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Don Crawford

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The Great Social Issues of the Day – Biblical Sexuality

“The Time is coming when speaking biblical truth regarding sexuality will be illegal.”


Those are the words of Ken Ham, founder and CEO of ANSWERS IN GENESIS. In reality, my fellow Americans, that time has come and the great issues of sexuality, including homosexuality, transgenderism, gender identities and other sexual orientations are radically changing, in an unbiblical way. Those who espouse, preach, believe in, or even teach their children the biblical ways, beliefs, morality and principle are in danger not only of being ostracized, but in fact CRIMINALIZED!


The recent bill passed in Canada, known as C-4, not only outlaws “conversion” therapies for homosexual and transgender individuals, but even makes it a crime for parents to provide Christian therapy to their children! In Canada, those crimes can be punishable by imprisonment up to 5 years! The crime is describing homosexual practices, alleging that human beings are indelibly male or female from birth, is regarded as a full and consequently hate speech, and again is punishable by imprisonment up to 5 years! That strikes an unbelievable blow to free speech, at least in Canada, and it endangers the ministry and beliefs of so many evangelical pastors.  Many believe the same thing is coming to America.


Already, in our great country, California has enacted a law that prohibits conversion therapy. So has the once great state of New York, and New Jersey, and Oregon, and Massachusetts, and Nevada among others. And, my fellow Americans, on a national level, the democratic party included in its political platform at its convention, its strong belief in banning:




No matter the first amendment and the prohibition against any abridgement of free speech. So much for the once great democratic party!


Hear the words of pastor John MacArthur, who said as follows:


“We are all well-aware of the evil power and destructive influence of the homosexual and transgender ideology. Our government is bent on not only normalizing this perversion, but also legalizing it, and further criminalizing opposition to it.”


In this politically correct and culture changing world in which we live, it takes incredible courage and boldness like never before in America to speak out against this trend, describing the ideology of homosexual and transgender movements and ideology as both “evil and destructive”. Not only that, but MacArthur calls it a perversion, even stronger words. Do you agree with MacArthur? Do you agree with his and thousands of other pastors’ thinking regarding the primacy and priority of biblical morality and sexuality and consequently, do you believe that homosexuality and transgenderism is wrong, a perversion, a sin and in general evil, do you? Will you and I, accept any such changes in biblical doctrine and principle if American states and our federal government outlaw conversion therapies and declare biblical principles as wrong, and hateful and consequently hate speech, and ban or criminalize all such? What is your thinking? What are your strong beliefs, and what are you willing to stand up for in this compromised day and age in which we live?


Sadly, school districts across the United States have grown much more aggressive in teaching students that they may be gay or transgender and that identifying as such is good for children’s mental health. Many of those school districts insist that they have a right to indoctrinate children with the idea that characterizing homosexuality or transgenderism as sin is hateful. Do you agree with that, and would you send your child to a school which indoctrinates with such ideology and beliefs, would you?


Interestingly, the preamble of the bill C-4 indicates that traditional biblical morality that teaches that the sex assigned to a person at birth is to be preferred over any other sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression is nothing more than a:




Perhaps nothing could be more of a direct attack against biblical teachings and morality than such a legal statement.


What do you believe?


The bible teaches that sex should be conducted within the bonds of marriage, that you and I are created male or female, that biblical marriage is between one man and one woman, among others. Do you believe that? If so, are you willing to stand up for that?


Resist anything and anyone who would change, eliminate or attack biblical morality, would you? Today, that would take extreme courage, Christian boldness, and a willingness to protect freedom of belief and expression now more than ever, no matter the persecution including the possibility of criminal conviction and jail time. Are you willing to be that bold? And are you willing to suffer (in jail) for biblical truth and as a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, are you? Sooner or later, you will have to declare who you are and what you believe one way or another. Are you ready?


You will soon be called upon to challenge so much and so many. You will be called upon to react as a Christian like Moses did when he challenged Pharoah, political power, and like Elijah did, challenging Ahab. Pastors everywhere, like John MacArthur, must stand up for biblical truth, or even in silence, compromise it or deny it. Remember the words of Ken Ham:


“The time is coming when speaking biblical truth regarding sexuality will be illegal.”


If we are real Christians, true believers, we will really have no choice but to stand up and defend. We would be required to boldly state, believe and live as Peter and the apostles did when they emphatically stated:


“We must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29)”.


That commandment-requirement is never more true than the bold facing of the radical changes proposed in sexuality and gender identity.


It is, in my view, the hardest, most difficult, most challenging SOCIAL CHANGE ISSUE of our day. Our country and our world are becoming so secular, so anti-religion, so anti-Christian, a culture changing in the definition of morality, right and wrong, and especially the concept of SIN which this day and age detests and if we as Christians really believe in Christian morality, Christian sexuality, Christian gender identities, (male and female) then we need to stand up, unashamed, rightly defending THE WORD OF TRUTH. We need to resist on a personal level all such thinking and we need to fight the fight of faith with all our might if we are forced politically, federal or state, to abide and live by totally different standards. That can well mean laying all on the altar, at least all of what you think, believe and hold dear as a Christian.


Are you willing to do that? Do you believe in Christianity, the God of Abraham, the moral codes of the Old and New Testament, and the witness and testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ so much so that you can be bold, courageous, and stand up and resist the devil wherever required? Christian belief needs, now more than ever, courageous Christians. I pray that you, AND I, are those passionate believers, now more than ever.

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