Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


God created man in his own image. God created male and female in his own image. And he blessed them, male and female.


MALE AND FEMALE! Not lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, much less queer, whatever that is (LGBTQ). But male and female:




The woman, like the man, was created in the:




Why would anyone want to be less than what God created, especially if one, either male or female, man or woman, is created in the image of God, why? Can there be any higher status, identification, human understanding of WHO WE ARE then to know, BIBLICALLY SURE, that we are God’s creation, and we are created in his image.


God created man (Adam) and then God created a helper, woman who was:




Comparable! Equal to him, like him, and also, this woman was created in the:




To be sure, they were different, this man and woman. They, and consequently we, were created for different purposes, objectives, ROLES. But as each developed and sought the wisdom and understanding of the GOD CREATOR, those differences, divinely intended, became stronger and more evident. The man, the male, developed as God intended. The woman, the female, also and equally developed as God intended. So, there was at the beginning, at the time of creation a certain equality (comparable) between man and woman, a respect, and as husband and wife, a joining together, loving and caring. And that, the Lord God creator Almighty, fully intended. That was the divine purpose for:





God intended that they should leave father and mother, grow and mature, populate the earth, join together as one flesh. Not that man should join with man as one flesh, or woman with woman as one flesh, but as man and woman as:




That and that alone is the divine way.


But again, the woman, created by God as Genesis tells us from the rib of a man, is both:




to that man. God created no second-class citizens. There were different roles, purposes and objectives, differences in the physical but the very same in spirit, mind, heart and understanding. Neither was inferior to the other!


And so, says our GOD ALMIGHTY, creator of everything, of heaven and earth, there is the role, objective and purpose of the woman to join with the man in marriage become wife, with the responsibilities and privileges of a wife, and to become mother and bear children, perhaps the most important and vital function of the woman as wife. What an honor for that woman to be mother, and what an honor for that man to be father. There is probably nothing finer for either. NOTHING!


Today, there are any number of women who are not married, not wife, not mother. They yet remain what God intended, COMPARABLE to and EQUAL to man. They live independently, strong, capable, productive. They pursue another way, perhaps a different calling. These women, not married, are often well educated, developing wisdom and understanding. They often themselves become teachers, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional examples to children and even adults.


They are often strong professionals, these independent women are. They are competent in business, the world of finance, and they are often every bit as talented and capable as any man, and in any number of cases even more so. Many women have been highly successful in business, some having achieved the status of:




A possibility never imagined years ago. Many believe that women control the majority of the wealth of the world and in most such cases, that wealth is in good hands, well managed and productively utilized. Success in business and finance is yet another way, a modern way, that a woman, created in the image of God, is both:




So many women, females God created, are strong Christians. They know scripture. They study the Bible. They are led by the Holy Spirit. They begin and develop strong faith in Jesus Christ, and they become some of the finest Christian examples in the entire world, often more so than any man. They bring a unique, loving, caring to the young. Whether mother or not, children gravitate to them. They can be a source of tender love, comfort, and support and at the same time, strong, independent, vital, and competitive in the business world with any man.


That woman can be respected for often times a superb work ethic. A woman can be fully disciplined, straight, and honest, every bit as any man and often more so. That honest work ethic exists in so many places in our very own company, the Crawford Broadcasting Co. There are many proud examples of comparable, competent, and productive females at work in CBC.


Some find ways to be mother and pursue careers at the same time. They have the ability to do what is right in their eyes, and before God, always on call, work and responsibility never ending. Most females, women God created, are blessed caregivers, especially concerned with the health of children, but with all human beings, and equally concerned with rendering care and affection to the elderly. They follow proudly the individual call of God for their lives, they know in whom they have believed, and they pursue His purpose for their lives, always pressing on for the goal, the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ, the very same as any man.


Jesus Christ loved and respected women. They ministered to Him and HE to them. There was the unforgettable encounter of our Lord with the woman at the well. There was that generous and loving woman who poured incredibly expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus, washed them, and dried them with her hair. That loving female act reverberates through the years, a vitally important Christian teaching. Women were the very first to know that Jesus, the Christ was risen, resurrected from the dead as He said. The very first to discover the empty tomb and to know that this Son of God:




Women were the very first evangelists to spread the good news to Peter and the disciples that Jesus Christ was risen from the dead. What an honor.


So, it is good to be a woman, that woman created in the image of God, that biological woman who can be joined with a man as one flesh, comparable before God in every way. We honor women as wives and mothers. We should as well honor them for what they are, who they are, as strong, independent, productive, servants of the living God, comparable to and equal to:




How good it is that both man and woman were God created!

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