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Don Crawford

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Trump the Troll

Do you know what a troll is?
A troll is someone who deliberately kindles acrimony by making outrageous, offensive or confusing remarks.

Troll is a noun but is often used as a verb as-in one Donald John Trump spending the past year and a half trolling the news media.  Has he ever!

Interestingly, few journalists have appreciated the degree to which Trump uses trolling as a methodology for his political and governing strategies.  The press, the liberal, progressive press in all of their infinite wisdom have simply assumed that the Trump style for exaggeration and invention was the result of psychosis, or at the very least an out of control ego.  The press has yet to realize that Trump engages in trolling intentionally and strategically.

And so, the press goes on its merry way criticizing, lambasting and ridiculing President Trump when in the words of author Barton Swaim:


While these apoplectic journalists chase down the facts behind Trump’s often outrageous statements, the President is on his merry way making real decisions, working with known facts with the biased media out of the way.  Trolling for Trump is a brilliant strategy for Trump, knowing that the media would interpret everything he does in the worst possible way would outsmart them at their own game.  President Donald John Trump has done that, becoming a master at:


And more strategy from Trump.  He communicated with the public as citizen by Twitter.  As President, Trump now both trolls and tweets.  Rather than face a hostile, biased media with rigged questions at press conferences, Trump simply speaks his mind and deals with many issues by means of Twitter.  The trolling and the tweeting drive the media, academic elites, Hollywood and of course the Democrats crazy.  None of these elites, these know-it-alls can get a handle on this President.

“It’s chaos around him, but it’s deliberate chaos.”  So said Steve Schmidt, a Republican Political Strategist who worked in the George W. Bush White House.


Trump surrounds himself with brilliant minds, who often disagree with each other and just as often disagree with Trump himself.  There is constructive argumentation, differing points of view colliding and producing a multi-faceted creativity, a creative chaos, a DELIBERATE CHAOS which Trump intentionally fosters.  Say Schmidt:

“It’s the type of chaos (deliberate chaos) that preserves maximum control for him!”

President Trump has assembled a cabinet that defies convention.  There has really never been any other cabinet of any other President with so much disagreement.  And Trump really does listen and before he makes his decision, which he does, he may be one of the best informed Presidents America has ever had.  Right or wrong, the decisions Trump is making are well-informed.  Said Trump of wrong calls (decisions):

“You make wrong calls.  But they have to be wrong so that they don’t have huge impact and they have to be wrong so that you can adjust and correct.”

That indicates an open White House policy, variety and diversity and perhaps a transparency of which America has seen virtually none in the last eight years.

No matter, the elites wail and moan.  They go about the business of fostering overreaction, extreme emotionalism which allows them to create their safe spaces for the faint-at-heart, their crying rooms, their outlet for primal screams and of course psychological counseling to prepare them for the fascism of Trump yet to come.  And women march because they are certain that their alleged rights will be taken away even though Trump has only just begun.  George Soros funded protests and of course vandalism and radical, progressive Democrat reactions litter our cities and our highways.  No matter that they have little fact or action to judge the man.  They despise him as a person and that alone is enough.  As the Wall Street Journal said:

“The public dislikes his temperament (Trump), but still believes he can deliver policy success.”

But on the left, they dislike him and will do everything possible to make certain he will not deliver what he has promised.

It is interesting indeed that a public figure, a major basketball star like Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq), though not a Trump voter or supporter, is in fact a true American and tires of all such negativity.
Shaq said the following:

“Trump promised a lot of people a lot of things.
Now that he’s President, you just hope that he can make the world a better place.
He won fair and square.  We have to give him a chance.”

I should matter that well-stated expression of hope from Shaquille O’Neal will fall on Democrat deaf ears.  The unprecedented opposition goes on.

But Trump really is serious about shaking up government:


The size, scope, influence and control of our federal government is absolutely out of hand in every way.  Trump has pledged to reduce it.  And he will.  And that will mean that Donald John Trump will face a more hostile resistance in the press and of course hostility and hatred from their “permanent bureaucracy in Washington.”

And so the opposition continues its rant against Trump, calling him fascist, racist, homophobe, the President of:

“A gang of billionaires.”

They call Mr. Trump the:


Without of course defining what that means.  They quote their very own polls as showing that a majority of Americans have negative reactions to Mr. Trump, perhaps with respect to his personality and character but not with his presidential performance because that has only just begun.  But if Trump eases the burden of regulation, reforms the tax code, unlocks the energy resources and productive in America, and returns our economic markets to robust growth, and returns the private markets to health insurance, a new energy, a positive mentality will sweep America.  And that alone is how we should judge President Donald John Trump.

And so, on we should go with the brand new White House:



In fact, it may be possible that the Trump election may herald a NEW POLITICAL ORDER.  That may well be possible as a result of this so-called ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT who is determined to do things different and better.  The Democrats continue to rage and rant that the Trump Presidency is illegitimate because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the Presidential Election by 2.9 million votes. But, says John Steele Gordon, Clinton won only in coastal cities, academic enclaves and very poor areas such as the Mississippi Delta and the Alabama Black Belt.  If you subtract, says Gordon, Clinton’s margins in a mere FIVE COUNTIES, the New York City burrows other than Staten Island and Los Angeles County, Clinton lost the popular vote in the remainder of the country by more than 500,000 votes!  Four New York City burrows and the County of Los Angeles, just those five provided the popular vote margin.  All the rest of this country voted in the majority for Trump.

Gordon goes onto say that the Obama years showed liberalism to be exhausted, its ideas out of date and its advocates living in an IMAGINED past.  Gordon further states that the Democratic Party has never been so weak or so old.  The top three Democrats in the House are all at least 76, while the average of their GOP counterparts is 49.  New blood and fresh thinking are required for the Democrats if they are in fact to rebuild their party as they should.

The promises, pledges of politicians are so much lie and spin.  So Trump reminded us in his inauguration address:


“Remember those things I said in the campaign?
I meant them.
I meant it all.”

And Trump promises all Americans:

“January 20 (2017) will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.”

May it be so, Mr. Trump, may it be so.

And so, as Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal says, we have never had a political moment like this and we have never had a President like this.  A norm-breaker, unconventional to the core and willing to lead us into uncharted political waters.  If it drains the swamp in Washington, if it makes America great again, then I say bring it on, Mr. Trump.  Bring it on.

Multiple national polls have revealed that American optimism and good feeling is on a marked upswing as the great year 2017 unfolds.  So many voters, so many Americans have begun to feel hopeful again, beginning to believe that Trump may actually do what he has promised to do.  He will work, he says, not only with American business, but with unions as well.  He will work for the American worker, union or not.  He will work in education to end bias and prejudice and to lessen or eliminate the control and overt influence of radical educators.  Trump will modify but not repeal ObamaCare and make it what it should be, so he says.  American energy will flow.  America, AMERICA FIRST will stand tall in the world and once again become a leader, the leader.  Our national defense, our military will be strengthened and our enemies, especially terrorists the world over will themselves live in terror of an America determined to do things right.  If so, small wonder that America now enters a new:


The ending of the aggressive socialistic change brought on by the Obama Administration.  The return of respect and certain powers to the states, a real federalism.  And most importantly, the return of real power where it belongs as promised by the 9th and 10th Amendments to our Constitution:


If so, Mr. Trump, if indeed we return to a nation built upon and respectful of our beloved Constitution, and the Rule of Law, and the freedoms which our Constitution guarantees, I for one am ALL-IN.  I will support you, but I will watch you.  You have become an expert at TROLLING, Mr. Trump.  That is a strategy that may work well with the media, academic, Hollywood and other of your avowed enemies.  But, good sir, it will not work with the American people, and it will not work with me.  If you are firmly in control, then provide us with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  That transparency is what America needs more than anything else.

If in fact a new political order is coming, make it happen for the good of all Americans.  Include everybody, do your very best to make us one nation again, indivisible, and under God (thank you for bringing God back into the inauguration), a new commonality in a new political order.

Make it happen, Mr. Trump.
Make it happen, President Trump.


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