Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

These People – We the People

It’s going to take a very long time to deradicalize these people.”


Those are the words, a very quote from Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, the infamous AOC, and THESE PEOPLE are:


              WE THE PEOPLE!


Also known as the DEPLORABLES, thanks to the also infamous Hillary Clinton.


The radicals that need to be deradicalized are those who dared to vote for Trump, and other Republicans, and other conservatives whether federal, state or local. They, more than 75,000,000 of these people, are wrong, radical, hateful, of course hateful, so many of whom are PEOPLE OF FAITH including Christian, Jew and Muslim among others and they – we need to be reprogrammed, deradicalized, subservient to them, our new radical – progressive – democratic rulers and just flat out get out of the way or get out, of America.


THESE PEOPLE are also affectionately referred to by these new radical – socialists, many of whom are Marxist as Nazis. Anyone who disagrees with them is like Hitler and his ilk, so they think and say. THESE PEOPLE, so many of them you and me, are also white supremacists. We are all lumped together, more than one hundred million conservative Americans, the clear majority whether they vote or not, as HATING people of color, any person not white.


We the people, the loyal Americans, the constitutional and law–abiding Americans are also labeled as domestic terrorists, witness they say the mob attack on the Capitol buildings in early January 2021. By implication, all of us were behind that or at least approved of such violent action. And of course, if you in any way supported or voted for President Donald John Trump in November 2020, you and I were the worst of the worst. Trump for them was the chief radical, domestic terrorist, Nazi, white supremacist, the baddest of the bad. These radical, progressive Democrats hated Trump, hated him with a passion and by extension, all who supported, believed in or voted for him. If, my fellow Americans, you are conservative so called, or an American traditionalist which means a strong belief in the Constitution and the rule of law, and you respect American history, education, and the judicial system and our democratic way of life, and most importantly, our INALIENABLE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, you (and I) are the enemy. We are to be deradicalized or we are to be eliminated from the political arena. They, these radical, progressive, anti–American socialists and even Marxists are determined to:


              RULE US.


The Crawford Stand began in 1992. Many said then and do now – today that such political commentary had no place on Christian radio stations. Obviously, we the Crawford Broadcasting Company disagreed. There was perhaps a time in America when there may have been a healthy separation between politics and religion. But not today. Morality, especially in a Christian sense, is challenged more than ever. First Amendment freedoms, especially freedom of religion, is under attack daily. Abortion, the killing of babies, has never been more widespread. The radical gay agenda attacks everywhere it possibly can. Euthanasia spreads. Respect for law and order and with it the Judeo – Christian ten commandments disappears or is ignored. Churches are closed. Governors wreak havoc. The Congress of the United States becomes more impotent by the day. Education is deprogramed and radicalized. The media is fully biased and totally corrupt. Hollywood and sports have morphed into public relations machines for radical and anti–conservatives. So that, there is now no separation between the political and the spiritual, NONE WHATSOEVER. We therefore have no choice, NO CHOICE but to:




Not with weapons and violence. But with dialogue, stand up, resisting evil and the devil wherever we can, and doing everything peacefully possible to preserve, protect and defend our freedoms and inalienable rights, and especially our right to worship and testify. And that we will do, and that THIS STAND will always do.


WOKE is the four–letter word of the day. It really doesn’t mean a new enlightenment, but rather the intellectual, political, cultural and social extinguishing of the old and dear. It is a radical reconstruction of America by any means necessary. It aims for nothing less than complete control of our great country and the end of any political power for the deplorables, the conservatives, the Trump–ites. It is a constitutional disease which spreads like Covid and the freedoms we enjoy are only one generation away from being extinguished, and this generation is upon us. No matter the criticism, and there is more of it than ever, this company, the Crawford Broadcasting Company will stand firm for what our beloved America should be and we will never back down for anyone, no matter the penalty or cost. If you, if we the people, if we the true Americans don’t stand up now, our freedoms will be lost, and lost forever. This company, the Crawford Broadcasting Company will fight that fight now and forevermore.


Then comes the mouth of Katie Couric. Listen to her very words:


“The question is how are we going to deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?”


THESE PEOPLE, you and me, conservatives, voting for Trump because of what he did and believed and not because of who he was, must be deprogramed. That sounds like Hitler, who was determined to deprogram Germany, or Stalin, who was determined to deprogram Russia. Does Couric mean that, and when, if these radicals gain complete control, will we who resist be deprogramed that way? That is one scary thought but there it is on the table, out in the open, an unbelievable threat to our freedoms. Think about it the next time you see or hear Couric, a radical, progressive Democrat.


Then there is Eugene Robinson, he of the Washington Post. He said the following:


“There are millions of Americans, almost all white (really?), almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogramed!”


There it is again. We the people, THESE PEOPLE need to be deprogramed so that we can be made to think, believe, act and live like them. Never, NEVER in my lifetime and for me, and I pray the same for you.


And something even more radical. Here the words of Michael Beller, former attorney for PBS, the Public Broadcasting System:


“We go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away. And will put them in reeducation camps!”


Some would say of course that this is simply an isolated radical comment and doesn’t represent the main, progressive, democratic stream. But it does, IT DOES! They are the enemy of America and its constitution, they are on the attack, THESE PEOPLE are and you and I, if you are conservative, are the targets. If you believe otherwise, you are naïve and deceived. And that is why we boldly STAND UP, and our stand hits hard for we are in the middle of a cultural war to the finish. We have no choice but to fight the fight of faith, to fight back unless we take the way of compromise and as Ronald Reagan well said:


“There is only one guaranteed way you can have peace, and you can have it in the next second: SURRENDER!”


I and mine will never surrender. Our all is on the alter and we will fight the fight of faith for America, for our constitutional rights and freedoms, for biblical values and morality now and always no matter the cost. And again, I pray that you will do the same. You must do the same. If you want to live in a true democracy, with constitutional protections, with the rights and freedoms which so many of us take for granted, the lifestyle we have come to love and enjoy, and tragically take for granted, you have no choice but to:


              STAND UP


and fight the fight of faith for God and Country. Do it, DO IT NOW OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE. And please, do remember my fellow Americans, and especially my fellow Christians and people of faith that:



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