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Don Crawford

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Top 10 2016 Election Issues

The Crawford Broadcasting Company believes that there are Ten Top Issues with which all Americans should be very concerned, and of course others.  Every American voter should be well informed regarding these issues as he or she votes.  The Presidential nominees Trump and Clinton offer different, sometimes very different positions and beliefs on each issue.

We the Crawford Broadcasting Company believe that the most important issue in the Presidential Race 2016 is:


We believe the second is:


We believe the third most important issue is:


We believe the fourth most important issue is:


We believe the fifth most important issue in the presidential campaign 2016 is:


We the Crawford Broadcasting Company believe that the sixth most important issue is the:


That of course includes the ever-growing transgender rights and course the issue supposedly constitutionally decided, namely gay marriage.

We are not homophobic.  We understand that gay marriage and by implication the gay agenda is now constitutionally protected.  We disagree with the gay agenda and gay lifestyles and we wish to preserve the right to disagree.  We wish the unfettered and unabridged rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution to freely and openly dialogue with respect to our points of view and to protect the rights of any American to disagree, refuse to sell products and services and especially the rights of pastors to refuse to perform gay marriages.

We the people should be able to disagree without being accused of engaging in:


It becomes ever more evident that any criticism or disagreement with the LGBT agenda in any way can be construed as hate speech and therefore punishable in civil and perhaps even criminal ways.  Such a position we believe is against the Constitution, absolutely contrary to First Amendment freedoms of speech and we urge any American to speak freely at anytime, anywhere, about anything without fear of punishment.  It is not hateful to disagree, to champion a different lifestyle and to state emphatically that such disagreements are fostered by the admonitions of the Torah and the New Testament that such an unnatural lifestyle is according to Judeo-Christian teachings immoral.  We further maintain the right to believe that such a lifestyle, that gay marriage, that growingly aggressive transgender rights are as well contrary to the natural intentions, the male-female biological structure and consequently unnatural and therefore unacceptable.  We want the right to state those opinions IN ABRIDGED FORM without fear of intimidation or punishment.  That includes especially the right of counseling, and by pastors.  Certain clergy have been prohibited in the State of Indiana from counseling homosexuals with the end result of having them leave the lifestyle.  Having been forbidden, the clergy group has sued for the right to continue the counseling, a lawsuit which represents what is sure to come much more in the future, namely the muzzling of free speech and the abridgement of First Amendment rights.

We are against any preferences for any member of the LGBT movement and we resist the notion that such members have become a special and protected class, entitled to such preferences to the exclusion of other lifestyles.  Such preferences we think to be unconstitutional and we wish the unfettered right to oppose them.

So my fellow Americans, what do you think about the LGBT aggressive movement and the attacks upon those who disagree and especially attacks upon Judeo-Christian ethics?  What do you think and how will you vote?

We the Crawford Broadcasting Company think that the seventh most important issue in the 2016 Presidential Election is:


We think illegal immigration should be stopped.  No one not authorized should ever have the right to enter or stay in our great country, no one.  To illegally enter any other country would result in immediate imprisonment, perhaps fines and immediate deportation.  No so in America.  Our borders are crossed North and South and illegals stay.  Our government has no policy with respect to dealing with such individuals of any consistency or import.  Our borders are often unpatrolled and there are so many areas and opportunities for crossing.  There seems to be no way to stop such illegal immigration or at least enforce existing policies.
There are 11 million such illegal immigrants in our country, so estimates indicate.  Perhaps more.  The question is not only how to modify and enforce our policies regarding illegal immigration, but what to do with those 11 million now here, many of them for many years.  We can as a first option build a wall on the border, especially the Southern border which Trump proposes.  Trump has even indicated that Mexico would pay for it, whether possible or not.  The wall, Trump thinks would solve the problem.  If not a wall, then some other permanent kind of security which protects the border and prevents further illegal immigration.  Whatever Clinton believes seems unclear.  Perhaps Clinton would follow in the Obama immigration footsteps and do little or nothing to prevent further immigration.  What do you think about building a wall or any other tangible measure to secure our borders?

A second option would be to create a pathway to citizenship on the part of these illegals.  There would be education, community service, requirements for good and lawful behavior, a knowledge of the Constitution and other rules of law so as to fully qualify the illegal immigrants as deserving American citizens.  There really is no way that 11 million illegal immigrants can be deported and sent back to the country of origination, is there?  Trump, early on in the campaign and with his usual bravado promised to “send them back.”  Although there may be some justification for that, can such a course of action be practical?  What do you think?

It seems as though we have two choices.  The first is an educated pathway to citizenship.  The second is deportation.  What do you think is the right thing to do and given your beliefs, for whom will you vote?

We the Crawford Broadcasting Company think that the eighth most important issue in the Presidential Election 2016 is:


There is little trust by the American citizenry in government in all forms, and especially Washington.  Recent polls indicate that no more than 11% and as few as 8% of we the people believe that our government in Washington is fair and efficient.  We know corruption abounds.  It seems as though unlawful behavior is everywhere.  There is little or no political trust.  We elect candidates based on promises made which we seem to know will never be fulfilled.  Candidates House and Senate go to Washington but quickly become immersed in the Washington culture.  They are required to go along to get along.  They are further required to abide by the policy decisions of the party which they represent.  They become unresponsive to the wishes of the people who elected them, the majority who did so and in so many cases, turn more so to so-called minority rights often forsaking the majority.  They simply don’t do what they say they will.  THEY LIE!

There is often incredible financial waste. Billions upon billions of dollars are spent without accountability and often illegally.  Congress holds no one accountable, including the President who operates as he wishes and well beyond the Constitution.  Congress seems inept, inefficient, lacking in courage and conviction.  Fundamental and necessary legislation is stalled.  House seems to work against Senate and Senate against House.  There is stalling, the filibuster always at work and legislation often occurs watered down, compromised and not reflecting the will of the people who elected the representatives.  Promises are made and never kept.  The lie prevails.  The elected often become jaded, compromised and ineffective.

Fraud prevails.  The Clinton’s operate what many think is fraudulent foundation, violating rules of law and certainly ethics and get away with it.  Hillary Clinton operates an illegally even criminal email server and with the patronizing accommodation of the FBI and James Comey, gets away with it.  No criminal charges of any kind even though there were criminal actions.  Trump has a somewhat tarnished business record, harsh and aggressive, having been plaintiff or defendant in hundreds of lawsuits, some corporations controlled by him having gone bankrupt, showing a character different then Clinton but tarnished in its own way.  The American people are frustrated, seemingly without options to correct, to fundamentally change and to operate the government of the Republic in an honest and efficient way.  Many think the answer can only be term limits, so that those in pursuit of power and political careers can only occupy seats of power for so long.  What do you think?  What do you believe is right for America and how will we the people effectuate that in Elections 2016?

In light of this considerable and pressing issue, for whom will you vote, Donald John Trump or Hillary Rodham Clinton?  As one pundit said, which of these two candidates each with flawed character will be the better one for America?

The ninth most important issue in Presidential Election 2016 we the Crawford Broadcasting Company believe is:


The attacks on the right to own, carry and use guns which proceed now more aggressively than ever.

There is legislation passed or proposed which would limit the sale of firearms, limit or eliminate the carrying and use of such firearms and essentially making it more difficult, ABRIDGING those unconditional rights guaranteed by the Constitution in the Second Amendment.  Congress, House and Senate, says the Constitution, shall make no law which abridges the right to purchase and own firearms.  None.  Nor shall Congress abridge any such rights granted by the Second Amendment.  The right of the people, says that Amendment to own guns SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED!  The words could not be more clear.  Do nothing, Congress, NOTHING to prevent the people from owning guns, protecting themselves, using those guns for hunting and recreation and otherwise as they legally see fit.

Yet the assault goes on, more aggressive than ever. That is so federal, state and even local.  Background checks, registration delays and difficulties, restrictions on carrying (packing) occur everywhere.  The Obama Administration consistently proposes restrictions without regard for the Constitution.  Senator Diane Feinstein, proposing gun restriction legislation in Washington, dares to state that veterans are mentally handicapped as a result of service and should not be allowed to own guns.  Anyone who has been the victim of a gun proposes the elimination or careful restriction of guns again without regard to the Constitution.  But it remains an unfettered, unabridged right, granted unconditionally by the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  The right to own and use guns is guaranteed and can not be altered by legislatures or judges.  But those rights are in fact becoming ever more abridged to the detriment of the Constitution.

Personally, I do not like guns and would never own one.  That said, no one would more aggressively champion the right of any other American citizen to own and use guns as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.  I would defend that right even more aggressively than gun owners would.  What do you think?  One can argue for some compromise but to do so would fundamentally change the fundamental structure of the Constitution and the absolute guarantee of such rights in the Second Amendment.  Can there be compromise with respect to gun ownership and usage without violating the Constitution?  Trump it would seem would champion unfettered Second Amendment rights while Clinton, like Obama would be in favor of certain restrictions.  What do you think and for whom will you vote, Trump or Clinton?

The tenth most important issue in Election 2016 is for us the Crawford Broadcasting Company:


The Obama Administration and for sure a Clinton Administration if it follows would strengthen and solidify the control of ObamaCare over all things health and medical.  The ObamaCare objective is to move all Americans to what is termed the SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM, so that all would be essentially equal and tall such medical services would be paid for by all on the same basis.  There would be even more controls, less options and all things would be more costly.  Options and personal decision making would be curtailed.  Clinton would strength ObamaCare and Trump would remove or replace it.  On that premise, for whom would you vote, Trump or Clinton?

Medical costs will rise, and in some cases skyrocket.  They already are.  Americans are already paying more for medical and will pay even more in the next four years unless fundamental change is made.  Healthcare providers like United begin to exit the federal government exchanges required by ObamaCare.  The costs of all such services to these healthcare providers are becoming “unsustainable” and even more problematic never-ending.  Access to healthcare continues to become more difficult and delayed.  Insurance premiums rise.  Employers begin to decline insurance coverage for their employees and rather offer a monthly sum for employees to purchase insurance as they wish.  The backlash grows and the concern for the future increases.  Trump would replace or fundamentally modify ObamaCare.  Clinton would continue, strengthen and broaden the controls of ObamaCare.  On the basis of those political positions, for whom will you vote, Hillary Rodham Clinton or Donald John Trump?  The one will greatly affect medical and healthcare for the next four years far different from the other.  The choice for you and your family is critical.

So then, the top CBC Election Issues for the most important election of candidates President, House and Senate ever as follows:

  1. Religious Freedoms and Liberties
  2. Supreme Court Nominees
  3. Economy and Employment
  4. Terrorism, ISIS and Homeland Security
  5. Abortion
  6. The LGBT Agenda and Gay Marriage
  7. Illegal Immigration
  8. Corruption in Government and Political Trust
  9. The Second Amendment and Gun Ownership and Rights
  10. Repealing and Replacing Obama

Hillary Rodham Clinton will bring a totally different approach to these issues than Donald John Trump.  Clinton will expand all things liberal and Trump will at least put the brakes on such expansion if not changing course completely in more conservative ways.  More than ever before, we will have a different America in the next four years depending upon the President, and of course the House and Senate we elect.  We the Crawford Broadcasting Company urge you the voter to know as never before the issues, to understand the ramifications of political decision making and to vote what you know and think is right for America.  The future of our democracy is at stake as never before.  The rights of we the people constitutionally guaranteed are being watered down day by day.  How you vote and for whom you vote will determine our future, my fellow American.

We the Crawford Broadcasting Company urge you to know the issues and to vote:


Our future, yours and your family depend upon that.

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