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Don Crawford

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The Vote: Republican


The infamous words of Barack Hussein Obama, former President of the United States.

That means, speech or print, anything goes. You can, Obama believed, say anything you wish whether true, factual or not so long as it aids and abets the ultimate objective. In short, THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.

As a result, in Washington, DC and in state capitals across the country:


Only 9%, one in eleven Americans believe that we the people can safely rely upon what we hear politically. Only one out of eleven American citizens believe what they read and hear politically. Personally, I find it hard to believe that there really is one out of eleven Americans who believe the balderdash of a Pelosi, a Sanders, an AOC, and a McConnell or even a Trump for that matter. The truth, as the scriptures well state, is not in them.

Truth now out of the way, now come facts. They are gone, irrelevant, spun, ignored and if used at all, used for the benefit of the personal party citing such facts. As Nancy Pelosi famously said:


It is so very interesting that in our judicial system, we require any who testify to take the stand and go public swearing in oath to:



In today’s culture, with cancel culture at work everywhere, not only is truth gone, facts gone, but GOD IS GONE AS WELL. There is no such thing as absolute truth. There is no such thing as Christian truth, or Jewish truth, or so called truth from any other religion so that in the new culture with the old culture cancelled:


Judeo Christian values, the original pillars of American society, culture and constitutionalism are long gone. Religion, real values and morality are nowhere to be found in Washington, DC.

No matter, Pelosi claims to be Catholic (really?). Chuck Schumer is Jewish. Bernie Sanders is an atheist; many think no more than a nihilist. And of course Joe Biden, YOU AINT BLACK JOE, carrying rosary beads everywhere is Catholic. So they say when to say so benefits them politically. Otherwise, anything goes including the gay agenda, abortion, euthanasia, the Green New Deal, horrendous taxes to come, and all the other realities which will come if Biden and company are elected.

Kamala Harris is a Baptist (really?), what kind apparently nobody really knows. Representatives Tlaib and Omar are Muslim, the radical kind. And all of them are financed and supported by the most evil man on the face of the earth, one George Soros. Soros is an Alinskyite, determined to bring America down, destroy it, and allow the most radical people in America to rebuild it. Soros finances every dissident politician in America, virtually all of them Democrats, pledge to radical change in all things cultural, economic, educational and constitutional in America. All of them and more like them will do:


They are socialist at heart. They are anti–capitalism. They have little or no regard for the Constitution of the United States, watering it down at every turn or wishing its elimination. They have a particular hatred for constitutional Amendments 1 and 2. They aim to control and minimize religion, and speech, and assembly, and press, and they will pay no attention whatsoever to the right of the people to petition the government. They are very much against democracy, and they have a special distaste for WE THE PEOPLE, THE DEPLORABLES and they are determined to rule us. They will threaten, intimidate, use violence where necessary (witness Portland and Seattle) for they are determined to make American politics a:


That of course would be a radical, progressive, anti–constitutional Democrat party. They would wish to control our lives now and forevermore. Ironically, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and right thinking Muslims would directly do away with religion in the public square and neutralize it at every turn. They firmly believe that WE THE PEOPLE will let it happen, and it will happen before there is any real reaction which by that time will be too late, very much too late.

So, that is why I say most directly and bluntly:


No matter the candidate, or what you think about the person of the candidate, if you believe in the rule of law, the Constitution, democracy, the freedoms we so readily enjoy and take for granted, the America of old, you have no choice but to vote:


And you will vote, won’t you? You must.

Many will vote by mail–in ballot. You can be certain that many of those ballots will never get to the voting destination nor will they be counted. That is already happening. Sacks of ballots have been found abandoned. Ballots have been turned down, viewed as unacceptable because of minor errors in voting procedure. Mail has been slow, brutally slow and there is already evidence of voting centers guilty of fraudulent practices, bias, or at least negligence in any number of ways. TRUMP WAS RIGHT! There is even now the actuality and always the potentiality of FRAUD at almost any level of the mail–in – voting procedure. Bear that in mind as you vote. And, Covid–19 notwithstanding, vote in person if you possibly can. That is really the only safe way your vote can be counted. And, if you like Tony Perkins intend to vote BIBLICAL VALUES, then you have no choice but to vote:


No other choice. And you will vote, won’t you? And you will make sure that your family, friends and all with whom you come in contact, real, true American citizens will vote. You will help them vote, will you not? You must.

The power elite, the politicians think of you and me, the average citizen, THE DEPLORABLE, as a person of indifference to the political system. Are you indifferent? They think of us as ready for any kind of indoctrination, any political point of view. Are you that politically gullible? They think of us the voters as easily intimidated, swayed whether by truth or not. Are you afraid, intimidated, afraid of violence? They think of us as politically ignorant, not really knowing the issues or what is really happening in Washington, DC and state capitals. Do you know who you are voting for and what the issues really are, do you? They think you don’t. They think we the people will vote personalities. I don’t like Trump and his personality so therefore I vote Democrat, no matter the issues. They are not at all reluctant to embarrass, intimidate, or even threaten any who would vote against them. But I say again and categorically so, if you are a true constitutional, rule of law, freedom – loving American you have no other choice but to vote:


No other choice. You must vote for Donald Trump as President, you must. Trump may well be the last line of defense in terms of protecting and defending constitutional America. If Biden and Harris are elected, America will radically change, RADICALLY and overnight. The lurch to the left will be dramatic, scary. Biden may occupy the presidency but the country will be ruled by Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Pelosi and Schumer, the Squad and of course THE SWAMP where so many real life decisions are made and enforced daily. If Biden and the Democrats are elected, your life will radically change beginning February 2021. COUNT ON IT!

And the lurch left will be towards socialism, big time socialism. Democrats are anti-capitalism, very much so. They are determined to effectuate wealth distribution. Much of the opportunity for growth, progress, and personal fulfillment will be done away with. We will witness the gutting, the virtual destruction of our medical system, the best in the world with the Democrat program MEDICAID FOR ALL. CITIZENS AGAINST GOVERNMENT WASTE (CAGW) estimates that this program will cost a staggering sum of $32 trillion.

The Democrats intend a program which they title GUARANTEED JOBS, a New Deal type program that will cost taxpayers an equally staggering $30 trillion to accomplish. The Democrats will forgive all student loans and provide free public college tuition at a cost of $11 trillion. They will also champion the building of 10 million new public housing units which will have complete federal rent subsidies at a cost to the taxpayer of $2.5 trillion. In short, the Democrats propose programs which will cost Americans as much as $100 trillion, $100 TRILLION which of course will mean the bankruptcy, the debt–destruction of our great country. Count on that if you vote Democrat, if you vote Biden – Harris, and as importantly if you vote for Democrat Senators running for election. If the Democrats maintain control of the House of Representatives, and elect as many as 50 Senators, and elect the Biden – Harris ticket:


So I say again, if you believe in constitutional America and in biblical values, you have no other choice but to vote:


And you will vote, will you not? You must.

Most political pundits think if Joe Biden is elected he will not serve out the entire four years of his presidential term. That of course would mean that the President of our country would be none other than:


Can there be a more scary thought? No matter what the Democrats say, namely that Harris is some kind of a reasonable centrist, Kamala Harris is an “unapologetic liberal.” In the Senate, Harris has taken radical positions on climate change, healthcare, the second Amendment and guns showing a certain indifference or weakness with regard to the police and law enforcement, wishing the elimination of private health insurance (can you believe that) with an emphasis on the so called single payer medical system, the banning of fossil fuels, support for sanctuary cities, full funding by the federal government of abortions and other radical positions on critical issues for America. Biden thinks left, but Harris is much more aggressive, radical and anti–traditional America than Biden. If Harris ever becomes President, America will become fully socialistic in virtually every way as long as she is President. A vote for Biden as President is a vote for this radical, progressive Harris as President, not merely Vice President, but President. Goodbye America!

So, I say again that if you love America, you have no other choice but to vote:


And you will vote, will you not? YOU MUST VOTE!

Harris is Californian genetically. She comes from San Francisco like Pelosi and she would bring to the vice presidency first and then to the presidency next all of what is wrong with California. She is an avowed San Francisco progressive. No matter her “law–and–order centrist positioning” or the fact that her supporters like the New York Times label her a progressive moderate, whatever that means, Harris is radical, anti-capitalist, in so many ways anti–American, believing in radical change to the Constitution and moving our country aggressively socialistic as a first step toward moving America toward even communism itself. A vote for Biden – Harris is a vote for all of that.

So, I say again, if you love America, its freedoms, and the opportunistic way of life which capitalism offers, you have no choice but to vote:


And you will vote, will you not? You must. If you don’t:


For these freedoms once lost, are lost forever. FOREVER!

Please never forget the words of President John Adams who said:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Morality and religion, both on the way out or in some cases gone altogether from America as CANCEL CULTURE rules the day. So, my fellow Americans, this great country is yours, its future in your hands. The votes you make November 2020 will determine the future of this great country, perhaps once and for all. You must vote and you must vote right. And I say again that you have no other choice but to vote:


You have no other choice if you want the constitutional, rule of law, freedom loving America we have always enjoyed.

And you will vote, will you not?


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