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Don Crawford

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We have been told, soundly so, that WE THE PEOPLE, that is the American people, all of us are:


So said Jonathan Gruber, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist and the Chief Architect of OBAMACARE. Gruber, far smarter than you or me received at least $400,000 in federal consulting contracts to provide expertise on the Affordable Care Act. Obama’s boy, so to speak and many went onto say the following about THE THING, that is the Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare to pass the Congress:

“And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.”

Many stupid Americans, like you and me call THE THING something much worse than that, for what it really is. I guess Congress is really stupid too. They passed the thing, House and Senate and rammed it down the throat of we the stupid. So, I suppose that the only smart people in our country start with Obama, and Biden, and all those in House and Senate who voted for the thing. It seems that so much legislative things happen in Congress without our knowledge, understanding or consent, become law and are rammed down our throats, our stupid throats. At least Jonathan Gruber is honest. Congress works in clandestine ways, does what it wants, never really informs the American people, cares little about their input and perhaps counts on the ignorance, the “stupidity” of the American voter. Listen to what Jonathan Gruber said about us, we the American voters:

“Because the America voter is too stupid to understand the difference.”

The elitist, egalitarian audience broke out in laughter at that truism. Anyway, even if we had investigated or it had been explained to us by the Obama Administration, one of the most secretive, deceitful administrations in American history, we the people would have been too stupid to understand differences or really anything at all about the law. Gruber sounds like a perfect man for the Obama Administration, perfectly deceitful and manipulative.

Politicians count on WE THE PEOPLE to be uninvolved. The majority of American citizens eligible to vote really do not get involved in politics, not really. Many millions do not even bother to vote. Millions more do not understand the issues and never really vet the candidates. The vote is manipulated emotionally because so many Americans really do not know the issues. In that sense, maybe Gruber is right in that political stupidity influences voting in of course the wrong way.

Politicians know that WE THE PEOPLE are indifferent. Even if we know enough to talk about the issues, or legislation, we are by and large indifferent to the consequences of that legislation, like ObamaCare, unless it directly affects us. We then get involved, but after the fact. It is our indifference as voters which allowed the legislation to pass in the first place. The lies and crushing change of ObamaCare will be so extremely hard to overturn or even fundamentally modify. Our indifference causes that.

Politicians know that we the people can be marginalized. They can separate themselves from us, WE THE RULED and do whatever they please, even to the point of forsaking their promises, political pledges to the American people changing course and of course compromising to get things done. They are the SMARTER and they know how to marginalize we the stupid. We can be frustrated, even angry but there is hardly anything we can do once they are elected other than impeachment, which almost never happens. In some cases, we can attempt recall, but that hardly ever happens. We are stuck, marginalized for the term of THE RULER. They know that and they do what they want.

We the people become overwhelmed, angry and perhaps the only resort we have is legal. Lawsuits occur over and again, some with some success but most with none. Even then, politicians think of voters as gullible, easily lied to, manipulated and with short memories. Scandals like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, the IRS (remember Lois Lerner) among so many others which characterize this deceitful Administration are soon forgotten. So that, for these politicians, our rulers, from Obama on down, there is no:


Really none whatsoever. Obama can act outside the law and unconstitutionally and get away with it. There is an occasional Supreme Court slap on the wrist. As soon as that decision comes down, our politicians get back to:


The really stupid thing is that we the people let that happen. Some think it is the stuff of revolution. Obama thinks we are stupid, too. Remember what he said early on. So many Americans are content with their guns and Bibles, implying of course that there was nothing between our ears. Once elected, we are stuck with a President for four years, and now eight who has a pen and a phone and will do whatever he wants because WE THE PEOPLE are:


The politicians, OUR RULERS, are POWER hungry. The pursuit of power drives them to Washington. And as the old saying goes:


They like nothing better than to tell us what to do, how to live, what our values should be, as they wish. The power they have allows them to order, control and manipulate the American citizenry. We allow that power, which is ours, to get away from us and perhaps for that reason we are stupid. We allow a ruling class and we turnover our lives to those powerful few. 545 people RULE us. We are ruled by 435 members of the House of Representatives, 100 Senators, 9 Supreme Court Justices and 1 President. 545 AmericansRULE 330 million Americans. Maybe that really is stupid, as Mr. Gruber so well said. When good men abandon the political arena, the powerful few take over.

Our RULERS go for the money. First, ours. We are taxed hard and heavy, and for everything. As Ronald Regan said, if it moves, if it has any activity economically, Congress will find a way to tax it. They do that with impunity. It is virtually impossible to keep track of all of the taxes in our country whether federal, state or local. It is all about the money, the spending. That money gives rise to pork, special interests, favors, exceptions, like all of the Obama favors and exceptions under ObamaCare. Politicians cut deals, feast on pork, feather their own nests. They come away with lifetime pensions for as little as two years of service and of course the finest perks and benefits America can offer. Politicians create Corporate cronyism, tax breaks and bailouts as with the automobile companies seven years ago. They wield the power of the purse in some cases as they wish, no matter the law, all 536 of them. The lust of money is the root of all evil and so much of our money is spent stupidly and wrongly by them, the rulers. It is stupidity to let that happen, no budgets from our Congress, compromises with our money, few standards, overspending, corruption everywhere. There really is noACCOUNTABILITY for anything done for politicians know they can get away with it. Come to think of it, that really is stupid.

And of course, politicians thrive on fame and image. It is not possible to spend a day without seeing or hearing Obama. He is indeed ubiquitous. So are men like Harry Reid and John Boehner. Politicians thrive on image. It seems hardly possible to be a politician unless one is driven by ego. The concept of public service seems long gone. Hollywood and the media foster the images and consequently the fame of those they favor. The others THE STUPID are marginalized, impugned and dealt with usually negatively. No matter what Obama does, no matter how many scandals or lies emanating from his Administration, the media, Hollywood protect him and his famous image, whatever that is. That makes it impossible to hold this man or any like him accountable.

Our rulers think of themselves as entitled. They are entitled to office. They make careers out of government. Witness the Bush family, all three. They are an entitled political family, are they not? It seems obvious that Obama thinks of himself as entitled. And so does Boehner who has been in Congress for years and years. They are career rulers, entitled to rule us. That is so because they are betterthan we are. They are smarter, far more politically savvy and they thrive on telling us how we should live. There is no dialogue or debate with the American people. We hear from them only when they want two things:

  1. Our Vote
  2. Our Money

We are important to them at election time only. We are important to them only when they want money. Our mailboxes are filled with junk mail, with requests to give, never with any follow-up or personal concern. It is all about the money. Give us, we the stupid Americans, your money and then get out of the way. That seems to be what Washington is all about these days.

They disrespect us, these rulers do. In fact, they have no respect for us, the voters, at all. They are caught up in the drama of politics. They go to Washington and they are immediately infected with what pundits call:


Infected by the diseases of power, money and fame. So many become arrogant, aloof, never dialoguing or debating, but always pontificating. They are always right and everybody else is wrong. Maybe it is stupid for us, the voters, the real Americans to let that happen. Maybe Gruber was right. Maybe the Washington we now have is our fault. Maybe it is the result of our stupidity. We never really hold them accountable, now do we? Shame on us.

Trends in Washington seems socialistic. It seems as though there is the predominance of the philosophy of:


Even democracy itself. Washington seems to want to level, level the playing field. While it purports to create opportunity for all Americans, it takes away opportunity from others. Washington would rather support, entitle and enable rather than foster individuality, strong work ethics, individual achievements and successes. Washington seems to know when there is TOO MUCH at work and it seeks to level, tax, control, rule and regulate. The opportunity of old, THE AMERICAN DREAM seems to wane. America is no longer exceptional. We are no longer thought of as different from other countries with a different way of life. What once made our country great is now marginalized. The old values and morals of the original America, the spirit of our revolution and our Declaration of Independence are eroded, even mocked. Our politicians have little respect for the RULE OF LAW. We seem to live with situation ethics. We have individuality run amok for what one thinks is right for him or her is what should be no matter the law. We seem to break the law with impunity, as our politicians do and set the example for, believing as we do that we can get away with it. For after all, there is no accountability for them, THE RULERS. Why should there be for us?


Politicians denigrate our Constitution, especially our President. They think of it as best as a guide, to be interpreted, and even to be changed as circumstances warrant, or they wish. That precious document is litigated over and again even as a vast liberal, socialistic experiment occurs in Washington, and with President Obama and with the CHAIN he has promised and is now radically at work. Perhaps it really is stupid to let all of that happen. Perhaps it is stupid not to introduce all new standards of:



And hold our politicians accountable and get them out of office, recall them as we would wish. We the stupid should have rulers with term limits and shorter terms. How else can WE THE PEOPLE keep control of our country, and our lives?


Morality, once the core of our great country, is at an all-time low. If politicians can lie, steal, compromise and live lives inconsistent with their high calling, so should we. Our politicians set precedent, example, seemingly for the worse every day. America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, ethic and even commandments. Those original 10 Commandments and the spirit thereof are long gone in the new and changed America.


There is an angry and aggressive secularism at work. It comes against all religions, but especially Christianity and Judaism. Where once others were in the closet, afraid to come out, like homosexuals, now that is changing and it is Christians IN THE CLOSET, intimidated, removed from the public square, curtailed in speech, prevented from living their faith and from incorporating those values into their businesses. Organizations like the ACLU want to excise Christianity from the public square. That is so for all religions. Not only in America, but Christianity is attacked and Christians persecuted the world over. Obama, the supposed Christian, does little or nothing to help or prevent, the very same Obama who professes to be a Christian. By the way, do you really think he is? By their fruits, you know, you will know them. What do we see, actual deeds, from this President in behalf of people of faith?


There seems to be no longer right or wrong, but grey only. We live in a day and age of the truth du jour. What seems good or right at the time is in fact right for the time. Real hard wrong is no more. Once there was even the concept of SIN, now mocked and utterly ignored. Gray rules for there is always an excuse, a reason why which trumps standards and values. Criminal activities go so often unpunished or under punished. One judge can mitigate the most heinous evil conduct.

The power and force of religion, or rather real faith is on the wane. Christianity has become so terribly compromised. It is removed far from basics, from fundamentals from structure, discipline and accountability. We pick and choose how we would live and we structure Christianity to be what we want it to be. We interpret away fundamental truths, water them down and consequently our witness is in vain. We Christians do not take the power of the Gospel to the world as we once did. Jews, ordained of God to be the light of the world, His shining example of what people should be, have lost that power in so many ways. Even Islam, supposedly a religion of peace, has turned radical, violent, terroristic and threatening. Faith and belief are whatever anyone wants for himself, for a political or social agenda, twisted and turned for any advantage. Perhaps our politicians condone that, set an example for that. When Congress itself can act immoral, without consistent standards and values, with little ethical force, why not the world? Why not us? The old time religion and all that it stands for is just that, old and arthritic, and consequently without value in this country and in so many others. We need, my fellow Americans, a revival of that old time religion, whether Christianity, Judaism or Islam. We who are Christians need to live our faith like never before. We need not only to spread the Gospel, tell the world, but to live lives far better than words. We can do that, as can Jews and Muslims, and we the people of faith, real faith, living out that faith are perhaps the only real answer to the moral destruction the world over. That call to revival and renewal, spiritual revival should be everywhere.

What is so troubling about this world and our country especially is the blatant attack on the First Amendment and FREEDOM OF SPEECH. That is especially so with regard to freedom of religious speech. Witness the Armed Forces where men and women have actually been court-martialed, careers ended because of a STAND-UP for Christian beliefs. The men and women in control of our Armed Forces, appointed and enabled by the President himself, are anti-Christian, controlling chaplains, forbidding Christian witness, robbing our protectors of the dynamics of their faith. It seems everywhere that the precious freedoms of our First Amendment are attacked, eroded with a tremendous desire on the part of so many to eliminate them. There is now the ever-growing specter of:



To criticize gay marriage is hate speech. In fact, some even say that any real Christian attack on SIN that outdated and outmoded concept, is nothing more than hate speech. Conservatives of course are guilty of hate speech whenever they attack anything liberal or propose different points of view. It seems so interesting that liberal so aggressively accuse conservatives of being hate-mongers full of hate-speech when in fact it is the liberal who spews the hatred in speech toward the conservative. The liberal-radical can do that of course because he or she is right and everybody else is wrong. Perhaps that is why there is no dialogue for what is the point in discussion when the liberal side is right and the conservative wrong. There is the constant attempt by so many to SHUT DOWN free speech, any kind of speech, and to SHUT UP those who would speak as they wish. If America loses its right to free speech, or that precious freedom which no Congress and no man has any right to abridge, change or eliminate, that will surely be the end of THEAmerica as we know it. It is fundamental that there be free speech, full dialogue so that we can know the truth. For, as it is said, it is only the truth which will set men free. It is only truth which is at the core of freedom itself. But we seem more and more to live in a society where there is little truth. We seem never to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Our speech must be tempered, always politically correct. A controlling society wants us never to utter words which may hurt another, no matter our beliefs. But the sign of these times begins to act, react to this fundamental and radical change. Men and women of goodwill, with clear standards, values and morality, people of faith, conservative and loving Americans are standing up and demanding change, change back. There is a new demand at work, however nascent in America for a renewed:



If you do the crime, you will do the time. No one in Washington, none of the 545 rulers will be allowed to further erode or change our exceptional American way of life. So say an ever-growing, loud, boisterous and concerned majority. Perhaps we will see the revival of the old:



Where men and women who truly care about right and wrong, good and evil, commandments and discipline will once again take charge, and restore America and our way of life to the standards and values which alone can ensure its survival. There is an ever-growing number of Americans ready to fight back. WE THE REAL AMERICANS are now standing up for our exceptional country and our exceptional way of life. We will not see the competitive nature, the inherent work ethic of America further sabotaged. We will stand-up as Americans, and as people of faith for our Constitution and our inalienable life, chief of which is our aggressive pursuit of:





We will not allow anyone to curtail or control our freedom of speech. We will let no governmental force influence our right to worship, abridge our religions or take us out of the public square. We will speak as we will, we will testify, debate, dialogue and pursue the truth no matter what. We will fight back, including the fight of faith. There are tens of millions of us who are proud, so deeply proud to be Americans. We love and cherish this country no matter its problems. We will work to solve them but at the same time we will work even harder to protect all that America is. We will send that message to the world, to all countries to any or anyone who would attempt to CHANGE this country in any fundamental way. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

It starts in Washington, my fellow Americans. It is imperative that we regain control of our representatives who have turned rules. We will join forces with good and right-thinking organizations like Accuracy in Media, Pacific Legal Foundation, Citizens Against Government Waste, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Judicial Watch, Family Research Council, the ACLJ and so many more who share these concerns, work for the revival and the change back of America. Organizations who like us will challenge any Washington attack on our fundamental freedoms, the Rule of Law and our precious Constitution. We will be on the hunt for new leaders, true representatives, fresh political blood with fresh thinking, right-thinking, men and women who truly care for America as we do. We will find them, grow them, and elect them. They, the new leaders, really part of us and no more than representatives can get our country back and keep it as it is for the long term. That is the pledge of we who care. We the people, the citizens, the voters are tired of being thought of and characterized as:



We are not stupid. For we pledge never again to be disrespected. We energetically commit to no longer being indifferent. We will not be marginalized by a political ruling class. We will no longer be uninvolved. We will no longer be lied to. And most importantly, you the members of the 545 ruling class, we will hold each and every one of you:



That is our new pledge of allegiance to the Republic for which we stand. We will in fact become once again one nation, indivisible, with common purpose and values, pursuing liberty and justice for all.

Stand-up my fellow Americans, stand-up! We are not, Mr. Gruber, stupid. We are strong and we intend to show you and yours that American strength at work. So say all of us who really and truly love:



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