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Don Crawford

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Work or Medicare

A workman is worthy of his or her hire. That means you should earn the true value in money or otherwise of what you do.

Work, the Scriptures tell us, is good. In fact, it is necessary. In fact, you should, you shall work six days weekly and then comes the Sabbath, the day of rest. Work and work hard says the Scripture and work out your salvation for the night is coming when no man can work. Every man, every woman, should work, for not to work leaves so much of a man or a woman unfulfilled.

But there are 70 Democrats, members of the House of Representatives who do not believe that. These Democrats, progressive Democrats endorsed a plan to outlaw private health insurance and force all Americans into a government-run system, a SINGLE-PAYER SYSTEM. The Democrat plan if enacted into law would essentially do away with private health insurance altogether. This proposed government-run system would take that medical coverage away from almost half of all Americans including the 157 million Americans who get their insurance the old-fashioned way:


And this proposed progressive Democrat legislation which they have termed MEDICARE-FOR-ALL would prohibit, PROHIBIT all employers, even the largest of our American companies and industries that self-insure their hardworking employees from providing medical insurance, health insurance to their current workers, their retirees and THEIR FAMILIES! Government knows best, say these Democrats and we the rulers will control, decide medical terms and conditions for all, including the payment plans as determined. That of course was and still is the end result of ObamaCare:


That, again, means complete government control and essentially the end of Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Kaiser and all other private health insurance companies. If that happens my fellow Americans, God help America for the incredible health system we now know would be over and done with. DONE!

By the way, union workers who traditionally vote Democrat would lose their benefits as well, including the so-called gold-plated health benefits, those special Cadillac insurance plans and anything else they may have earned. In short, union workers and all others workers no matter how hard they have worked or what they may have earned in the way of medical health insurance would fall under this very same single-payer system and they would get the same benefits under Medicare as all Americans who:


That led writer Betsy McCaughey to state the following:

“Apparently, the Democratic Party (at least 70 of them) no longer believes in work!”

So, she asks, WHY WORK? You can stay home, on the couch, watch television and collect unemployment insurance, social security and get the very same medical benefits as those who work for NOT WORKING. So:


We the Crawford Broadcasting Company can only hope that you the American voters, so many Christian and conservative, are well aware of the philosophy and political dispositions of this ever-turning-radical Democrat Party. Led by Senator Schumer of New York and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi of California, this once great political party is turning more and more radical, socialistic, progressive, anti-Constitutional and with a philosophy, a real one often hidden and deceitful which would not only radically change America, but introduce a virulent socialism with perhaps even Marxism tendencies and in due course, virtually destroy capitalism and so much of our democratic way of life. Are you aware of that? Are you aware of what Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer and so many others want this country to become? Are you? I hope and pray you are for if progressive-radical Democrats are elected to the point where they can control the House of Representatives, their first order of business will be the impeachment of President Trump. And if the Democrats control the Senate at this critical November 2018 election time with enough votes, the Senate will also vote to impeach President Trump and out he would go. And in would come a radical-socialism which would change America once and for all, FOREVER. Even more than 2016, my fellow Americans. You better know the issues and the candidates, and YOU BETTER VOTE if you want the right America, the real America to survive. Otherwise, the Democrats would have as many as one-half of Americans on disability who are capable of some kind of work NOT WORKING and on the dole, and:


Get ready to work harder, longer and give up even more of your hard earned money in taxes to be used, WORKERS for the benefit of those who DO NOT WORK!

But, thankfully, Donald Trump and his Administration take a totally opposite view. The Trump Administration knows the danger, the incredible horrors of a single-payer health system and they are working on both incentives and mandates for all who accept federal benefits to do SOME WORK for them. President Trump is guided by the advice of the council of economic advisers which revealed that almost 50%, one-half of all able-bodied adults who collect benefits like food stamps, housing aide or Medicare and Medicaid work:


Nothing. They do nothing, they work not at all and you and I the taxpayers support them. We support, my fellow taxpayers, one out of five working-age adults who collect these benefits. 20%! What a tragedy. Thankfully, President Donald John Trump wants to reverse this horrendous trend and is urging our 50 states to REQUIRE able-bodied adults on Medicaid to do something, anything. Work or work equivalence must be required, says Trump in order to break this addiction dependence upon government for what Betsy McCoy calls:


President Trump urges the states to require those able-bodied, not those who can’t work, with such government support and taxpayer money to do any of the following.

WORK. Go to work, earn some money.

Or, go to SCHOOL. Get an education. Learn something. At least grow your mind.

Or, get JOB TRAINING. Get ready to come back into the marketplace full-time and become a productive, WORKING citizen.

Or, get ADDICTION TREATMENT if drugs or alcohol are an issue.

Or, learn ENGLISH as a second language. Our country is an English-speaking country and every citizen or person who wishes to be a citizen should learn to speak English, so says Trump.

Or, CARE for a family member in need.

And, provide proof to government authorities that you are doing one or more of these work substitutes and equivalents as a precondition to collecting your federal or state government benefits.

Does that not, my fellow Americans, seem reasonable? Seem fair? Seem right? Should not work or work substitutes be required of every American citizen who can in fact work to some extent? Isn’t that Biblical as well as Constitutional?

But of course, the answer to that is NO according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from liberal-radical San Francisco and California. Pelosi, typically Pelosi bashes all such as, get this:


Pelosi of course cares nothing about hardworking Americans whose WORK produces the money which pays the taxes which in turn pays the benefits to those who do not work! That is the real definition of MEAN-SPIRITED. But not to Pelosi and her radical fellow Democrats, many of whom in the form of leftwing advocacy groups are suing in federal courts to stop these Trumpian efforts. No one, NO ONE say the Democrats should be required-forced to work, or go to school, or get job training, or get addiction treatment, or take English as a second language, or care for a family member, NO ONE. For to do so would be:


I often wonder how any right-thinking American can vote Democrat!

Hear the words of Representative Nancy Pelosi of California with regard to work and federal benefits.

Pelosi said:

“Just think, if you could be a photographer, a writer, instead of being locked in a job to get health coverage.”

Locked in a job? There are tens of millions of Americans who are “locked in jobs,” working hard for the night is coming in order to earn money first and get health coverage second. Why should anyone have the right to quit working so that she or he can become a photographer or a writer all of which is paid for by the federal government, that is you and me? WHY? So much of this thinking comes from the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, ObamaCare. Even the Congressional Budget Office warned that ObamaCare would reduce the incentive to work. No matter, the Democrats considered that a positive at the time. And the CBO predictions are coming true. Medicaid rolls are nearing 74 million registrants, 74 MILLION. And, in the next several years, that number is projected to reach 87 MILLION, 87 MILLION AMERICANS! And recall the staggering statistic that over half of those who are able-bodied adults enrolled in Medicaid work:


Even if they can. Is that fair, is that right, is that justice for the hardworking America who earns money and health insurance, Nancy Pelosi:


If you vote Democrat in 2018, you and I, my fellow Americans have the strong change of living under:


Sooner or later. Don’t let it happen, please my fellow Americans, don’t let that happen.

And there are more confrontational, radical progressives like Democratic National Committee (DNC) Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, Democrat from Minnesota, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker who want this legislation and these benefits to happen:


These radical Democrats could care less that employees with on the job coverage would be the biggest losers. I would be willing to bet that you would be one of them, would you not? More than ever, you better be careful for whom you vote.

What the Democrats want and what the legislation MEDICARE-FOR-ALL proposes is that:


So says Betsy McCoy and that is absolutely correct. That in a nutshell is the essence of THE SINGLE-PAYER SYSTEM where government controls and provides the healthcare and the terms and conditions thereof and:


Betsy McCoy reminds us that the Democrats once before were in fact the party of WORKING PEOPLE. But, she says:

“The Democrat Party is fast becoming their worst enemy!”

And, is she ever right. I can not believe that my fellow American citizens would allow any legislation to “outlaw private health insurance.” But that is the ultimate goal of the single-payer system, ObamaCare and the Democrats. God help America if that happens.

I pray that the Trump Administration objectives prevail and that every single Medicare-Medicaid American so enrolled, able-bodied adults be required to WORK, some kind of work, any kind of work, or be required to do one of the following, go to school, get job training, or addiction treatment, or take English as a second language or care for a family member and VERIFY IT! That is fair, that is right, that is the American way. Remember in November as you vote my fellow Americans what the Democratic Party stands for and if you vote Democrat, you vote for the single-payer system and the enlargement of entitlements, and the American debt to follow. If you vote Democrat, you vote for:


What you really vote for is unfair, not right and un-American. Remember that as you vote. AND, you will vote in November, won’t you?

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