Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

Your Vote

You are going to vote in Elections 2018, are you not?

November 6, a fateful Tuesday for America comes soon. Are you ready to vote? Do you know the parties? Do you know their policies? Do you know their platforms, values and moral positions? And most importantly, do you note the individual politicians, their background and records and will you trust them to represent you. Do you?

Many think that, of the more than 330 million Americans, those who are conservative or who would vote conservative represent the clear majority of American citizens, whether or not they vote. But the problem is for conservatives and Republicans that so many of those eligible voters, those conservative thinkers and believers do not vote. And that, my fellow Americans, is an absolute tragedy for this great country. No matter who wins, the candidates win by default. They win with a majority of those who actually vote, but no candidate wins with a majority of those who are actually eligible to vote. How tragic for America. I hope and pray that you are not one of those non-voters. If you are, you abandon the most sacred privilege the citizen of any country can have:


It is our duty, not just our right, my fellow Americans to VOTE. It is our patriotic duty to do so in return for the privilege of living in the greatest country in the history of mankind. It is also our SPIRITUAL duty to participate in the government of CAESAR. We live in a democracy, a Republic at work. CAESAR in our case, in America is elected, created and recreated by WE THE PEOPLE. CAESAR is made and remade at every American election. It is therefore our spiritual duty, our patriotic duty, our duty as a citizen to:


You must vote.

It is further our duty, my fellow CHRISTIANS, to vote, for it is our DUTY TO:


It is our spiritual-Christian duty to standup to any form of evil, to resist (the devil) and to do all we can to fight the wiles of the evil one. That is so both politically and personally. When Caesar preempts what is rightfully the province of God, then the disciples of God must stand and fight, FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH.

ABORTION. Caesar allows babies to be killed in the womb. Thou shalt not kill, says the God of Abraham. When the killing of babies through abortion occurs, it is the DUTY of all Christians to stand and fight this grotesque evil. We do that personally in so many ways. There are wonderful organizations and individuals which fight this scourge and do their very best to rid the world of the PLANNED PARENTHOODS. God bless them. But we also fight abortion with our votes, voting for parties, policies and politicians who like us would rid the world of infanticide, baby killing in the womb. It is our Christian duty to vote to rid the world of abortion.

EUTHANASIA. There can be no such thing as mercy killing. The concept is manmade and the carryout of this so-called gentile form of killing is ungodly. No matter the circumstances, including the health of the individual, thus sayeth the Lord:


It is therefore our duty as Christians to vote for parties and politicians who oppose the killing of elderly or sickly in the so-called name of mercy killing.

THE GAY AGENDA. Whether lesbian or gay, the lifestyle is unnatural and unbiblical especially with regard to gay marriage, adoption and education. As Christians, it is our duty to resist. And the same with bisexual, unnatural and unbiblical. And now comes transgender, manmade remaking of the human body in defiance to the God-created human being. Or now, the so-called QUEER revolution and lifestyle. It is our Christian duty to resist those who call themselves queer and defy morality, Christian spirituality and the cultures and traditions of our great country. We do that personally any way we can, but it is our duty to resist and fight the fight of faith with regard to LGBTQ with:


You must vote, my fellow American, you must. Are you ready to vote?

PORNOGRAPHY. Which leads to child molestation, such as the abominations of the priesthood of the Catholic Church or the selling of children and women into sexual slavery. Or sexual harassment or rape. It is our Christian duty to fight the fight of faith with regard to this evil perversion. Whatever we do personally to resist, we must vote for candidates and parties which oppose this scourge.

FREE SPEECH: THE FIRST AMENDMENT. And it is especially our duty to vote to protect and defend the privileges and freedoms of our beloved First Amendment to the Constitution. We vote for parties, platforms and politicians who will in fact do everything possible to see to the protection of FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Freedom to practice and preach as one believes. Without any government control. Without any intimidation or threat. To testify and witness and to practice anywhere and at any time FREEDOM OF SPEECH, especially Christian witness speech. And to print, publish and proclaim our beliefs without any censorship and to make certain that all current media and especially those like Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube exercise no censorship, political or religious are unabridged in any way. We do that with:


And you will vote Tuesday, November 6, will you not, my fellow American?

More than ever, the freedoms of America, those guaranteed by our Constitution are at stake. We protect those freedoms with all of our might for freedoms once lost are lost forever. The only real and ultimate way those freedoms can be protected is by the vote:


And you will vote, will you not, my fellow American? I hope and pray you will. America needs your vote now more than ever!

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