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Don Crawford

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The Real Man

It is becoming difficult to know what a man is, that is the definition of a real man in this woke society of ours.

The definition of a man seems to change. Once a man, by both biblical and secular-societal definitions was clear, in biblical terms created by the great G-d Jehovah, the great I AM to be like him, to be the ruler of the planet and to be head of all things. That included Eve, with the creation of the first man’s helpmeet, and the family, the children to follow. Sadly, no more.

The definition of a real man has changed and is constantly in the process of change. HOMO SAPIENS can now be gay, that is homosexual; bisexual, that is having genetic desires for both man and woman; transgender, a man wishing to become a woman (i.e. Bruce Jenner); or simply queer, whatever that means (LGBTQ); or perhaps even intersexual, alternative or anything else which eviscerates the definition of a man, A REAL MAN.

It is just a tragedy what has happened to God’s first man and all men. We the men, the creation, are no longer like HIM, the great creator.

A real man, like a real woman, is called by God and that calling is clear, and a matter of priority. That real man is called upon to be strong, not only in body, physically, but in mind, will, spirit and soul. That real man is possessed of a body which is THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, and the physical body of a real man should be honored, respected, cared for, and kept in the finest physical shape possible as the housing of the triumvirate HOLY SPIRIT.

So, the real man, while like our Lord, may enjoy the fruit of the grape, the wine which Jesus drank, should never be drunken. Drinking to excess is the ruination of the Temple of the Holy Spirit. No real man can function mentally or spiritually under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The real man respects his body, and especially his sexuality, and will not be given to adultery, lascivious living, and fully respects marital intimacy.

The real man constantly strives to learn, educate himself, and in all things, ask for the wisdom for decision making which only God can give. If that man really asks with all his heart, God, pure wisdom, will give that wisdom to that man.

That real man is strong spiritually, learned in the Bible, studying and teaching, always growing in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. That is the only way that man can be a real father and train up his children in the way in which they should go, the way of the Lord.

That real man is politically active, rendering under Caesar oversight, involvement, constructive criticism, and a demand for morality, truth, respect and honesty in all political decisions made. The real man is a watchdog, a watchman on the wall, making certain that Caesar functions in the way that Caesar should.

The real man discharges his duties as HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD. That notion has become most unpopular today. Far too many men abandon their responsibilities, leaving that critical household responsibility to the wife, or others by default, often to the ruination of the family.

The real man loves his wife, and children, really loves her and the relationships, the marriage and the fathering really work. The real wife, and woman, really respects her husband as the Apostle Paul says, and she can only do that if he really loves her.

If the real man is privileged to have a real family, then that man, husband, father, and friend, spends time, quality time, consistent regular and respectful, with every member of that household, lovingly together, and respectfully individually. That man is involved with their training, their growth intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and really enjoys the opportunity, the privilege to build relationships with every member of his family-friend circle which God has allowed him to have.

The real man doesn’t lie. Truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, transparency in all things is not only necessary but a way of life. When relationships are intimate, all know and easily sense hypocrisy, the phony, and most certainly the lie of any kind. No relationship can be sustained without trust built on truth.

The real man, with the support of the real wife-woman, never fails to discipline. That discipline is not physical, but confrontational, always ready to say no when necessary. The governance of the household is the joint responsibility of the real man and the real woman, and the right rules and regulations must be followed. In that regard, that real man and woman must be examples, living examples, of the rules, the lifestyle, the values they insist upon.

In the search for strength and wisdom, every real man, and woman, must spend QUIET TIME, time in prayer, meditation, thoughtful evaluation, and in the study of scripture and in constant communion with their maker, their God. No matter the demands of anything else, that quiet time is an absolute priority, cannot be avoided, and must be practiced on a regular, surely daily basis.

Today more than ever, it is really difficult to be a real man or woman. The morality, the values, the standards, the definitions of old are constantly challenged, belittled, changed, and disrespected. But no man can ever be fulfilled, live the life with the full potential he has, leave so much behind unless, with courage, the constant will to be all that he can be, he is prepared to meet the challenges of this world, this society, and the GOD AND FATHER who created him. It is far too easy to compromise, give up, or succumb to the pleasures, lusts, and daily distractions of the flesh. We, who recently celebrated Father’s Day, should count it a privilege to be a man, a real man, a spiritual man, and to never let anyone or anything distract us from that sacred calling and even our reasons for existence. What a privilege and pleasure it is to be a real man, A REAL BIOLOGICAL MAN. To be so, that requires work every day, diligence, growth, prayer, learning, never, ever afraid to admit wrong, to apologize, to shed a tear, to show love, and respect, knowing there is nothing in life, NOTHING which begins to equal the responsibility, the privilege of being:


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