, one size fits all. You will no longer have the healthcare you choose or pay for, but only that which the government will offer. That will be an absolute disaster, destructive to millions of Americans. Is that what you want? That is exactly what you will get if you vote Democrat. How can any thinking, America–loving citizen vote for the Democrats and this unbelievably radical, progressive, destructive platform, HOW?

EDUCATION. COMMON CORE will rule. American history and educational priorities will be rewritten and taught differently. The LGBTQIA agenda will not only be taught but required in education particularly for the young. Free speech and other rights on college and even high school campuses will be even further restricted. Student debt now approaching 1.7 trillion dollars will be forgiven and you and I will pay for that once again. Is this what you want for education, for your children, grandchildren or yourself, is it? All of that is exactly what will happen if the Democrats control presidency, the Senate and the House.

FOREIGN POLICY. The Trump Administration has confronted and controlled more than any other administration CHINA. China is the biggest world threat to America by far, more than even Russia and Iran. China is dangerous, deceiving, manipulative, determined to control and win. Much of that will happen if compromising, hypocritical Democrats are elected. Do you want that? Do you even care about foreign policy and especially China, the nuclear threat of Iran, and the ever growing power and threat of Russia itself. Is that what you want? You will get that and much more if you vote Democrat. If you believe in and love America as it is, and you are willing to work patiently and by the rule of law to solve its problems, whether racism, crime or any other major issue which affects our great country, if you really believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, you have no other choice but to vote:


No other choice.

BIG GOVERNMENT. You will get the largest government, federal government with encouragement for the states to do the same, in the history of our country. THE SWAMP, that is agencies, and the tens of thousands of employees who make decisions affecting our daily life will have virtually unlimited power. They will become the defacto fourth branch of government and they as much as the Congress will rule our lives. Democrats will see to that. Is that what you want, and is that what you are willing to vote for, voting Democrat, is it?

The results of this election so much depend upon PEOPLE OF FAITH, all faiths standing up, in the case of Christians, Evangelicals and Catholics, voting BIBLICAL VALUES. And Jews, guided by and caring for the Torah. And right thinking Muslims who believe in the real teachings of the Quran. All of them standing up and voting against DEMOCRATS who care nothing at all for anything religious and are determined to destroy it and do away with religion as much as possible. It is hard to believe or justify how any Roman Catholic could vote Democrat, the way the secularists and Democrats in Congress have come out against Catholics and the Catholic faith. And the same for Evangelicals and right thinking Protestants. How is it possible for any person of faith to vote Democrat, HOW?

There are those who continue to believe and say that my vote really doesn’t matter for everything happens according to GOD’S WILL. Those in authority are divinely put there. That is true, but they are put there because you put them there. You voted wrongly or you never bothered to vote at all. You and I are responsible, America given to us 240 years ago to preserve, protect and defend and if we don’t, the permissive will of God allows evil to take over when good men and women abandon the political arena. That will happen if you vote Democrat. Do you intend to vote Democrat, and for all the radical change which will occur in our country, do you? I for one, a part of the older generation, grieve for you, your family, your children and grandchildren for all the young will never begin to know and experience the America I and my generation have. We have loved its freedoms, worked hard to take advantage of its opportunities, dealt with its problems as best we can with the strong hope that we would leave this great country as it is intended to be to younger generations. I say candidly and unequivocally that that will never happen if you vote DEMOCRAT. I say aggressively and without apology that if you are a person right thinking, of faith, believing in the Constitution and the rule of law, that you have no other choice but to vote:


It matters not what you think of Donald Trump and his personality. You must look at his platform and performance, PERFORMANCE! He has done what he said he would do, unlike Presidents before him. He is courageous and bold, even if brash and at times inconsistent. Trump as President will prevent this radical Democrat lurch to the left and he is the only one who can do that. Therefore, I say again, and unapologetically that if you are a TRUE PERSON OF FAITH, you have no other choice but to vote:


And you will vote, will you not? If you don’t, and if you don’t vote right, your children, grandchildren and all who are young will pay for the rest of their lives. For the freedoms you and I now enjoy once lost are lost:


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