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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Vote: Your Vote

You will vote, won’t you?

I refer of course to the critical elections which require your vote:


The most critical, important vote EVER in America. No vote for 244 years will be more important, NONE. And you will be a voter, you will participate, YOU WILL VOTE, won’t you?

BUT, in order to be eligible to vote, you must:


Have you registered in your state? Every state has different registration qualifications and timelines for doing so. You should check the requirements of your state IMMEDIATELY and make certain, MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you are registered and qualified to vote. Every year, people, good American citizens, show up in person to vote and cannot do so because they have not REGISTERED. Know the requirements of your state, and get that registration done now.

Many think there will be considerable problems election day November 3. Problems with voting machines. Problems with those who attend and monitor the voting. Problems with waiting to vote. Problems with protestors and unruly individuals attempting to disrupt. Problems with those with different beliefs, voting for candidates and issues different from yours, who will attempt some form of INTIMIDATION. Some think there will be any number of attempts to vote illegally since the voting rolls of many states are filled with illegal, unregistered voters, some even dead and gone. Fraud in voting 2003 can be a serious problem and WE THE PEOPLE, we the voters should be aware of those possibilities. Who would have ever thought that in our beloved America, it would actually take courage on the part of citizens to vote.

FRAUD can be a serious problem. Thousands, even tens of thousands of votes cast and counted November 3 could in fact be illegal. In fact, some state elections and even the electors from that state for President could be decided by those not legally entitled to vote! Virtually every state must deal with the possibility of illegal immigrants not entitled to vote, actually voting whether fraudulently in person or by absentee ballot. Some may apply for an absentee ballot, vote the ballot and then actually show up at the voting polls to vote in person. FRAUD can and most think will be a serious problem during voting November 3. Watch for that my fellow Americans, as the old saying goes:


No one should have a voice or vote in American elections except LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS! No one.

INTIMIDATION. Violence has erupted everywhere in America. Those who are violent, so called protestors, often get away with their illegal actions. Because of their sheer numbers, many who commit criminal acts are not arrested, or charged or brought to trial. Many others are in fact arrested, charged but find that their actions are forgiven and cities, counties and states simply do not bother to prosecute. That is exactly what happened in the once great city of Philadelphia. Mayor Jim Kenney, a progressive Democrat, and his even more progressive District Attorney decided they did not have the resources to prosecute and that Philadelphia time, effort and money would be better spent in other matters and certainly not black lives matter. Protestors, many if not the majority of them violent, destructive of so much real and personal property, and even assaults on innocent citizens went SCOT–FREE, warrants and citations fully dismissed by the Mayor and District Attorney. They got away with criminal behavior and you can be sure that this precedent will encourage many others to commit the same violent, criminal acts knowing the strong possibility of nothing happening. What a tragedy for Philadelphia, the great state of Pennsylvania, and the rule of law.

Radical elements control. They are visible. They are loud. They are aggressive. They do what they want, when they want, where they want often in a most intimidating way. There seems always the threat of violence whether to person or property. And that intimidation, actual or threatened, so often prevents good American citizens from political visibility, STANDING OPENLY for what they believe and for whom they will vote and the new normal political marketplace is dominated by radicals, progressives, often anti–America. These violent protestors, seemingly with little or nothing to lose, intimidate so many law–abiding citizens. Consequently, what they believe and the support they will give November 3 to the candidates of their choice is not heard or seen. It is almost as though America, we the people have succumbed to:


For example, many would not put a bumper sticker in support of Donald Trump or the Republican party on their car for fear the car would be vandalized. Many Trump supporters would not wear a cap with the slogan MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, or a t–shirt with similar support language for fear of PHYSICAL ASSAULT! And that show of support and the values it represents is missing from the early political marketplace. It seems therefore that there is more support for the loud, the angry, the violent, the radical, the transformationists and even for those like George Soros who want to:


or Ilhan Omar who, an angry, aggressive Democrat would:


and especially its economy. These voices, the loud, violent and angry, are the ones heard, and seen and the more conservative, those who will not engage in violence and out of the rule of law, seem nowhere to be found. This involuntary absenteeism is fostered by the media, the corrupt, biased, liberal – radical MEDIA. And even more so by the very same ACADEMIA, liberal – radical to the core (94%). And of course, by the brainless HOLLYWOODERS, with loud voices and tremendous visibility but with little or no knowledge of the issues and for the most part utterly without political wisdom. Now come the sports figures, those poor, struggling athletes who can make up to more than one half billion, BILLION dollars for throwing a football and as a result, become at least in their minds political experts, virtually all of them liberal – radical espousing publicly the party line, THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY LINE. Sports becomes a public backing of BLACK LIVES MATTER and other social, liberal issues. Support slogans are everywhere, including the very uniforms of the players themselves. They kneel when the National Anthem is played in total disrespect. They dishonor the flag, the once revered red – white – blue, care not if the flag is trampled or even burned. They fail to salute or honor America even as they are far and away some of the highest paid citizens of our great country. It is as though to be paid ten million, or fifteen or twenty million or more, money utterly wasted and unjustified, entitles these spoiled athletes to take the platform WE THE PEOPLE have allowed them to have and tell us how we should think, believe and consequently act and vote as they, often political ignoramuses would have us do. Football and basketball were once great sports, entertainment, fun, a–political. Rivalries were intense but essentially ended when games were over. Sports were relaxing, easy, an escape. But not today. They have become political forces, active, overly so in the world of politics, values, morality and beliefs, even as they demand and consequently make their tens of millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses.

Finally, much of America wakes up. There are those who refuse to watch or support sports any longer. They will not pay to watch an athlete kneel in disrespect of America, still the land of the brave and the free whatever its problems. And the same with movies where so many of the so called Hollywood Stars live corrupt, immoral and even illegal lives, in their minds different and better than the average WE THE PEOPLE. Many now rise up and rebel against ACADEMIA, liberal – radical to the core, often anti–America and curtailing and eliminating free speech, and assembly, and mocking anything and anyone religious. Americans know the MEDIA for what it is. Eighty five percent of Americans know liberal press, television (CNN) for what it is, not at all objective but rather RADICAL PUBLIC RELATIONS MACHINES for liberal and progressive causes.

But think of the force, the power exerted in the marketplace, politically, in terms of First Amendment rights, which intimidates Americans by the millions. If you intend to vote conservative and for Donald Trump, where is your bumper sticker and your t–shirt? How often do you enter the public square to champion your beliefs as liberal – radical does. The combination of media, academia, Hollywood, and now the world of sports creates unbelievable and shocking POLITICAL PRESSURE which now with the threat of violence, PHYSICAL – PROPERTY OR VERBAL, weaponizes liberal – radical causes, political intimidation at its worst. It will take courage, enormous bravery and internal fortitude for conservatives and Christians to:


The vast majority of Americans, I do believe, are conservative, constitutionalists, living by the rule of law respecting it, shunning violence, willing to dialogue but now intimidated and threatened by force. If conservatives and Christians do not stand up, and ACT, and protect, preserve and defend the America they love and the future of this great country, it will with its freedoms be lost forever. And that could well begin with elections 2020. If Democrats win the presidency, and take control of the Senate, and keep control of the House of Representatives:


So, my fellow Christians and conservatives, you have no choice but to:


act, and be heard. Your political and religious voice must be heard! And now. Our way of life, our freedoms are at stake and could well be lost. WE THE PEOPLE cannot let that happen.

And yet from me another reminder from President Ronald Reagan:


And the loss of the freedom we know and love can be taken away in one generation. Don’t let that happen, my fellow American,


And you can prevent that from happening by YOUR VOTE.

And you will vote November 3, 2020 in America’s most critical elections, will you not?

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