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Don Crawford

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The World’s Most Evil Men


The first of these evil men said the following:

“I’m going to bring down the U.S. by funding hate groups.  We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people.  The black community is easiest to manipulate.”

That was a statement made in an interview with Germany’s BILD in September, 2014.  The man who made that statement was none other than:


Yes, that unbelievably evil George Soros.

The second most evil man was one Saul Alinsky, he famous for that unbelievably radical-nihilistic publication:


Alinsky believed in chaos, nihilism and total destruction of traditions, cultural and social structure, ground zero in order to rebuild a radical socialistic state.  Alinsky described eight critical societal and governmental structures and priorities which must either be fully controlled by government or destroyed by them.  Those eight levels of control were as follows:

  3. DEBT

Government must, said Alinsky, control all eight, not necessarily all at one time, but sooner or later in order to effectuate the most radical, progressive, nihilistic agenda possible.  BRING DOWN Western society, capitalism, Christianity, the Constitution and particularly the Second Amendment with respect to gun ownership and reeducate, reconstruct American education from pre-kindergarten to the highest graduate levels.  Deconstruct everything that is and reconstruct, teach new learning and new values to the highest graduate level.

The first EVIL still is, namely George Soros.  The second EVIL was, now thankfully dead for over four decades.  But, he being dead YET SPEAKETH, and loudly to men like Soros and even Obama, and women like Hillary Clinton.  They were and are Alinsky disciples.

HEALTHCARE.  That for Alinsky was the most important function of society to control.  If, he said, the government controls healthcare, YOU CONTROL THE PEOPLE!  Comes then ObamaCare, with its radical changes, with incredible governmental intervention, federal and state, large exchanges instead of individual policies, pricing controls, all with the objective of creating for our great country the nefarious:


That is, no differences in policies, or pricing, or opportunity to purchase but rather, ONE SIZE FITS ALL, and all of that controlled by federal and state governments.  The government would control hospitals, doctors and all persons’ medical, insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies.  Independent medical decision-making would be gone for good and the government, especially under the single payer system would control everything and everyone.  The quality of medical services would decline, ingenuity, research and development would be seriously reduced or eliminated, medical care would be delayed and doctors, as now, would abandon the practice.  The people, reasoned Alinsky (and Obama) would then become totally dependent upon government for their medical needs.  Control healthcare and you control the people.

POVERTY.  The second goal of a radical, progressive, nihilistic government is to increase the poverty level as high as possible.  Said Alinsky, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back nor resist if you are providing everything needed to live.  They will even give up certain luxuries or the pursuit thereof in order to make certain that their basic needs are met, as government meets them.  The poverty stricken would be entertained by Hollywood and fed governmental propaganda by the media.  They would pay no taxes.  They by the millions would become governmental allies, defenders and doers and in time, with these considerable life-sustaining entitlements, give up the will to grow and the search for opportunity.  Grow poverty and you grow the power and control of the federal government as the Democratic infrastructure slowly collapses.

DEBT.  Borrow.  Spend, spend far beyond income.  Increase the debt of federal and state governments to unsustainable levels.  Then comes inflation, radical increases in interest rates, severe restrictions upon capital and the general negation of opportunities everywhere.

With that unsustainable and ever-increasing debt, said Alinsky, the government then would have the full ability and authority to increase taxes to generate income to pay down that debt, principal and interest.  The economy could well be crippled.  Growth opportunities would be lost by business entities and individuals.  Capitalism will be further weakened or even destroyed in certain ways.  The net effect of this ravaging debt would be the creation of more poverty, more entitlements and more dependence upon government by the poor and the further investiture of the radical-social state.  The more control, said Alinsky, of healthcare, the creation of poverty and debt, the sooner the collapse of capitalism and democracy.  Obama was a disciple of Alinsky and a camouflaged believer in his philosophy.

GUN CONTROL.  Abolish the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  There should be no right of the people to own and bear arms, none at all.  There would be no further purchasing of weapons of any kind, including those for self-defense or recreation (i.e. hunting).  Every gun owner would be required to surrender any weapon to the government, never to own them again.  Manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of guns-weapons would be automatically put out of business.  The ownership or possession of guns would result in enormous fines, including criminal charges and imprisonment, the state, the government, the only owner of weapons of any kind.

That would take away, said Alinsky, the ability of the people to defend themselves against government.  This radical, nihilistic destruction of a free society would undoubtedly foster rebellion and revolution against the government.  But without weapons, the people would be unable to defend themselves.  Consequently, the government could control, dictate and dominate.
And, said Alinsky, that would enable the government to create a:


Big Brother would be watching every aspect of private life, and in fact, with this police state, there would be no privacy.  Rewards would be given for information (whistleblowing) regarding gun ownership or possession.  Citizen would turn against citizen in an attempt to curry favor with the government and the new police state.  Guns gone allow government run amok.

WELFARE.  Increase welfare.  No matter the benefits, increase them.  That begins with medical.  Increase governmental control of the medical world including and especially Medicare and Medicaid.  Medicare would not only be available for all but required as well.  Medicaid, for the poor and the poverty stricken, would be generously increased along with the appropriate control factors.  The welfare state would replace the free state.

Provide food stamps.  Allow them to be used by the recipients in their discretion whether items necessary-need or luxury.  Make sure the poor never go hungry.

Provide them with housing allowances, all citizens who need assistance.  The more the government gives, the more the people become dependent.  The more the government entitles, the less the people work.

And, said Alinsky, do not require the people to work.  Provide workman’s compensation, unemployment benefits and subsidies without requirements to seek working opportunities no matter how long the welfare recipient does not work.  Create an absolute dependence upon the government federal and state.  Destroy independent, individual and capitalistic opportunity wherever possible.

EDUCATION.  Control what people learn.  Above all, do not teach or encourage people to think for themselves.  Control all information to which they are exposed and make certain that information always advances the progressive-liberal-radical-nihilistic state.  Education must destroy old values, the values of Western Civilization, traditional morality and especially Christianity, while at the same time fostering doctrines of socialism, Marxism and even communism.  Professors and teachers should be one-sided, preaching and requiring belief in socialistic theories.

Spawning a younger generation, a millennial generation which at the core is anti-American, and do so, said Alinsky, especially with the young children.  Those in kindergarten, pre-kindergarten and the first four grades are the most malleable.  Train up a child in the first 5-7 years, said Stalin and Lenin, and they will be communists forever.  Teach, or rather indoctrinate these young children with their young and impressionable minds and they, as they grow will carry on the socialistic-Marxist fight.  One classroom in a university can be responsible for hundreds more after graduation.  Deconstruct and reconstruct and train up the children, the young in the socialistic way in which they should go and once at work in the real world, they will not depart therefrom.

RELIGIONGET GOD GONE!  Refer back to men like the philosopher Nietzsche who pronounced to the world that in fact:


Destroy the supernatural, here and now and any notion of heaven or eternal life to come.  Get God out of government and the public square.  Do not allow any religious activities in school or in public.

Circumscribe religious speech.  Confine religion doctrines and beliefs to the four walls of a church.  Even then, attack the activities of that church and if in any way proscribed, eliminate tax exemptions, provide penalties for hate speech (i.e. sinful behavior) so that there is constant INTIMIDATION, threat and even the actual carrying out of severe penalties civil and criminal.  Grow hate speech, protect the sensitivities of non-religious people and allow them the right of litigation for offensive religion.  MAKE GOD DEAD TO THE WORLD.

CLASS WARFARE.  Divide, constantly divide the people into two classes:

  1. The Wealthy
  2. The Poor

At the same time, destroy the notion of any such thing as a:


One is either rich, however that is defined, or poor, however that is defined.  Make certain, said Alinsky, that there is constant jealousy, envy and attacks by the poor on the wealthy whether civil, judicial, governmental or even with violence when necessary.  Class warfare, class hatred is an incredibly powerful tool of a nihilistic, socialistic government.  Foster discontent.  Manipulate and intimidate.  And as George Soros, one of the world’s most evil men, said:


Blame white people, especially wealthy white people for everything.  Foster hate groups who will constantly stir discontent and champion so-called minority rights.  But whatever is done by society and private or charitable entities:


Make certain the federal government champions laws of discrimination, grows them, controls conduct, provides legal advice and even the right to attorneys for litigation for any perceived discrimination or personal grievance.  Make, said Soros and Alinsky, the lives of white people miserable, constantly accountable, always guilty, and defensive with as much intimidation and discontent as possible.  Tax them heavily, and always more, and higher and do everything possible to redistribute their wealth.  Destroy them, the wealthy, through class warfare, and especially those:


And always remember, socialistic and nihilistic governments, the incredible words of the unbelievably evil George Soros:


So, Soros says, manipulate them, for they will make certain that class warfare occurs.  If all of these factors finally coalesce, and all are under the control of government, then there will be no more America and it will be the end of our and any other free society.

So, said Alinsky, and says Soros, and so believes Obama and Hillary Clinton, work passionately for government to control or destroy:

  3. DEBT

When that happens, everything that was will be destroyed and nihilism, nothingness will reign.  In fact, the communism of Lenin and Stalin will eventually prevail.  Society will be destroyed by the ignorant, or what Joseph Stalin, perhaps the most ruthless dictator ever and ruler of Russia described as USEFUL IDIOTS, those individuals who are pawns in the radical progressive movement.  History should remind us that these so-called USEFUL IDIOTS have destroyed every nation in which they have seized power and control.  Many strong thinkers believe much of that is now happening at an alarming rate in our very own country.  Saul Alinsky, the author of RULES FOR RADICALS died about 43 years ago.  But his teachings and writings live on and perhaps even today with more force and effect than ever.  Apathetic Americans, many of whom are what these nihilists describe as USEFUL IDIOTS simply are not aware of the dangers to our society and our American way of government.

Barack Hussein Obama taught Alinsky at Harvard.  One need not dig deeply to sense the impact and influence of Alinsky on Obama.  Obama had eight years to directly and stealthily attack American institutions, values, traditions and our Constitutional way of life.  The Alinsky model motivated him.  Had there been four more years of Obama through Clinton, there would, dozens of scholars believe, be no more America as we know it.

Hillary Clinton, that erstwhile Presidential wannabe did her college thesis on Alinsky and his writings.  Master hypocrite and denier that she is, nothing Alinsky was ever mentioned.  But to examine what she believes, wrote, said and most importantly DID indicates a record with Alinsky and his thinking intertwined and synergistic.  President Donald John Trump may never have even heard of Alinsky, a good thing.  The philosophy, such as it is, and the approach to practical, workable, fully Democratic government, and capitalism and Christianity, and traditional education, and a free market medical world, and the elimination of poverty, and the restoration of objectivity and free thinking in education, all of that the exact opposite of Alinsky, Soros, Obama and Clinton, and so many more is the best thing that could have happened to our country since our Revolution, and our founding fathers giving us our beloved Constitutional and Bill of Rights some 240 years ago.  In that sense, every right-thinking American should be very grateful for the election of:


So my fellow Americans, never forget the words of the world’s most evil man George Soros:


George Soros, and many others like him, were then and still are determined to:


And all of us with it.  Soros is the evil enemy.  Men like him should motivate right-thinking Americans like us to stand up, defend, champion our way of life and fight the fight of faith, and BRING DOWN men and women like Soros, and Alinsky, and even socialists like Sanders who are intend upon destroying traditional America one way or another.

I for one will never let it happen.  I pray that you, my fellow American, like me, will do everything possible to protect and defend:


Never let it go, for our freedoms once lost are lost forever.

One pundit said that ultimately we should not worry for an evil man like Soros, evil personified will rot in hell for all eternity.  Another said he hoped that Soros would in fact not go to hell, but rather there would be, in God’s providence, yet another place WORSE THAN HELL especially prepared for Soros and his angels.  Whatever happens to Soros, my only concern is what happens to America.

Again, I pray that is yours as well.

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