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Don Crawford

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Trump – The First 100 Days

They’re off and running!

Ten days into the new Trump Administration, the Trump Presidency, something that virtually everyone thought they would never say:


A new cabinet, new secretaries, change of direction with respect to federal agencies, less government, more respect for the states and a revitalization of American freedoms, especially the First Amendment Freedom of Speech.  It will be nice, my fellow Americans, not to watch every word we say for fear of hate speech and to be able to stand for conservative and Christian values, will it not?

How soon we forget, the American people does indeed.  Most perhaps do not even remember Fast and Furious, IRS scandals (remember Lois Lerner?), Benghazi and Mrs. Clinton, and matter not over yet, email scandals and the like.  Under the Obama Administration, we the people have developed short term political memories.  We are caught up in the current, hopeful for the future, but far too often forgetting the past.  America has lost the sense of accountability, especially in the political world.

If you listen to the Crawford Stand on any regular basis, we intend to remind you over and again about the political promises of Donald John Trump, President Trump and the Republican Party.  We do so because we do not want you to forget.  We want you, like us, to be proactive, aggressive, involved and holding all 2016 elected politicians accountable:


Hold them accountable to their political promises!

Here are the top priorities of the Trump Administration and those priorities must be accomplished in:


THE SUPREME COURT NOMINEE.  Trump must propose and the Republican dominated Congress must confirm a strong, clear conservative justice of the Supreme Court.  We think that is priority number one.  Trump proposed a FINAL list of 21 potential nominees to the Supreme Court in September 2016.  He PROMISED to the American people the following:

“This list is definitive, and I will choose only from it in picking future justices of the Supreme Court.”

The Trump candidates to sit on the Supreme Court largely come from state Supreme Courts and along with those who now sit on federal appeals court, come mostly from the heartland and not from the Ivy League.  The mindset, the mentality is different and there may be every good possibility that the next confirmed Supreme Court Justice will be cast in the mold of former justice Antonin Scalia.  May it be so and make it happen Mr. Trump, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

THE NATIONAL DEBT. Balance the budget.  Stop run-away spending.  Our children and their children will have no future if we don’t.  The total American debt heads for $21 trillion dollars, a staggering, suffocating sum.  BALANCE THE BUDGET!

THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT.  It is swollen, especially at the federal level.  Bureaucrats now run everything, EVERYTHING!  Newt Gingrich, a top Trump advisor warns that:


Reduce and eliminate federal employees.  We the people don’t need them nor do the agencies they supposedly serve.  They are the ones by and large who propose job-killing regulations.  They seem to foster a certain kind of federal socialism which in effect is anti-capitalism, strangling our economy, preventing the creation of new jobs and strong economic growth one regulation after another.  Reduce and eliminate the federal bureaucracy, Mr. Trump.  We hold you to that political promise!

TERM LIMITS.  Get the career politicians out of Washington, no matter their expertise or experience.  Invigorate Washington with fresh blood.  Enough is enough of Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi and Ryan and so many others.  Send them home where they belong after a decade and no more.  Make it happen, Mr. Trump.

FOREIGN RELATIONS.  Strengthen them.  Defund the United Nations, a corrupt organization.  Deal aggressively with China.  Stand up to Russia and Putin.  Deal with ISIS once and for all.  Get our great country out of the Middle East.  And, most importantly, reestablish respectful relationships with the great Democratic nation and our serious friend ISRAEL.  Protect the integrity of that great, little country and move our embassy to:


Do it, Mr. Trump.  You promised.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.  Stop it.  Build the wall or its equivalent no matter who pays for it.  Reestablish the integrity of our borders.

END SANCTUARY CITIES.  They are a disgrace, illegal.  You promised to begin removing the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants and require the countries from which they came to TAKE THEM BACK.  You promised, now make it happen, Mr. Trump, President Trump.

TAX REFORM AND RELIEF.  Get on with it.  Bryan and company in the House are ready, so they say.  Lower rates, especially Corporate rates so that money, the capital can once again flow freely creating jobs and new wealth and opportunity for all, including those at the bottom of the economic scale.  Get on with it, and now!

AMERICAN ENERGY.  It is there in gigantic quantities, oil (fracking), natural gas and coal.  Make American energy independent as you promised.  Revise, revamp and revive a right-thinking EPA allowing us, we the people to do as a country what any other country would do.  You promised, President Donald John Trump.

REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE.  After the Supreme Court nominee, Mr. Trump, the repeal and the possible replacement of ObamaCare is perhaps your second largest priority.  So much is wrong with the expensive and ever-controlling act.  It must be changed, and changed now, Mr. Trump.  The American medical world is the finest in the entire world.  It must once again feel the effect of real capitalism, the private market at work, creating real opportunities for young doctors retaining experienced ones, and creating new opportunity for institutions (hospitals), research and development and a new way to provide medical access to all.  You promised, now get it done, NOW!

OUR VETERANS.  Restore their dignity.  Revive their medical care and retirement.  Honor them as the Obama Administration did not.  We owe them, Mr. Trump, pay the debt!

THE IRS.  Clean it up.  It is still Obama corrupt.  Get rid of Koskien, little more than an Obama lackey like Loretta Lynch, America’s very worst Attorney General.  Let all Americans once again believe that the IRS can be fair, objective, without bias especially to conservatives.  Make it happen, Mr. Trump.

THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.  Clean it up. Under Loretta Lynch, it is corrupt, inefficient, biased and so very much disrespected.  You picked an excellent nominee in Senator Jeff Sessions.  Sessions will clean it up, bring a new fairness and create a far more effective Justice Department as Attorney General.  Make sure he gets confirmed, President Trump, and support him completely.  Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have been Attorney General disasters in so many ways.  Make justice, real justice a top priority, President Trump.  We hold you to it!

FIRST AMENDMENT FREEDOMS.  Provide protection for religious freedom not only inside the four walls of a church or synagogue, but everywhere in everyday living.  Restore the sense of confidence in Freedom of Speech.  Get rid of anything POLITICALLY CORRECT.  Eviscerate or eliminate HATE SPEECH.  That is nothing more than a liberal attempt to stifle conservative and Christian talk and speech.

STRENGTHEN THE MILITARY.  Reprioritize it.  Get the right leaders.  Get rid of anything politically correct in our military.  Restore the right to believe, express those beliefs and, Mr. Trump:


RESPECT FEDERALISM.  Reestablish the great Constitutional requirement for states’ rights, for FEDERALISM.  The states, all 50 of them are an absolutely necessary check and balance in the Constitutional theme of things, especially with respect to the federal government.  States’ rights should be a top priority, Mr. Trump, revive them!

THE CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW.  Overall, and in most ways, Mr. Trump, this should be your first priority.  The Constitution has been eviscerated under Obama.  It has been often ignored, reinterpreted, even as the Executive Branch, the Presidency under Obama has gotten out of hand, exercising unconstitutional powers, issuing Executive Orders improperly and illegally, virtually destroying the balance of powers between the Presidency, the House and Senate, and the Judiciary.  Restore those Constitutional balances.  Restore respect for our Constitution and especially our Bill of Rights and those precious 27 Amendments.  You promised President Donald John Trump, YOU PROMISED!  Now, make these promises happen.  And, so much more, more that you promised.  And do all of this or as much of this as you possibly can, fulfilling these promises within:


Get on with it, Mr. Trump.  Now is the time.  The energy, the cooperation, the willingness from right-thinking conservatives and Republicans is ready to work with you and make those promises happen.  You persuaded us to elect you by your promises and by a very, very different form of dialogue and communication with the American people.  We found you fresh, different, nothing like what we are used to in Washington, D.C.  We the people demand that there be a commitment to action behind your political communications.  No more talk. GET TO WORK, President Trump:


We are watching.  We will hold you:


Make your first 100 days the greatest, most productive 100 days in American political history!

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