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Don Crawford

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The Woman – The Wife

He, the man who finds a good wife finds a good thing, so says the scripture.

Any such man is blessed of the Lord when he finds the RIGHT woman and, in love, takes her as his wife. The life of any man is made complete, richer and fuller, when he shares life with the right wife.

Solomon, the King, knew the value, the blessing of a good wife. The crowning joy of a woman-wife was to be MOTHER, and the husband-father rejoiced in the son or daughter who began the family. But both before and during mothering, that woman-mother remained individual, unique, special in and of herself. This right mother-wife, daughter of the living God, was a woman-wife of noble character. She was moral, faithful, trustworthy, a woman of her word. That kind of woman was worth far more than rubies, far, far more.

Her husband, blessed and fortunate, had full confidence and trust in her. He was proud of her, rejoiced in her strengths and her family influence and all with whom she came in contact. She was a valuable human being.

She brought good, love to her husband and her family, and to all with whom she came in contact. She was a woman of love and charity and so easily loved in return.

Solomon then says that this wife of noble character worked eagerly with her hands. She was productive, not idle, contributing to the good of her family. She provided food for that family of hers and made certain as wife and mother that her family was properly clothed, fed, and protected. She was a woman who could earn, and as a merchant, frugal and sensitive to the value of money, she could like a merchant engage in trading for the profitability of herself, her efforts, her husband, and her family. Her trading, her doing business said Solomon, was PROFITABLE.

She cared for the poor. She always extended help, love, comfort, and succor to the needy. In olden times, she with her husband were always welcomed and respected at the CITY GATE, the place where business and legal matters were conducted.

This very special woman was a person of strength, enduring whatever came, and always with grace and dignity. She had no worry for the future, she thought little or nothing about tomorrow’s problems, and with a happy spirit she could laugh at the days to come. She was positive in all things.

This good woman, constantly learning, was filled with wisdom and she spoke with wise words. She taught her family, her children, and FAITHFUL INSTRUCTION WAS ALWAYS ON HER TONGUE! She was responsible for and carefully carried on the business and the affairs of her household. She was never idle. Always busy in the work of a woman and a wife and joyfully so. She made the household a happy place in which to live, and her husband and her children were so very grateful for this God-given woman. So much so that all called her blessed, knew how special she was, followed after her spirituality, and praised her, blessed her among themselves and to all others. To her husband and children, her household, she was the best of all women, one of a kind, beautiful in the eye and the heart of the beholder. They knew, this household did, that there were many other noble women who did noble things, but for them, their mother, his wife, was the best, the very best of the best.

Her beauty came from within, from a character adorned by the Holy Spirit, radiating joy, happiness, and positivity. Her life spread blessings. No matter what she looked like, she was beautiful to all who knew her.

She was a woman and a wife who believed deeply in God. This woman of today had found that deep and rich personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and his love in her was spread to all others. Scripture tells children to honor their father and mother, and to obey their father and mother, and a mother like this was both easy to honor and obey. She was a lifetime asset for her family, and especially her children.

So, Solomon concludes:


HONOR HER! Praise her, at home and everywhere and to everyone. Any woman like this, or even close to all of this, is more precious, more valuable, of more blessing than all the rubies and all the precious gems in the entire world.

Any man who finds a woman like this and marries and takes her as wife, finds a lifetime asset more precious than gold, so says Solomon, so says the scripture, so says the great God Jehovah, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the creator of all men and all women.


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