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Don Crawford

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You the Christian-You the Conservative



So says the Scripture, and rightly so.

It is so difficult to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth today, is it not? The world today is full of the LIE. News today is fake news as President Trump so accurately stated. It is so often made up, full of spin, and commentary, cause news where any news contrary to the cause is left out and anything helpful is often overstated. News from mainstream media is almost always liberal, even radically liberal, highly progressive, disdainful of the conservatives which requires that a Fox News, talk radio, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times and other cable outlets counteract the liberal so often FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

It seems as though we have to get news from any number of sources to understand all of it, the whole truth to our satisfaction. That takes time and effort, lots of it and if, again, as Scriptures so well state, we can not know the truth, then we can not be free, FREE. Freedom becomes elusive and eventually non-existent.

Our society counteracts itself because it has to. On the one hand, we have liberal groups, often radical progressive entities like Planned Parenthood and so many others. We have the ACLU, protecting the rights of liberals with disregard for conservatives. We wrestle with radical groups like Black Lives Matter, Southern Poverty Legal Coalition, MoveOn.Org and so many others funded by the wicked George Soros, all so very destructive, aggressive and anti-conservative and traditional America. That requires we who are Christian and conservative to seek out and support groups like Judicial Watch, Family Research Council, Pacific Research Institute, Rocky Mountain Legal Center, the Pacific Legal Fund, Accuracy in Media (AIM) and Media Research just to name some to counterbalance the liberal onslaught. The media is at war and the main weapon for each side is THE NEWS, and so often the fake news and so often broadly broadcast to America without the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is a sad time culturally and morally in America. Trust seems gone. Dialogue, nonexistent. Cordiality and courtesy hard to find. And the greatest force in all of the world eroding and disappearing by the day. That of course is:


But we the Christian and the conservative are in the world although we are asked not to be of it, part of it, participating in the immoralities of this world. We are called upon to come out and be separate, not to leave the world but to lead the world. To rehabilitate, the revive, to reenergize this culture in which we are privileged to live in the ways of the Lord. We are called upon as citizens to be active in this world, to take up the cross, both the spiritual and the secular cross, the burden to protect and defend our great country and that which is right and moral. That is our calling, that is our duty and that is our Christian and conservative responsibility. We are in the fight of faith. Are you? We are asked to render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar. But in America, Democracy and Republic:


We elect leaders, we make laws, and rules and regulations, we determine morals and values for our society. That is the God given privilege and opportunity which we have and as a result, we are required to:




We are required to witness for truth and the right, for morality, for traditional values, for Biblical and spiritual values. Do you? Or are you one who is intimidated by the liberal masses, by active and aggressive secular citizens who wish not to dialogue with much less respect other points of view, but to extinguish them and to silence those who will champion them. It happens day after day. Freedom of speech wanes every day. Because of legislation, intimidation, and misuse and abuse. The ability and the privilege to speak up, stand up, suffers on the part of Christians and conservatives from disuse, failing so often at opportunities given to speak up and speak out. That seems especially true in so many churches, denominations are compromised and corrupted. Pastors are liberalized, dialogue far away from Scripture and secular forces takeover and erode Scripture to the point where the Gospel and the Christ are hardly recognizable.

But, thank God, there are those, now by the millions no longer silent, well aware of what is happening and ready to shoulder the burden, the cross and fight the fight of faith. It is a proud thing to see them at work doing what they can as their talents indicate, but supporting, giving, showing up in society, for rallies, for events and some of the very best of them now seeking to be our leaders in government, charitable entities, and especially in churches. Proud and right-thinking parents are standing up to those in education who would destroy all things traditional and introduce a forced, new radical morality into curriculum and consequently the hearts and minds of the young. Schools of faith spring up, charter schools are on the grow, and Christians and conservatives everywhere are making certain that as the Scriptures call us to do, namely:


There seems to be a movement afoot to:


That is, to:


Basic Christian truths. The Gospel, Christianity centered upon the Christ. Without watering down. Without compromise. The real message loud and clear trumpeting the need for salvation by the grace of God through faith in Christ, not of works. That is the message the world needs and that and only that real Christianity is what the world really responds to.

And the same for the REAL AMERICA. The traditional America, the America of our Founding Fathers. A Constitutional America. An America structured by the Rule of Law. Consistent, reliable and with equality for all, all humankind! The revival of capitalism which offers opportunity for every man and every woman, fully implemented without unnecessary government intervention and control. It is an America once again listening to the words of President Ronald Reagan.


So that they can live, work and produce in accordance with their talents and as they wish. A true return to the Constitutional promise, the right to:


As the individual conscience would dictate. There seems to be arising a new Christian and a new conservative spirit, energetic, even confrontational, unwilling to be further marginalized. Perhaps the Christian movement in America is much like the Jewish movement in Israel where, responding to the maniacal slaughter of Jews the world over and especially in the age of Hitler, the Israelis proudly state to the world:


Never again will the Jews roll over and be persecuted without a full defense and response. Christians are slaughtered the world over every day. Christians are slaughtered the world over every day often without any meaningful governmental response. And even more often without the rising up, the defense and protection of other Christians in other nations. Many Christians are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Perhaps for them to FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH is to be taken literally and there are those who feel the energy of the commitment to protect Christians and say to the world like the Israelis:


Christians are standing up to government. So many evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump, as much for what he stood for and promised rather than what he was. They confronted the deeply rooted liberal-radical Obama establishment and voted for a return to traditional, conservative America. They confronted the powers that be with their vote. Like Jesus of Nazareth did when he defied Herod. And Pilate. With words and with silence, a powerful spiritual confrontation. Like Paul did with Peter. And even as Peter did when Roman soldiers came to take his Lord in Gethsemane, drawing his sword and cutting off the ear of a Roman soldier. Confrontation. Fight back. STANDING UP, speaking out and backing up words with deeds, real actions. Perhaps that is real Christianity at work. Men and women Christian and conservative who now with new spirit are ready to:




Much goes wrong and there is considerable evil in the world. Christians and often conservatives are confronted with problems like never before such as abortion. There is fight back against the random and wanton killing of unborn babies. There is fight back with regard to sexual issues, gay marriage, the corruption of the old vine definition of marriage and the structure of the family. And stand up against the so-called mercy killing of the sick and elderly. And pornography. And human trafficking. And so many other virulent and infectious issues which are radically changing our society, and for the worst. Right-thinking men and women are standing up and saying no more, not again and as long as we fight the fight of faith:


The Christian church, the real church is also standing up. So many pastors and Christian leaders, once before passive are now becoming active. Once without courage and conviction are standing up and speaking out. They refuse to be intimidated by the IRS, by government and the so-called Johnson Amendment which restricts free speech in pulpits and they are proclaiming the once radical Gospel in a new and energetic form and standing up against the evil, THE SIN of the world. It is a joy to see this revival and the encouragement it brings to Christians. Leaders and aggressive parishioners are becoming like their Lord who protected the Temple, the Holy Place of God against the money-changers and threw them out. And, there are so many in government who should be THROWN OUT, removed for their immorality, their lack of integrity and their sabotage of sacred American principles. So many now realize that good men and women have abandoned the political and social arenas and they have been replaced by those NOT GOOD. The lust for power is everywhere. The greed, the pursuit of money and wealth drives so many so that the legitimate pursuit of profit and return becomes more than ever THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. The lie pervades and we now live in the era of:


Where it is openly stated by so many that there really is no truth, no absolute truth. We live in a tragic age where ANYTHING GOES, because we let it happen. We live in an age where it is so blandly stated:


And we do little or nothing to change it to what it should be and simply accept what it is. Small wonder that evil prevails and evil men and women rule the day.

So, more than ever my Christian and conservative friends, and Christian and conservative American citizens, as I am and proudly so, it is the time, the opportunity to:


That is get involved, do things, join, participate, rally, support and produce a new change:


From the America which evolved from the dastardly last decade, and the decade before, a change back to the America where it once belonged.

And it is an America which now for conservatives and Christians is THE TIME to:


To witness, verbally confront, discuss and dialogue regarding the real issues, the real answers for today. There is a reformation at work in the media, for the news, for truth and for the freedom to speak out. There is a new concern for the First Amendment and the rights it conveys. There is new demand for those rights to be protected and a new commitment to defend them. It is such a pleasure to see the beginning of that Christian and conservative revival. I do hope and pray that you are a part of that, a very active part of that new revival. That you are one of those who now say so loud and clear that I will:


And say with all right-thinking people:



For our way of life, on a severe decline, with its freedoms once lost will itself be lost and forevermore. We can not let that happen, my fellow Americans, we simply can not! I call upon you to show up, speak up, and stand up for America, for God and Country, for Christ and for the Constitution. America, the real America needs you and it needs me now more than ever. Pledge anew your time, your effort and expertise, and your money for the good of America and for the revival of Christianity. Time is short and as the Scriptures say:


I believe in America, its great citizens and I do believe they will fight the fight of faith and the Constitution. I am in that fray to the very end. And I do pray, my fellow citizens, that you are as well.

God bless America and God bless you.

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