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Don Crawford

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Trump, the Donald

Do you love him, that is politically love him? Or, do you hate him? There seems to be no in–between. One or the other.

Extreme positions but then again, Trump is a man of extremes. All or nothing with this business man. You are with me or you are against me is the mindset, the position, the psyche of:


His personality is engaging, energizing and exceptional. Perhaps that is why one half of our country and its adult, legal voting citizens embrace him.

But his personality can be abrasive, antagonistic, contradictory and confronting. We the people will, think so many, never have another President like him. Those who hate him shall Amen and those who love him grieve for him and for America. For without him, back to politics as usual. The turn–off side of Trump’s personality cost him the election, so say many.

But look at the promises he made in 2016. TRUMP PERFORMED. The vast majority of the political promises candidate Trump made were PERFORMED by President Trump. Contrast that with Joe Biden who presented himself as a political candidate Democrat centrist, shunning the extremists like Sanders, AOC and the radical Muslims Tlaib and Omar, promising to unite America and bring together its factious and diverse elements in a new American unity. There has never been a larger political lie since 2008. Trump promised and performed. Biden promised to get elected.

THE DONALD fundamentally changed the Supreme Court of America. In came Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett, Catholics all, joining fellow Catholics Thomas, Alito and Roberts for a total of six Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court:


With the exception of Roberts, in many ways a chameleon and unpredictable in decision making, all are constitutionalists, originalists, rule of law thinking Justices, nothing but good for America. Whatever happens in the political arenas federal and state, we the Christian and conservative people can only hope for the full protection of our beloved Constitution and especially the freedoms of the First and Second Amendments. Thank you President Trump, thank you.

And the MILITARY. Trump strengthened the American military, knowing the incredible war–like threats which exist verbally. Military budgets were increased and military aid was provided to America’s friends. Military respect for America increased worldwide.

And TAXES. Taxes were generally lowered especially on the Corporate side. The economy grew, even boomed in certain areas. Unemployment was at an all time low. Americans were confident, working, spending, enjoying a lifestyle they had not for years. Then came, according to Trump, THE CHINESE VIRUS. Corona, Covid–19. Destroyed most of those economic gains and probably was the most significant factor in the political defeat of THE DONALD.

The oppressive Obama REGULATIONS AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS were done away with. The essential freedoms for business to grow and produce were restored. The SWAMP was identified, attacked and cut back in size and influence. Trump believed and practiced the Reagan philosophy and admonition:


And the MEDIA, corrupt to the core, incredibly biased to the point of being un–American or even anti–American was identified for what it is. The media hated Trump and Trump hated the media. Twitter replaced the press conference. No effort, real effort was made by the press to ask and interview, but merely seize an opportunity in person to attack, confront, belittle and reign hostility upon the President of the United States. Trump exposed them for what they are, the three networks, the cable–haters CNN, MSNBC and others, turning to Fox even though at the end of his term, Fox began slowly to turn left which occasioned the rise of NewsMax and One America, most interesting new conservative cable outlets which began to take much of the Fox audience. Biden and the new – old Democrats will now be the darlings of old media and it, negative for four years, will become once again positive and supporting.

Donald Trump vigorously supported the essential and fundamental five freedoms of the First Amendment and especially the first and most predominant freedom:


No President, said so many African Americans, was more friendly to religion, the church, and Christianity, and Black Christians then Donald Trump. Of course, the media made sure he never got credit for that. Many wise African Americans saw the danger to religion, and especially Christianity as religious freedoms under the First Amendment were eroded, step by step wherever possible. Trump, with Executive Orders, did everything possible to prevent that from happening and to preserve, protect and defend religious liberty. As a Christian, I thank you for that Mr. President. THANK YOU!

Trump aggressively attacked the immigration problem. He did everything possible to stem the tide of illegal immigrants entering our country illegally. He championed the wall, the Mexican wall and much of that was built. Democrats aggressively opposed the law then, but now, under Biden and with their full governmental control, the priority of the wall returns.

Trump attacked the trade problems America has. He utilized tariffs to protect us against the unfair practices of foreign nations, including and especially CHINA.

PRESIDENT TRUMP was PRO–ISRAEL. He in many ways authored and motivated the ABRAHAM ACCORDS. Bitter, hateful enemies became friends. The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, even the Sudan and others became friendly to Israel, restored nations and resumed trade.

Trump confronted CHINA, a brutal communist–controlled nation. He exposed China for what it is, a war–like, freedom–oppressing nation determined to be the most important, the very first and most powerful nation in the entire world. Trump exposed China’s unfair trade practices, the governmental support of industry to compete worldwide which of course included the oppression of its own people and asked the world to recognize China for what it was and is. Naturally, Trump had no Democrat or media support. Biden, you can be sure, will undo any good Trump did and China will once again resume its unfair practices and even subterfuge against America and WE THE PEOPLE. That perhaps is something to be feared as much as anything.

RUSSIA, the great Bear is on the rise. Russia is equal to or even superior to America militarily. Russia will increase in competition and threat to America under Biden.

And IRAN. This war–like, hatred–filled nation is determined to destroy the nation of Israel, the Little Satan and then, find ways to attack and destroy THE GREAT SATAN, namely our beloved America. Iran will resume nuclear production under Biden, of that you can be sure.

America will change, CHANGE BACK under Biden. Trump promised to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and Biden will do everything possible to make America the spinless, even socialistic nation he and his Democrat allies want it to be. Be aware of that my fellow Americans. If Biden and the Democrats have their way, America will be socialistic, A SOCIAL STATE in four years. What a tragedy that would be.

Donald Trump THE DONALD was arrogant. His personality was put–off. He showed so many times a significant disrespect for others. He was aloof, even selfish, possessed of an ENORMOUS EGO. He shot from the hip, said what he thought and felt, nothing held back. He at times became UNHINGED, very rarely scripted but always ready with verbal attack. He was strong, tough, independent, one–of–a–kind, probably never to be repeated.

Donald Trump was never really a true Republican. Some thought him to be Libertarian but more appropriately INDEPENDENT. He had disdain for Democrats, but as well, so much of the Republican Party. He regarded many Republicans as RINOS, Republicans In Name Only. He worked with them when he could but departed from them perhaps more often. No President was ever like Trump and none to follow will ever be like him.

Fox columnist Liz Peeks said this of Trump and his presidency:

It is hard to imagine that President Trump will soon leave office. His presidency has been so big, so full of energy and purpose, that it seems almost impossible that it will come to an end.”

Peeks goes on to say that Trump supporters are angry, believe the election was unfair and fraudulent and that Biden and the incoming Democrats will do nothing to protect their interests. Many feel that it will be necessary to “take on” the liberal mob, whatever that means. Trump and his Administration, says Peeks, have faced “unprecedented opposition from the liberal media and dishonest Democrats.” An understatement to be sure.

Peeks goes on to say the following:

For his supporters, patriots from all walks of life are fed up with political correctness and the censorious Left, the Trump presidency has been a breath of fresh air.”

Indeed, an exceptional it has been in the pursuit, preservation and protection of American EXCEPTIONALISM. No President in our history will have the LEGACY which Donald Trump will have. THE DONALD was indeed a breath of fresh political air. Now we go back to POLITICAL BUSINESS AS USUAL. Four years from now, America will never be the same. I grieve for younger Americans who will never know the America and the lifestyles so many of us have known, and loved, and done our best to protect and defend. But, to live is to choose. America chose Biden, whether fairly or not, as the leader on the pathway to socialism. The day will come when Americans all will come to appreciate what Donald Trump was and did for America in a marvelous attempt to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

At times, Mr. President, you were hard to like and appreciate but I for one thank you for all you did for my country and the true America. I stand with 75–100 million other Americans with the hope that all the PROMISES YOU PERFORMED remain.


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