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What Democrats Have Become

“Politics as trench warfare has relieved the Democrats of the burden of thought.”

Those are the words of Daniel Henninger, writer for the Wall Street Journal, commenting on the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the state of our politics in Washington, D.C.

Henninger goes onto say as follows:

“Rather than try to argue or win public issues on substance,
the Democrats have become a party that seems to think it can win with muscle alone.”


I think it is a point extremely well made by Henninger.  What do you think?

Indeed in so many ways, the politics of WE THE PEOPLE has indeed become much like trench warfare and so little gets done.  It appears to me as well as millions of others that the way the Democrats conduct their politics in Washington has indeed relieved this once great party of the:


We really do hear no discussion, no positioning, no rationale on the part of the Democrats as to what they stand for, their party politics, their policies, their platforms and what the Democrats they have nominated and hoped will be elected themselves, Senators and congresspersons, believe or stand for.  You really hear next to nothing about that.

In fact, it is not at all clear who the leaders of the Democratic Party are.  In the Senate of course, there is Chuck Schumer, Senator from New York, leader of the Democrats.  And in the House, there is Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House.  Both are shrill, argumentative, attack-oriented and aggressive and really do very little more than attack President Trump, the Republican Party, his Administration, his nominations, and his Presidential actions.  What, I ask, do they stand for?  What type and kind of legislation do they put forth?  Have they ever attempted to negotiate with the Republican majorities?  Have they ever asked for any kind of dialogue or conversations with President Trump, rather than simply one aggressive and brutal attack on this man after another?  What do they believe?  What do they stand for?  And, as a result, I wonder how any thoughtful, rational person can vote for a Democrat.  It seems to me that the bottom line of everything the Democrats do is the hunt for POWER.  That party will do anything to get back in power and run America.  I for one hope it does not happen in November 2018.  So, I ask:


And who is the leader of the party?  If not Schumer and Pelosi, is it the Presidential wannabes like Senator Booker from New Jersey, or Harris from California, or Feinstein from California, or Maxine Waters (God forbid) from California, or Bernie Sanders from Vermont, or perhaps an emerging Joe Biden, or of all things, a return to Hillary Clinton and husband?  Who is the leader, the spokesperson of the Democratic Party, WHO?  And what does he or she stand for?  Other than attack Republicans and Trump, I for one do not know what this party stands for, do you?  And will you vote for a Democrat under these circumstances, will you?

Henninger goes onto say that the Democratic Party is the party of:


This, he says “is what Democrats have become.”  Resisters.  That he says is usually a tactic used by the opposition in REVOLUTIONS.  And says Henninger, that is precisely the argument made by the left (i.e. Democrats) to justify its actions against this Presidency since November 8, 2016.  Daniel Henninger, writer for the Wall Street Journal says that with regard to the tactics, the guttural, trench war tactics of the Democrats that for them as a party:


Anything.  And are we the people ever dealing with anything from this apparently rabid attack machine.  I personally find it demeaning, disgusting, demoralizing for it does nothing but demean our great country and we the people.  For the Democrats, it is all about power, their version of power, their control of power and it matters not what:


Want, or need or what is right for our country as a whole.  IT IS ALL ABOUT POWER!  By the way, do you intend to vote for a Democrat in 2018?  If so, get ready for the newly elected to rev-up the political attack machine.

And the first thing the Democrats would do IF they regain control of the House of Representatives would be to:


You, my fellow Americans, and I can be ready for a circus, a sideshow, politically and morally degrading for two full years as these vicious men and women, operating with the power we have given them, go after this President.  Even if President Donald Trump is in fact impeached after a brutal trial, there is virtually no chance whatsoever that he will be removed from office for it is impossible, by the numbers, for the right number of senators to vote for impeachment after trial by the House of Representatives.  But it will happen, and to the disgrace and demoralizing of America.  What a sad day for our country.

For the Democrats, there is no dialogue, only argumentation.  Only attack.  Talk about HATE SPEECH.  It is just simply unbelievable some of the rhetoric.  It is vicious, political hatred and it has been months and months before we the people have been able to hear any kind of rational dialogue from Washington, D.C.

There is anger everywhere.  There is no discussion, politicians scream, yell, and it seems as though the louder, the better for them.  Perhaps they do so, so that they are not disagreed with, so that they do not have to engage in real dialogue or RATIONALLY DEFEND their ideas and positions.  But we the people suffer.  For example, there is no rational dialogue about ObamaCare.  Medical costs spiral out of control and there is discontent everywhere with all things medical in America.  But there is no discussion for change, improvement nor is there any real caring about the medical needs of we the people.  The problem will never be solved because of Washington anger which, in my view, is fostered by the Democrats.  What do you think?  And, will you vote for a Democrat in 2018 given this state of affairs?  Will you?  Then get ready for much more of THIS to come.

We face from Democrats as one writer stated the let-loose and run-away:


Democrats, says this writer, continue to stew, really boil over because of the loss of the Presidency in 2016.  They continue to find it hard to believe, much less accept.  So that, rather than build a new trust with the American people, present alternatives including new and better political ideas, the Democrats have reverted to attack and aggression.  And hate speech, speech that is vicious, often vile and in so many cases untrue or unproven.  But then again, we live as President Obama told us in 2009 in the new world era of:


Truth and facts as events actually happen don’t really matter.  It is what aids and abets an ultimate objective.  That and only that matters.  So that, as Daniel Henninger said about the Democrats, in the world of politics:



And are we the people ever seeing an unbelievable boatload of ANYTHING.

So, I ask again:


What does a Democrat believe.  What in fact is a Democrat political policy and platform.  And will the Democrats in 2018, with only approximately one month to go, layout that platform and policy for we the people to understand.  Or, will they simply hope to be elected and reelected on the basis of all things:


How can we the people, sensible, rational people, caring Americans, vote of them.  How?

Our great country needs a two-party system.  Two parties, viable, discussing, debating, thinking about the issues that confront us WE THE PEOPLE, and the world at large.  We need two parties who respect us, THE VOTERS.  Parties which will appeal to us rationally and know that the reason they are elected or are in office is because:


They are OUR representatives.  They can no longer function by telling us one thing, ANYTHING (anything goes) to get elected and then get to Washington and do what they want.  That day should be long over, LONG OVER!  And if we the people don’t step up in November and every election beyond and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY, and vote for those individuals who will politically DO WHAT THEY SAY, and what we want, that will be the end of our democracy, our country and our future.

I hope and pray, my fellow Americans, that you will not let that happen in November.  That you will vote for people who really love America, will stand for what is right, and do what is right for us.  Will you?  Will you really think through carefully what America has become and what it will be after November 2018 as a result of the people YOU-WE elect?  I hope and pray you have.

For, more than ever, America needs informed, caring, right-thinking Americans voting right.


Will you be there?

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