Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


Are you going to vote?  You are going to vote, aren’t you?

You need to vote for the sake, for the future of our great country.  Comes now many think the most important election America has ever faced.  We the people are on a determined course toward socialism.  Our mantra of capitalism has been compromised.  Our Republic has been reduced.  Our Democracy, our Democratic ways have in many ways been decimated.  Shall, the voting booth asks, we continue on that path, the Barack Hussein Obama path carried on and energized by Hillary Clinton, or should we change course, change back to the traditional values, our Constitutional way of life with a Republican America standing tall?  Which course will be choose, my fellow Americans, which one?

THE POLLS.  Don’t believe them.  Don’t listen to them.  Don’t pay any attention to them.  At best every poll is inaccurate.  At worst, a poll is slanted, biased, conducted with predetermined purposes and objectives in mind.  It should matter not whether a poll says Clinton leads Trump or Trump leads Clinton, not at all.  Several hundred or several thousand citizens can never represent the voting mind and heart of millions upon millions of Americans.  Never.

We never know WHO the polls interview.  We never know what type and kind of person, citizen or potential voter they choose to ask their questions.  We never know demographic background, age, sex, education or understanding of the issues.  Polls never tell us that.

Often, they do not tell us how many people are interviewed.  Poll quantities are so very limited.

They never tell us where the polls were conducted or under what circumstances.  Nor do they tell us the time they were conducted which can have considerable consequences.

Nor do they tell us, these pollsters, what questions were asked, how the questions were asked and whether there was any prompting or leading with respect to the answers to be given or for which the pollster hoped for.  They never tell us whether or not there are subjective aspects to the polling, the questions, so that the questions can be interpreted by the pollsters one way or another, and of course always in their favor.  They never tell us whether those interviewed understood the issues, the candidates, the parties and the platforms and whether there were intelligent, rational answers given to those questions.

The polls?  Ignore them.  Polls are often conducted to keep voters away from the polls.  So again, are you going to vote?  You better!

THE PRESS.  Ignore the media my fellow Americans, ignore them. Mainstream media is biased, prejudiced beyond belief.  They are slanted deeply liberal, shockingly pro-Democrats, unfair in coverage to Republicans and conservatives. Coverage is almost always with spin, politically correct and misleading.  Facts are left out, and others inserted.  Issues, events and factual happenings always come with INTERPRETATIONS which the liberal media, the mainstream liberal media slants toward liberal.  Whether newspaper, television, cable, even radio or the Internet, media material is slanted left, and always so.  Seldom do you ever get the unvarnished facts or the other side.  Especially today, mainstream media becomes MUCK-RAKING, determined in this case to destroy the character of Donald Trump, especially with women while utterly ignoring the frailties and foibles of Hillary Clinton especially with regard to Benghazi, her email scandals and her fraudulent non-profit organization, raking in tens of millions of dollars for her own personal benefit.  There is no fairness in mainstream media, no objectivity, little or no concern for truth or facts but only the ultimate objective:


That is why there must be a Fox News, certain independent television and cable stations, Christian and conservative media, and a place in the communication scheme of things for small companies like the Crawford Broadcasting Company.  We stand tall for God and Country, for conservatism and Christianity and proudly so and even as CBS slants, spins and slanders for their own purposes, so we, CBC champion the other side so that to some degree at least among our listening audience, you will hear the other side of fairness and balance.

The mainstream media my fellow Americans?  Ignore them!  Get the facts through other outlets and make an informed decision when you vote.  By the way, you are voting, are you not?

THE PUNDITS-THE PREDICTORS.  Ignore them.  Ignore the talking heads.  Each is the opinion of one man or one woman and nothing more.  That is especially so with newscasters or editorialists.  They come to you with their own bias and often it is extremely obvious.  85% of Americans think that the media is biased-liberal including their talking heads, the pundits, the know-it-alls.  They do not talk to the citizenry.  They talk down to WE THE PEOPLE.

Ignore them my fellow Americans, IGNORE THEM!  Ignore them when you vote and, you are voting, are you not?  You better.

THE PROFESSIONALS.  The ruling class.  THE POLITICIANS!  Career politicians.  The Clintons, like the Bushes have spent their entire lives seeking power.  As does Obama.  Perhaps one could say that about any politician for power, fame, ego, money are all of the objectives of these individuals, more or less.  The bottom line is they have little or no respect for you and me WE THE PEOPLE.  We and our votes are simply the means to an end:


When elected, we matter little or nothing.  They with the power given do what they want.  545 people RULE 320 million.  They do so for two years, four years, six years or even a lifetime.  The power we give them corrupts and when that power becomes absolute power, the corruption itself is absolute and democracy dies a slow death on the vine.  Somehow, these professionals get us the people to the point where we abandon the political process.  We become uninvolved.  We do not continually educate ourselves nor do we the people exercise the powers which our Constitution has given us.  We allow those powers and that incredible document to be eroded, changed, even eviscerated and we do little or nothing.  Small wonder these politicians have little or no respect for us for there is so often an arrogance, a sense of superiority as they continue to exercise the power we have given and neglected to control.  A necessary part of the answer is to stay involved in the political process every day of every year, and especially those days after election and you vote.  By the way, you are voting, are you not?  You better vote if you care for America.

THE PROFESSORS.  Ignore them.  Academia is corrupt, biased, determined to change America fundamentally in virtually every way.  Some 93% of all professors and some 89% of all teachers below the university level are liberal, Democrat and want America, including and especially the Constitution fundamentally changed.  So many professors today are atheists, anti-religion and especially Christianity, non-traditionalists in every way and bring an aggressive bias to the classroom like never before.  They have been responsible for the radical changes in education, fundamental change in the objectives of education like Common Core, changed history and removed so much of traditional American history.  Universities, faculty generally, and so many individual professors INTIMIDATE students, brainwash any they can and send them through society as missionaries for radical causes.  Ignore them, my fellow Americans, ignore them.  Radical academia is a disaster for America.  Ignore them and what they think when you make up your mind to vote.  And you are going to vote, are you not?  You better vote if you care about the future of America.

THE PERSONALITIES.  And that would be Hollywood, liberal to the core with rare exceptions.  Ignore them.

It is just simply incredible how much press, coverage, communication in America about THE STARS.  All media, whether television-cable, radio, print produce so much STUFF ABOUT STARS!  We spend so much time, wasted time, listening to them, watching them, following their lives.  Most are literally ignorant about the issues which affect our great country, politically uneducated, but biased to the core.  They attempt in their own limited way to persuade the mind and heart of the star-struck voter.  They will attempt you to vote liberal, support radical lifestyles in which many of them participate, expecting you and me to abide by law and order while for them:


They are wealthy beyond imagination and they use that wealth to preserve the status quo and to advance liberal and radical causes.  Ignore them, my fellow Americans, American voters, IGNORE THEM!  Ignore what they say, what they think, and especially how they might attempt to influence the political process.  Ignore them when you vote.  And you are going to vote my fellow American, are you not?  You better if you want to live in the America you now enjoy.

THE PASTORS.  Where are they?  They are God-ordained leaders.  Where are they as, as one pastor has said, our “culture goes to hell in a handbasket.”  Where are they?

The great political issues of our day are so often moral and spiritual at the core.  They cry out for guidance, for instruction, for education and who better to do that than:


Abortion is rampant.  Gay and homosexual agendas now trump things spiritual and scriptural.  Euthanasia grows.  Pornography is on the rise.  Corruption in high places exists everywhere.  Power is king and love fades.  Greed prevails and a sense of lawlessness abounds.  The church is restricted and its message confined.  Christian leaders are intimidated (the Johnson Act) and the pulpit is often silent.  Where, we the people in need of guidance and spiritual motivation, are the pastors?  Why have so many abandoned the fight?  Where are those who will in fact FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH?  Where are they?  We need them and their VOICE.  That pastoral voice should counteract the liberal, the radical.  That pastoral voice should be heard loud and clear like never before.  Pastors should lead the charge for the vote, encourage congregations to vote, encourage those who listen to and believe in what they say to stand tall for the Gospel, for Biblical truth, to be in the words of David Jeremiah BIBLE STRONG!  American needs the pastors and committed Christians now more than ever in the political process, voting for the very best people who will respect and carryon those sacred ideals.  Pastors need to vote and encourage all of us to vote.  And you are voting, pastor, are you not?  And you in their churches, you are voting, are you not?  You better.

THE PARTIES: THE PLATFORMS.  Know them, the platforms.  What is it Democrats are proposing.  What do they believe.  What is their vision for America. How will they approach the issues.  Platforms are readily available on the Internet.  Go there and read them.  Know what happens to America if you vote Democrat.

And know what happens to America if you vote Republican.  Read the Republican platform.  Read the political positions, the philosophy and ideology of Donald Trump.  Get beyond the slander of his character and get to know his mind as he approaches the critical issues of our day as you determine for whom you will vote.  Clinton’s record is clear.  We can know what kind of person she is, how she thinks and what we will get if she occupies the Oval Office.  Trump is more unknown, but a President who would bring a platform for his party and for us far different than Clinton and the Democrats, FAR DIFFERENT!  You must know what each candidate thinks about foreign policy, the military, the economy, taxes, jobs and employment, education, climate change, abortion, the Gay Agenda, euthanasia, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly and so much more.  YOU THE EDUCATED VOTER MUST KNOW WHERE THESE CANDIDATES AND THEIR PARTIES STAND ON THESE CRITICAL ISSUES AND VOTE ACCORDINGLY!  And, you are going to vote, are you not?  You must vote, YOU MUST VOTE if you want to live in the America you now live in.  You must vote.

Interestingly, we the people think primary REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT.  But there are at work and on ballots others who seek your vote, namely:







Unbelievable, don’t you think?  All such will get votes and will influence voters who might otherwise vote Democrat or Republican.  This will be one fascinating political process and I hope you are fully involved.  And, you are voting, are you not?  You better.

So, my fellow Americans, now comes Elections 2016.  Tuesday, November 8 is a fateful day and date for our beloved country.  Your vote and millions of others will determined whether or not American continues on the path to socialism, the radical change we have experienced now for eight years under Obama and his liberal administration or whether we halt that socialistic progress and return to the America of old, to constitutional ways and the Rule of Law, to the real freedoms we enjoy, to our capitalistic and Democratic way of life.  Many think that if the Obama policies are perpetuated through Clinton and the Democrats, America will once and for all fundamentally change.  That is, the path toward socialism will be irreversible.  But if Trump and the Republicans are elected, there would be every opportunity to halt this liberal and radical progression and move back to balance, reinstate and respect conservatism and conservative values, protect the gray institutions of our Republic and most importantly the fundamental freedoms and rights we now enjoy.  But that is up to you, my fellow American-voter. That is up to you and your vote which holds indeed the future of our country.  America now requires your PARTICIPATION IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS TO REALIZE THE POTENTIAL AND SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY!  You can do that now only with your vote.  And you are voting, my fellow American, you are voting?  You better.  We think it is your duty, our duty, as well as our privilege.  America needs your vote now more than ever.  Cast it wisely, intelligently without any influence from polls, the press, the pundit, the professionals, the professors, the personalities, the politicians.  YOU vote what you think is right and right for America!

Protect with your vote the freedoms we the people enjoy more than any other in the history of mankind.  And remember, remember well that freedoms once lost are lost forever!

Please vote!

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