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Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

You Matter

You matter to God Almighty. You matter perhaps far more than you know.

You are: UNIQUE,

one-of-a-kind, special, individual with different and better talents, capabilities, and above all:


There is no one like you and you cannot be stereotyped, put in a category, or labeled, especially by age for there is only one:


In the beginning, scripture and the precious book of Genesis tell us, God created them:


There are no other categories, no other creation, types whether biological, psychological, or spiritual. There are only two, male and female. You are one or the other and no other.

In the eyes of God, the creator, categories, types, stereotypes like Italian, Irish, African American, Russian, English, Kenyan, Caucasian, Hispanic, old or young, all of that matters little or nothing to:


You and only you, a unique creation, matter. It matters not to God whether mankind categorizes you as a BABY-BOOMER, whatever that means, or MILLENNIEL, whatever that means, or GEN-X or GEN-Z, whatever those categories mean, for they can do nothing but prevent you from understanding who you really are, God created, the potential you have to live and serve and be all 2 that you can be for HIM. All such terminology does nothing but distracts and destroy WHO AND WHAT you really are:


How the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ must rejoice when we are all that He intended us to be. And how our Great Creator must grieve when we ignore or fail to live to the fullest potential which our God has given us. What a world this would be, dramatically transformed for the good, if you and I lived as God intended us to live. We matter, we really do, to God the Father – Creator.

It is undoubtedly a devil’s tool to make you think less of who you are and what you are capable of. There is nothing wrong with living lives mediocre, safe, and average, says the world secular to the core, avoiding risk, growth, challenge, and even opportunity. Accepting and living something else as some other way is A-Okay no matter the potential lost or unused. Devil wins if you or I do not live up to our God-given potential, whatever that is.

We know whether or not that is happening, for good (God-given eyes to see) or for worse, we know. For the CALL of God is always on our heart, challenging, and convicting. You, and I, hear that still small voice that no one else hears calling, constantly calling. You and I, individually, and only you and I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in us, showering us with discontent, calling, constantly calling, YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL GOD-CALL, for you alone asking that you do more for HIM, that you live to the fullest with the talents, abilities which HE has given to you, you and you alone, uniquely so. I do believe we can never be content unless we heed that call. The Holy Spirit will not be denied, will not leave, and will not give up. You can know that in your head, your heart, your conscience, and as one put it:


There is no greater joy, no greater satisfaction than to fulfill that CALL. The called life lived is energizing, satisfying, joyful, and fully productive. Nothing satisfies like living life the way God intended, nothing. You are not a millennial. YOU ARE HIS! In the eyes of God, you are not Caucasian or African American or Hispanic, you are not old or young:


You matter to the God who made everything, EVERYTHING, and everyone. Perhaps our supreme task is to understand who we are, what our potential is, what our God-given talents and abilities are, and work, WORK to be all that He intended us to be. You matter. All lives matter. Every individual male and female whom God created matters. If we who believe in the SON of the Living God understand that, and live that way, we change the world in dramatic fashion. Nothing else will!

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