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Don Crawford

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Uncle Tim

He’s black!


That should be a good thing today, but this particular African American also happens to be conservative. I refer to Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, a bright, articulate, intellectually strong and morally equipped, politically astute Senator from the great state of South Carolina. This is a man, a true American, who is on the rise politically in the Republican party and many think he may well be a presidential candidate in the 2024 elections. We the people have had a man half African American as our President for eight years. Perhaps now history completes itself and we have a man fully African American as our President who, unlike Barrack Hussein Obama, liberal – radical, would be a conservative, constitutional President where ALL LIVES MATTER!


The leftist, liberal media of course have come out against Senator Scott, referring to this good man as:




analogizing Tim Scott to the old UNCLE TOM character, a term of ridicule for African Americans, so disrespectful and sad in a day and age of supposed diversity and equality. That is especially so for a man like Senator Tim Scott who is a first–class human being.


The Media Research Center (MRC) led by one good man Brent Bozell said the following:


“There is one thing the leftist media despise more than a conservative, and that is a conservative who happens to be black.”


They did the same thing, these radical – leftist media types, to Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court. When he was nominated, the media viciously attacked Mr. Thomas in every way possible, with lies, fraudulent tactics, phony witnesses and charges never in any way proved. Fortunately for America, African American Clarence Thomas was confirmed as Justice of the Supreme Court and for 30 years, Clarence Thomas has been a constitutional originalist, a true American, rendering one decision after another all for the good of our and his beloved America. It is more than a compliment to say that Senator Tim Scott is cut out of the same cloth as Clarence Thomas. Wherever he goes politically, that would be good for America.


Many think that the biggest problem in America today is Big Tech and the control of information sources and resources. That holds true for traditional or old media, liberal to the core and determined to control the narrative and dialogue in America, of course for all things and causes liberal. If you happen to be black and conservative, a lethal combination to these vicious speech radicals, you will be attacked. Not only have they done so with Tim Scott and Clarence Thomas, but they viciously attacked Dr. Ben Carson, a brilliant surgeon, a strong American, a solid Christian and a productive Washington politician for four years. Black is good but black conservative is anything but.


These radical members of the media, many think not only anti–American but perhaps even Marxist, have attacked virtually every prominent black conservative including Candace Owens, a bright, conservative black female, Star Parker the very same, Thomas Sowell, a brilliant thinker, writer and columnist and even Alveda King, no matter that she was related to the revered Dr. Martin Luther King. Ms. King happens to be conservative, totally unacceptable to this radical media.


The hateful, demeaning and racial attacks against Senator Tim Scott by the leftist press surfaced shockingly after he gave the GOP (Republican) response to President Joe Biden’s speech before Congress on April 28. Following his very learned speech, the media attacked. They ridiculed and called him names which if any source conservative did the same, every meaningful and influential news source would viciously attack and smear over and again. Senator Tim Scott said the following after the attacks on his speech:


“Intolerance so often comes from the left with words like Uncle Tim and the n- word being used against me. It is stunning in 2021 that those who speak about ending discrimination want to end it by more discrimination.”


Senator Scott went on to say the following:


“Hear me clearly. America is not a racist country.”


Immediately, the radical – leftist media began labeling Senator Scott as:




a play on words of course referring to the old disrespected UNCLE TOM. Big Tech allowed that to circulate on social media for ELEVEN HOURS, eleven hours before it was blocked. If any conservative source had called a liberal – radical black politician (i.e. Senator Warnock from Georgia) an Uncle Tom, that person – entity and the content produced would have been banned from all large social media platforms forever like Big Tech did to President Donald Trump. Double standards, don’t you think? That’s why so many, including Media Research Center regard Big Tech as the greatest enemy to freedom and American democracy today. I fully agree. What do you think?


CNN, a horribly unobjective, radical – liberal news source and its commentator Keith Boykin tweeted the following:


“Tim Scott is a shameless liar. America is and always has been a racist country.”


And of course, that was published far and wide no matter the slander involved.


We hear often the term systemic racism. That this so called evil exists in all of America, in all of its institutions, corporations and of course conservative politics like the Republican party. But nowhere is that term defined, nowhere. I can only speak with regard to my company and my personal life. In my company, the Crawford Broadcasting Company, there is not one tiny bit of racism anywhere, nowhere. If that ever occurred, the perpetrators would be fired instantly. No employee of this company would ever be subjected to racial slurs whether coming from white or black. Incidentally, the majority of the employees of the Crawford Broadcasting Company are:




Can you say the same for the corporations or businesses you work for, or own?


I know of no individual, male or female, who is racist in my personal life. None. If any were, I would shun them like the plague, and I would expose their racism wherever I could. Can you say that about your personal life?


I firmly believe that all men and all women, all of us created by God Almighty, are created equal, possessed of those inalienable constitutional rights and freedoms, and I will defend those rights for everyone regardless of race, color or even creed. Would you do the same?


And, by the same token, I will never apologize for who and what I am. I am a white man and I am proud of my heritage, my ancestors and my WHITENESS. I will never, ever apologize for that. I owe no man or woman nothing, NOTHING anymore than they would owe me. As Martin Luther King so well said, any problem of racism could be solved overnight. All the American people have to do is:




I believe that and I live my life that way. Do you? Senator Tim Scott does and I applaud this good man for his stand, never bending to the liberal nob.


The bottom line is that the leftist press hates black conservatives and they will do virtually anything to tear them down. I on the other hand will do virtually anything to support them. Will you? We need to stand up against the liberal media, Big Tech and all those who can say virtually anything, slander and smear, and never ever deal with actual facts, factually verify their allegations like systemic racism and get away with it. DON’T LET THEM!


Stand up my fellow Americans, my fellow Christians and presumably conservatives for truth, fact, what is right and what our country, the vast majority of us, really is and stands for. Time is short and liberals – radicals – socialists – Marxists want to cut it shorter. Don’t let them!



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