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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

Time to Vote

Are you ready to vote?

But, you say, vote 2018, critical for America is still seven months away.

So it is. But, are you ready to vote? Do you know the issues? Do you know the candidates? Are you ready to participate? Are you ready to step-up and in the words of former President John F. Kennedy:


Are you?

The political process suffers greatly, America suffers greatly, we the people suffer greatly when we the people are not
PREPARED, ready to protect by our votes life, our special lives, liberty, the great American freedoms, and happiness, our unbelievable lifestyle. Are you ready to vote to protect all of that?

The polls are ready. Poll after poll comes out and if liberal-leaning, often virulently anti-Trump, and of course the conservatives and at least indirectly the Republicans and, if conservative-concerned, perhaps biased to some extent against liberals, radicals, even Democrats. Both kinds hoping to influence your thinking and consequently your vote. Seven months before you actually vote, and you will vote, will you not? IGNORE THEM. Ignore the polls. All of them. Nothing in all of American politics is more biased, worthless, non-factual than polls. Dig deep, my fellow Americans, know the issues, formulate your voting strategy even now and be ready, BE READY for this critical vote 2018.

And as you do so, ignore the PRESS, the media. Ignore them. Whether CNN, CNBC, and especially MSNBC, ignore them. They are liberal, even radical, post-truth network offerings, network television and cable, slanted, biased and wrong for America. IGNORE THEM. And be wary of rags like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times. Slanted, biased, so ignore them.

And the same on the conservative side, with Fox, the Washington Times and the like. Take everything they say with a grain of salt (perhaps several) and think for yourself. Sometimes it really pays to fully understand a liberal-radical political position and a conservative even far right position so that you, searching for real facts down the middle can produce a certain individual objectivity which allows you to vote the way every citizen should vote. Know the facts, my fellow Americans. Know the real political facts.

And ignore the pundits, the professionals, elitists above all of the rest of us DEPLORABLES. Ignore all of those who talk down to us, often disrespect us, have little concern for WE THE PEOPLE. Ignore them. They make their living talking. And talk they will, longer and louder as each of the seven months expires toward vote 2018 in November. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Investigate, research, and above all else:


Because only that truth, the real facts can make and keep you free.

And, ignore the PROFESSORS, academia. Some 93% of academia is liberal-radical, anti-conservative. They have long since given up the mission to educate and now think almost entirely of a mission to indoctrinate. Ignore them, and encourage young students in high school, and college, and the grad schools to IGNORE THEM. It is tragic for America when the young do not think for themselves. Be prepared to discuss the issues, but not debate, for debate turns into nothing but ARGUMENTATION. Nothing good comes out of argumentation, nothing. But under no circumstances should you let them, all of the THEM who are elitist, superior in knowledge, and often disrespectful change your mind or:



America desperately needs proud, right-thinking, proactive citizens at work and in November:


And the personalities. THE HOLLYWOOD-ERS. Ignore them. If you happen to find out what George Clooney believes, vote the opposite. Or Matt Damon. Or Lady Gaga (ugh). Think opposite. And the same with Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood and the other side. Know what they think so that you can think for yourself. Begin even now to prioritize the issues. Understand how the candidates think. Be involved. Listen now. Learn now so that you can vote then November in the right way, right for America.

And the pastors, the church leaders. It is time for them to step-up, to face squarely every single social and political issue which affects the Church of Jesus Christ. And in fact, all people of faith, and all leaders of faith must learn the issues and the attacks on the First Amendment and the practice of faith in America. Know that, challenge that and make certain that your pastors and other spiritual leaders deal with the issues and protect and defend the church! Admonish them if they don’t. Election 2018 must have the most active PASTOR PARTICIPATION ever.

And the platforms. Really know what these parties stand for, all of them, including independent and so-called third parties. Know exactly what they stand for, make them put their beliefs in writing, study them and constructively criticize what they say. And, DO IT NOW! There is no better time to be educated in what the parties and the politicians stand for.

For, now come the POLITICIANS, vested in an office and the wannabes. Know who they are and what they think about America. We live in the era called by secularists:


The lie lives large. Deceit rules. Hypocrisy and politics is commonplace. Saying one thing and doing another, changing one’s mind, doing as one pleases ONCE ELECTED is THE WAY OF THE WASHINGTON WORLD. Know the truth. Demand the truth. Study to show yourself approved, a worthy voter, a concerned citizen, part of the process not merely observing it, or criticizing it, but actually shaping the political process yourself. VOTE 2018 NEEDS YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER!

There are critical national-federal elections 2018, my fellow Americans. There are some 34 senators, one-third of all of the Senate members in Congress up for election, even now courting your vote. ONE-THIRD. If they seek to represent you and your state, know who they are, what they believe, and how they will work for you, FOR US in Washington. Then, vote intelligently.

And, my fellow Americans, all, EVERY ONE of the members of the House of Representatives, the Congressmen and women are up for reelection. Every state, EVERY STATE will have critical votes for these men and women. There will be 435 elections in VOTE 2018. Know who they are, know what they believe and most importantly, know how they will actually act in Washington for you. Will they in fact do what they say? Can you reliably and confidently vote for them? Know who they are even now for which party controls the Congress of the United States of America will shape the destiny of our great country for the next two years.

And there are local elections, also critical Vote 2018 elections. Whether governor, lieutenant governor, state legislatures, judges, perhaps especially judges, school boards, zoning boards and so many others. ELECTIONS CRITICAL FOR AMERICA AND YOUR STATE. Know even now, SEVEN MONTHS AWAY, the issues, the people, the promises, the platforms, the personalities, the plans of these actual or would be politicos.

Participate. Be proactive people in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for America. Vote 2018, my fellow Americans is seven months away. But now, NOW is the time to be involved, to be prepared, to think, to constructively criticize, and to shape as one man, one woman, and one vote the political process especially for the good of, as Tony Perkins of Family Research Council would say:



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