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Don Crawford

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Woke – Education

Are you a racist? Are you?

Think about it.

Does any form of racism exist in your life, anywhere? Have you experienced this disease, this hatred at work, in your personal or professional lives, have you? And, has racism of any kind been experienced by your children, or young children you know especially in school, in education, any kind, anywhere?

Sadly, for America, for we the people, and for we the people of faith, the vast majority of whom are people of good will, fair minded and believe that all men and women are created equal, we are forced to deal with racism as never before. The concept, the disease now permeates our educational systems, tragically so. BLACK LIVES MATTER has now taken over our constitutional requirement that ALL LIVES MATTER. And the spokespersons for this new, radical Reverse Racism now begin to dominate so much of our culture, our government and most especially, our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS. Many are aggressive, assertive, angry and make no effort for reconciliation, peace and harmony between the races. They are intent to capture the hearts and minds of the young, and consequently, in due course, change society that way. The young will be the ambassadors of the new culture, the new dogma, the new dictates of angry, Marxist blacks and WOKE WHITES who are determined to rid our society of its WHITENESS and all the evils inherent therein. If you are white, be ready for the attack, especially in the world of education.

Marxists like Stalin and Lenin, and dictators like Hitler knew how critical it was to control education. Let me, said Hitler, train the minds of the young and they will be Nazis forever. Give me, said the Russian Marxists, a child at the age of four and that child will be communist – Marxist forever. And that is the goal of the revolutionaries, the radicals, the so called progressives (what a joke) for American education, for our young. The ultimate goal of so many of these radicals is to turn the young and in time, all of America to socialism and Marxism. It is naïve to think about what is happening in America in any other way. You and I, my fellow Americans, conservatives and Christians need to know, and stand up but more importantly:


The once great state of Illinois has taken the lead among all of the states in indoctrinating public school students in what is termed:


This new and advanced, extreme form of WOKE is fully grounded in Neo–Marxist:


which is spreading nationwide and faster by the day, so says Stanley Kurtz, a strong patriot working and writing for WATCH ILLINOIS. The aim of these new radical educators is to DECONSTRUCT the existing educational systems, priorities, beliefs and values and to reconstruct all things educational on a brand new model, a Neo–Marxist model to be sure. Much of our history, our American history will be rewritten or eliminated. For example, the 1619 PROJECT which claims that America was built on the backs of slave labor now replaces much of real and factual American history and is spreading nationwide. But this and much more is happening in the once great state of Illinois where, writer Kurtz states that in Illinois:

“That is where woke has gone for broke, and America may soon pay the price.”

These new educational theories, fostered in large measure by BLACK LIVES MATTER, itself founded in much of Marxism, is forcing third graders to “deconstruct their racial identities” and rank themselves by:


In short, this now new ULTRA–WOKENESS goes farther and deeper into systemic racism, fosters this new CRITICAL RACE THEORY and in addition to SYSTEMIC RACISM, focuses in school on the concept of:


where minorities, and especially Blacks, live on the edges of society and never are able to achieve integration or any part of the American Dream. They completely ignore the fact that some of the wealthiest and most influential people in our society are Black, especially in the world of athletics, entertainment and now ever growing at the core of American business itself. But they are determined, these educators radical, ultra–woke and even Marxist to:


especially in the world of education.

Writer Stanley Kurtz of WATCH ILLINOIS states in a most learned article that the state of Illinois is about to mandate that all its licensed teachers adopt:


and impart this new ideology to all of its students. And more and perhaps an even greater problem. The state of Illinois has laid the ground work for this assault on our beloved CONSTITUTION by enacting a civics law that forces teachers to discuss current political controversies in class and more, compels them to organize adventures in:


That is, student protests, lobbying for gun control, demanding climate change, working for The Green New Deal and the end of fossil fuels and much more. These new educational requirements are, says Kurtz, transparent attempts to import leftist political activism and indoctrination into Illinois schools. When fully implemented, teachers in the Illinois public school system will be forced into the role of de facto leftist community organizers. If not, they will be subject to negative performance reviews, student, peer or parent complaints or even the possibility of the revocation of the license to teach!

The state of Illinois, its Governor and educational leaders are determined to be THE LEADER in the new educational ULTRA–WOKEISM and to spread the Neo–Marxist cultural race theory, more so than any other state and they are well on the way. Kurtz says that these new Illinois educational standards, including the existing Illinois civic laws:

Formalize the conversion of K-12 schools into political indoctrination camps.”

By the way, that includes advancing the extreme new rights for transgenders. If you have a daughter in school, or you know of a young girl loved by friend or family in school, you and she better be prepared for biological boys even men sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with her. What, I ask, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians is happening to our beloved country, WHAT?

Know the truth and it alone will make you free. There is criticism by Christians that this kind of commentary does not belong on Christian radio stations. How wrong that is. This is precisely where it belongs. It is WE THE CHRISTIANS who must take the lead in standing up, condemning this immoral, even satanic ultra–wokeness, especially in education and as it affects the hearts and minds of our young. This new Marxist secularism is the avowed and hateful enemy of Christianity and all things religious. Any person of faith whether Christian, Jew, Muslim or other must stand up or watch religion be eviscerated by these radical, hateful WOKERS. I grieve for the state of New York and the Buffalo public schools and I grieve every bit as much for the once great state of Illinois and its great cities, especially the special Chicago as they change every day under the influence of this satanic, Marxist new education. Stop it, my fellow Americans, please stop it. Take over the school Boards, impeach the Governors. Support charter schools. Or private schools. Or most especially Christian schools but at the same time, fight to regain the independence, the objectivity and the constitutionality of our once great public schools. If we lose the public schools, we lose America forever!

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