Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Vote – Before and After

Every two years the very same thing is said when Americans vote:




They, all of them whoever they are, are right. It is in many ways the most important, fundamental vote Federal, State and Local America has ever had.


It seems as though Americans are mobilized, ready for action, ready to vote now more than ever. So many Americans who perhaps never took voting seriously, or may have never even voted now fully intend to vote this November 8. In fact, many are so motivated they will vote early, by absentee ballot or in person or any other legitimate way, legal way to make their political voice heard. I hope and pray you are one of them.


The majority of Americans are Conservative. The majority are people of faith. The majority believe in traditional America. They are constitutionalists. They believe in law and order. And secure borders. They are against any and all voting irregularities. They believe in traditional education, THE THREE Rs:  READING – WRITING – RITHMATIC, in classical education, in American history among many others. They believe in Freedoms, especially the five basic Freedoms in the First Amendment. But surprisingly, many of these Conservative, often Christian, Protestant or Catholic, and people of other faiths, so many of them never bother to vote. Incredible indeed, and tragic, tragic for the real America.


Many believe as I do that voting is a duty, a duty which is an essential part of American citizenship. It really is the duty of every American to vote, especially when critical issues for GOD AND COUNTRY are at stake. Like never before, there are those, so many of them, who would wish the end of democracy, and if not the destruction of America, then at least total and radical change in government, whether socialistic, or even communistic at the extreme, or eventually, something close to dictatorship, one party – one man rule. For some reason, far too many Americans do not take that seriously even though they absolutely should. So many Christians for example talk and pray but do nothing. They are not people of POLITICAL SECULAR ACTION. But they should be. So many Christians believe that God put them, and all of us believers in America, made us American citizens and charged us with the responsibilityduty of energizing, protecting, preserving this great country, its freedoms and democracy. Every American citizen enjoys the benefits of citizenship, the benefits this great country offers. It is little more than a little duty to vote, to understand the issues, the politics and policies, the candidates and to vote accordingly.


Those who are elected at the Federal level, the Senate, The House of Representatives and key state elections such as Governor, and local legislatures will determine so many things that WE THE PEOPLE must endure. Critical moral issues, the votes involved or the votes of those who will make decisions will affect Americas approach to abortion, the Gay agenda, Euthanasia, even freedom of religion without constraint and so many more. With all of that at stake, more than ever it is the duty of every Christian to vote. I hope and pray you will take voting seriously. I hope and pray YOU WILL VOTE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8. The real America needs your vote now more than ever.


So many think one vote doesn’t matter. How wrong, dead (politically and culturally) wrong that is. EVERY VOTE MATTERS! Your vote is no exception. So many have deep love and passion for spirituality, faith, family but so little when it comes to politics. I pray you will step up, know the issues, vote accordingly and be heard November 8, recognizing:




This once great country needs you and your vote now more than ever.


Then, it is over Wednesday November 9. Candidates have advertised. They have done everything possible to get your vote and every bit as importantly:




They have presented themselves as Representatives not Rulers. They promised so much, and they promised to stay in touch with you and me and to make certain they know what we want and what is right for us as American citizens. You can be certain that so many of these candidates, misrepresenting in so many ways along the way, will never fulfill that promise. They got your vote, they got your money and so good bye until the next election. Don’t let that happen. Don’t let them, the newly elected get away with that. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!


Every two years, the House of Representatives changes. It stays the same, some like Pelossi re-elected pro forma, little or no opposition, remaining in control, in power and in political position. Others are brand new. Seldom does the process change. Washington is Washington, the home of the elite, the BETTER – THEM – US, making decisions which they think are right whether we do or not. They know the only remedies you have are:




Or practically speaking, no more support or the giving of money. They will do their own thing for two years, or four years, or six years and VOTER BE DAMNED. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! It is your America, not theirs. You are the decision makers. You made your decision November 8. STAY INVOLVED! Be ready to replace candidates who have misrepresented and will not follow through. REPLACE THEM as soon as you can. Again, and again:




So is your state, county, city, and township. All of that is YOURS. It is an incredible DERELICTION OF DUTY if you don’t stay involved. Hold them, your Representatives, to their promises and platforms. Make them perform and do what is right, what you and the majority of voters have indicated is right.


Never forget that progressives and politicians never sleep. They are involved, on the watch, proactive and aggressive:


24 – 7


And, WE THE PEOPLE should be the same. Freedom, democracy, the American republic, our way of life, our rule of law, all of that is at stake day by day and year by year until the next election. Hopefully, and prayerfully, you have done your duty as an American citizen by voting. Now comes the second part of that duty:




Stay involved American citizen, STAY INVOLVED! You may wake up one day and find you live in a different country, a different world if you don’t.


So, all of us at the Crawford Broadcasting Company thank you for voting, prayerfully urge and admonish to stay involved as an American citizen in the political process and hold those elected representatives accountable so that they stay as representatives and never become detached, independent and self – serving:




REAL AMERICA needs you to be an active American citizen 24 – 7.

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