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Don Crawford

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Too Many Jews

There are too many Jews!

You heard that right, and let me repeat it again THERE ARE TOO MANY JEWS!

I hope that some of you listening will alert the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, APAC, the American Israel Public Action Committee and all other Jews and anybody else for that matter who are concerned with anti-Semitism.  Let them hear the words again:


These are not my words my fellow Americans, not now, not ever.  They are the words of a high-ranking CUNY (City University of New York) Administrator who complained that there were:


On the faculty at Kingsborough Community College.  Incredibly, that statement was secretly recorded and those statements were made by a man who was the interim President of Kingsborough.

But this man was not done with the anti-Semitic remarks.  This man went onto say, so said the witness to the remarks, that Jews were horrible.  HORRIBLE!

Not done yet for the anti-Semite went onto say that the Jews were THE DEVIL!  Sounds like somebody from Iran or ISIS, does it not?  Certainly not the interim President of a Community College.  Not done yet.  Jews he went onto say were both crazy and evil.  Real nice man, is he not?  But he saved the best for last.  He went on, says this report, to voice support for anti-Jewish Suicide Bombers!  Can you believe that?  I guess he was hoping that someone would actually do something, reduce the number of the:


What is equally unbelievable that, so far, this man has not been fired, terminated, but rather transferred within the CUNY, City University of New York educational system!  What a world.  Double standards everywhere, don’t you think?  If you were on the liberal side of things, you can get away with saying almost anything.  God forbid a conservative should say something like that.  There are just too many Jews on the faculty, too many teachers who are Jewish.  No matter that they have earned the right, studied well and earned degrees, are extremely good at what they do, teaching, lecturing and helping students, no matter all of that.  They are Jewish and there are:


It is a sad time in America and even the world at large for once again, anti-Semitism is on the grow.  Virulent, hateful, irrational, deeply prejudiced and sadly, alive and well in so many American colleges and universities.  Like UC Berkeley.  Or the University of Wisconsin just to name two.  Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israeli rallies occur everywhere.  Jewish students on campus are mocked, ridiculed and even threatened.  Jewish community centers and schools in twelve American states no less were threatened, causing massive evacuation of Jewish students.  Bomb threats were made against centers in New York and New Jersey.  Jewish community centers and day schools in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Indiana also received bomb threats and the students were evacuated.  All because these innocent, law-abiding citizens were:


That led the Jewish Community Center Association to urge, even demand that federal officials speak out and do so forcefully against the scourge of anti-Semitism impacting communities and the Jews who live therein across the country. The right-thinking Americans believed that speaking out is not enough, but aggressive action against the anti-Semites, wherever they are found, should be taken.  Hopefully, that will happen.

The number of bomb threats made is startling.  There were 90 such which were made to 73 Jewish community centers and schools across 30 AMERICAN states and even in Canada.  Fortunately, no bombs were found.  But someday, there will be real bombs and real genocide at work.  That someday is near, all too near.

Anti-Semitism not only exists at CUNY and Kingsborough Community College, but its viciousness has erupted elsewhere.  Hundreds of headstones were vandalized at two Jewish cemeteries in February.  The headstones should make the anti-Semitic vandals feel good and not desecrate because each headstone represents ONE LESS JEW!  Anti-Semitism knows no limits.

That led White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in behalf of President Trump to state that he and the President were “deeply disappointed and concerned by the reports of vandalism.”  Good to hear that, Mr. Spicer and now, please DO something about it!

In Wilmington, Delaware, the Siegel Community Center was evacuated Monday morning after receiving a bomb threat which came as Delaware Democratic Senator Tom Carper and local Jewish community leaders met there to discuss the recent wave of anti-Semitic acts across the United States and in Delaware itself.  Senator Carper wants these acts to end.  Good thinking, Senator, now please DO SOMETHING.

And the NYPD, the New York Police Department has recorded 68 hate crimes in less than two months 2017, 35 of them anti-Semitic.  I always find it astounding that there is such hatred of the Jews.  For the life of me, I can find no reason, certainly no rational one for such viciousness, hatred and I can only hope that these neo-Nazis, really of the same bent as the insane Adolf Hitler will be caught, punished and taken out of our society.  Perhaps the G-d of Abraham will intervene in behalf of HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE and do as promised in the Torah-Genesis that those who curse and persecute the Jews will themselves be dealt with and the descendants of Abraham vindicated.  And that, I do believe, will happen, if not now then for sure later on.  It will.

Jewish spokespersons and community leaders are deeply concerned as well they should be.  Steven Rosenberg, Chief Marketing Officer of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia said the following:


As there should be.  Any right-thinking person would be afraid of a bomb.  All would live indeed in a state of anxiety and without question, all would be angry at the fact that they the Jewish are targeted simply because they are Jews.  This country of ours better do something about anti-Semitism and do it now before horrible, evil, crazy, irrational and even insane things begin to happen.

Interesting, Jewish people just celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim Saturday, March 11 and Sunday, March 12. Purim centers on God’s faithfulness and the preservation of the Jewish people in a dark and difficult time.  The story is found in the Bible Book of Esther which describes the ways in which then Queen Esther and her Uncle Mordecai confronted the anti-Semitic Haman, a close advisor to the Persian King who wanted all Jews exterminated.  Queen Esther intervened and acted as advocator in behalf of her people.  The Persian King was shown the gallows built by Haman to hang the Jews, and especially Mordecai.  When the King realized what the evil Haman had done, he ordered Haman himself to be hanged on his own gallows, sparing the lives of the Jews.  What a fascinating story.  Fair judgment at work and justice done to those who persecute the Jews.  That seems to be a lesson to be learned by so many in America and the world over.  Leave the Jews alone, all non-Jews and especially fanatic and hateful Islamists, like so many in Iran.  Allow them to live in peace.  Allow all right-thinking Jews to pursue the PEACE OF JERUSALEM and the world.  The Jewish people are known for their philanthropy, having a giving spirit in so many ways, concerned with their fellow human beings and for the most part, attempting to do the right things.  They care about education which is why so many are competent high school, college and university professors.  They are leaders in technology, Israel is.  They pursue the cure of some of the world’s most horrific diseases. They build, plant and grow and they turn deserts into gardens.  They the Jews have done so much for mankind.  They have really been in so many ways a light, a beacon, a special gift.  They, like all humans, should be allowed to live in peace and safety.  Leave them alone.  There are not TOO MANY JEWS but in so many ways, there are:


Interestingly, Jews represent at or about 2%, 2% of the entire American population.  Jews number at or about 7 million as compared to 325 million non-Jews.  How can that be TOO MANY, City University of New York and if you think in fact that there are too many Jews on the faculty of CUNY, how many should there be?  Should there be a quota?  Should we limit the number of Irish, or Italian professors, or Arab?  And how, I ask, would that advance the educational system, education anywhere?  How?  It seems to me to be little more than jealousy which can and will, as this anti-Semitism grow, lead to violence, even death and destruction.  It must be stopped now, NOW!

A recent article was published entitled:


I found that hard to believe.  But the article indicated the virulent acts of anti-Semitism which are happening in Europe, especially in France, Belgium, even Holland and Great Britain, and in fact, isolated anti-Semitic acts everywhere in Europe.  Perhaps the question was legitimate at least with regard to anti-Semitism and the safety of the Jews.  But anti-Semitism can never be solved by Jews running away.  The problem must be solved by right-thinking non-Jews, the majority who will protect these good and fair-minded citizens and put an end to the ever-rising neo-Nazi anti-Semitism.  PUT AN END TO IT!

This one man’s opinion is that there are not TOO MANY JEWS but rather that there are:


I do hope and pray that we will protect and defend what is biblically termed THE CHOSEN PEOPLE, the so-called apple of God’s eye.  It is the right thing to do, but it must be done now.  All of us who are not Jewish should step-up and protect and defend those who are.  It is, my fellow Americans, the right thing to do.  So:


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