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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


Are you planning to vote November 3, 2020, are you? If you love America, you better vote.

Did you vote in 2018? Did you vote in the critical elections 2016 which pale in comparison to elections 2020? Did you? America needs you and YOUR VOTE now more than ever.

There are people of faith, perhaps by the millions, who do not vote. Some think it is not their duty and there is no obligation to do so. Others will not vote for a candidate they deem immoral or even unlikely. Others think they are in the world but not of it. Still others think that their vote matters little or nothing at all so why bother. And the church and all other people of faith lose because of the indifference of legitimate, registered, American – citizen voters. I hope and pray you are not one of them.

Scripture tells us to:


But, my fellow Americans, we are Caesar, we the people. God ordains government and Governors and HE sanctioned the creation of a marvelous experiment in democracy some 250 years ago called:


Therefore, WE ARE CAESAR, we the people. We elect those among us, like us, believing a democracy to lead us. We do so because they are true representatives, elected, right–thinking, men and women of character who believe sincerely and uncompromisingly in:


Therefore, it seems clear that we the people should VOTE. In fact, that we have a patriotic and even a moral duty to vote. If you don’t vote, we the people like you lose. We abandon the SHIP OF STATE to those diametrically opposed to and very much against the thinking and philosophies of people of faith, and religion, and the practice and even the free exercise thereof, no matter the protections and the freedoms of our beloved FIRST AMENDMENT.

We believe that it is perhaps the highest secular and patriotic PRIVILEGE offered any American, that of the vote. Men and women throughout history died by the tens of millions to protect basic human freedoms, among which was the privilege and freedom to choose those who govern. They fought, like our American ancestors, to protect those freedoms. They fought to protect the RIGHT to vote, elect and choose those who would have the privilege of leading.

In fact, in early America, it was regarded as a DUTY to vote. If you were an American citizen, a true and real citizen, one who both loved and respected the Constitution and the rule of law, the duty to vote was first priority. But that was then. Fast forward 250 years and in some elections, no more than one out of two eligible voters even bother to vote in any elections. Those critical choices are made by 50% of Americans. ONE OUT OF TWO. How absolutely tragic, the first sign of the end of democracy.

A registered, legal American citizen votes for him or herself. They vote their conscience and for whom and for what they think is right. But that vote also is critical for spouse, husband or wife. And for children, and grandchildren especially. And for extended family, and friends, and for all others in county, and state. And of course, for all Americans. Think in terms of the ripple effect of a vote and how necessary that vote, YOUR VOTE is. Without your vote, and if you don’t vote, those you love and care for LOSE. What America is and should be is lessened.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS! It matters so very much. What America is and should be is incomplete without you and your voice. You and your vote may be only one out of millions, but it matters, it really, really matters! In the most critical elections America has ever faced, elections November 3, 2020, you must vote, you just must.

But you should approach the privilege of voting and provide America with an:


It is vital that you understand the issues and the positions of the candidates with regard to those issues. ECONOMIC ISSUES are always so very important. A thriving economy, one with jobs and opportunities is so essential to the American way of life. Our economy was thriving and growing under the Trump Administration. But then came CORONA, Covid–19 and that economy ground to a halt. You should know clearly which Presidential candidate would be most likely to revive and further grow the American economy.

And taxes. A Trump Administration would work for lower taxes, or the same, while a Biden Administration would increase taxes overnight.

And welfare, expanded by one party and not the other.

And foreign policy. Do we as voters wish to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and put AMERICA FIRST, or do we wish to simply become one part of a larger global whole. Elections 2020 will provide clear choices for one or the other.

And education, intending to be radically different than it always was. To rewrite history, to introduce new moral standards and human definitions. There are clear choices with regard to these philosophies and you should know what they are so that you can vote what you believe. KNOW THE ISSUES! Demand clarity from the candidates and thoroughly understand what they believe. YOUR INFORMED VOTE IS CRITICAL FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA, CRITICAL!

KNOW WHAT THE PARTIES STAND FOR. We continue to be a two party nation although there are always attempts to introduce more political options. But there are radical differences between DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN, RADICAL! Democrats move aggressively to the left. They espouse the liberal, the radical, the PROGRESSIVE which means fundamental and permanent change for America. Republicans for the most part are constitutionalists, believe in the rule of law, a growing and thriving free economy, the firm continuance of the American Dream and opportunity in every aspect of life, and perhaps most importantly, LIMITED GOVERNMENT. Democrats, otherwise. More of government and less of the individual, so say the Democrats. So, what do you believe and what do you want America to be? Your party vote is critical.

And PLATFORMS. PARTY PLATFORMS. You must know clearly what each party stands for, what they believe in and what they will do if elected. Often, party platforms are general, unclear and sometimes even avoid certain issues. An INFORMED VOTE knows well these platforms and policies of each party so that a clear choice for the vote is possible.

They make PROMISES, these would be rulers do. So many have no intention of fulfilling those promises and often operate in a completely different way once they get to Washington D.C. Some even become invisible, unheard and without political voice because of seniority, tenure and the rule of party powerful. You and I, WE THE PEOPLE are forgotten until the next vote, the vote for reelection arrives. So much for democracy.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association advises us, the people of faith to vote:


in elections 2020. Issues of considerable concern include abortion, the gay agenda, euthanasia. And of course, education, now so radically changing. And the freedoms of the First Amendment, including freedom of speech and worship, and of course assembly, among many others. It may indeed be the duty of the Christian to vote BIBLICAL VALUES. What do you think, and how do you intend to vote. And you will vote, wont you?

Many think that Pastors will play a key role in this election. Many think that it is time for the church, led by the Pastor to become the church militant protecting the faith and the people of faith. Certainly that would include Evangelical Christians. And, the broader circle of Christian, Protestant denominations. And American Catholics, so numerous and with far more in common with Evangelicals than not. And Jews and those who practice the Jewish faith sincerely and follow its tenets. And in fact, all other people of faith. There are radicals and progressives who wish to eradicate anything religious from the American public square. We the people of faith simply cannot let that happen. The way we make certain of that is through our:


Our informed vote. So, stand up Pastors, and Priests, and Rabbi’s and all right–thinking leaders of people of faith, inform the people entrusted to your leadership and guidance and make certain that America remains the land of the brave and the free, and that there continues to be THE UNABRIDGED FIRST AMENDMENT FREEDOM OF SPEECH, AND RELIGION, AND PRESS AND MEDIA, AND ASSEMBLY (THE CHURCH) WITHOUT ANY GOVERNMENTAL RESTRICTIONS OR PROHIBITIONS. Vote for the parties and candidates who believe and promise the very same.

We should vote, we the people of faith, for candidates who have performed. We should look carefully at their actions, not just words. We should follow the biblical admonition:


Judge them by what they do, what they have done prior to election, so that you will surely know what they will do if in fact they are elected.

An informed vote never votes on the basis of:


One should never vote or not for someone because of like or dislike. Politicians are not Pastors. They are leaders, decision makers, men and women with immense power and they should be judged and of course voted for on the basis of:


Many come to power who are in reality wolves in sheep’s clothing. They can appear likable, personable, friendly but once in power, totally different in terms of actions. A vote for or against a candidate on the basis of personality is NOT AN INFORMED VOTE. A voter does not need to like a politician if that one elected does the right thing!

So my fellow Americans, now come elections 2020. Millions believe these elections federal, state and local are the most important, the most critical, the most far–ranging elections in all of American history. One party intends TRANSFORMATION, radical change. The other, a thriving, creative continuation of America as it was and what it can be. The parties are radically different as are the candidates. Solutions to the issues are themselves radically different. So that, it is critically important that you the voter, and you will vote won’t you, understand those issues, and those candidates, and those parties, and their platforms, and their policies and what they will DO (ACTION) if in fact we the people elect them. They, the rulers 2021 will have the power to radically change our country or continue on a growing, thriving constitutional path. So, I ask:


We the people hold the future of America in our voting hands. And, you will vote won’t you?</span?


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